I have filed for disability, just recieved the findings of Xrays

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    Talk about being scared about what I have just read. I recieved a letter a month or so ago to get x-rays of both knees. Yesterday I recieved the findings and they scare me greatly.

    Just seeing the word Endstage-osteoarthritis is scary. It made me feel like I could have have some thing like endstage cancer. But this is not as serious.

    Just the same it is frighting for me. I am hopeing that the findings will assist me in qualifiiing for disabiltiy.
    I know that you ahev to have some thing that is serous which makes finding work impossiable for me to keep. And having this end stage osteoarthritis would do that .
    At the end of the letter it stated that my right knee Two views of the right knee demonstrate end-stage osteoarthritis most severely affecting the medial and patellofemoral joint compartment. There are multiple intra-articcular looe bodies identified. I don't understand the meaning of this statement. "No destructive process.

    Ompression END STAGE osteoarthritis with intra-articular loose bodies.
    Left KNee: Both frontal and lateral views demonstrate end-stage osteoarthritis. the most sigigicant affected compartments are the medial and patellofemoral compartments, Small joint effusions is present. large osterphyosis is seen through out. Appeares to be a intra -articcular loose body in teh posterioor joint
    Impression is about the same as the right knee.

    So I have been looking up all the BIG words to find out just what they mean to me and how they are affecting me. They are not good. All signs point to having a total knee prelacente of both knees some thing I can't afford now or in the near future.

    Since the x-rays were done at the request of the disaability agnancy I am hoping that the findings will help me to qualifiy for disability.
    I applied for disability over a year ago and now that I have some really firm eviddence that there is something really wrong with me that may be my case will be put threw to the medical board sooner than later.

    I have alrady sent them all my medical history that include that I have osteoarthris in my left wrist that I stattered just over 2 years ago and the arthritis is really bad in it as well and the wrist causes me so much pain and makes it so I can't hold things like say Dental instruments as I was a dental assistant and I can't do that any more.

    I also have fibro, MPS, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, bulging discs L4-L5- S1, chostochronditis, arthritis in right ankle, and pain in tib/fib area as when I fell I had seveerl hair line fractures in the lower leg as well as in my ankle, I have pain in my tail bone, I know that I have forgotten something as I have so many that at this time of night I can't remember them all.

    I have not been able to hold down any type of job since 2003 and no one will hire me as I can't stand for more than a few moments and I can't lift more than 15 lbs in a four hour time frame. I can't walk well and I limp badly. I am on costant pain meds and have been for a long time

    What I am hoping is that along with the letter from my doctor and my medical history and the MRI I had a few years ago and this newset x-ray will show that with out a doubt that I am disabled and unable to work. I don't know if they will feel the same way but it makes me want to hope that this new info will be of help for me.

    As I can't work and am waiting for disability I am not able to have any surgery at all. I have learned that steriods don't work well for the end-stage osteoarthris so my treatments are slim to none.

    My husbands insurance things that my knees are a preexiting condition so there will NO surgery on them till my $550.00 deductable is paid in full and I can pay the rest of the hospital bill in full.

    At our hospital you ahve to pay the 20% or the amount of your deductable before you can have surgery it must be paid on the day of your surgery and if not NO surgery will be done. So I am up a creek with out a paddle.

    I know from past surgeries that I tend to heal really slowly and have more of the unusal problems in surgery. I have muscle cramps and huge knots and keyloids from previous surgeries I have had. So I am not a surgeon's favorite patient.
    I have learned that I am the one person who will have the most unsal complactions or side effects from meds than 99% of all people.

    IF something can go wrong it will. IF there is a side effect that is rare and only a few people get it I will be the one to have it.

    I don't heal like I should, the pain does not ease up and I stay in alot of pain longer than most people do and this is upsetting to most MDs as I am using more of the IV pain meds {Morphine pump}

    So I guess that I will just have to wait and see what the disability wil have to say fafter reading the reports of my knee's. I am so firghtened by that one word END-STAGE most things that have it with them are really bad.So it scares me greatly. I don't know what the rest of the findings mean.

    What is end-stage osteoarthitis any way, I was un aware of arthritis being in stages. And what does that statement mean that there is no destructive process?
    I just don't understand it all and yes I will take it to my doctor when I see him next. But I am so worried that I have some thing really bad that can't be fixed at all.

    I know that I need the knee replacements and that they would help me some but I am not like every one else I don't heal like most do and I have more pain and I flare really badly right after surgery starting the day of the surgery. So I am in alot of pain and fatique and I hate feeling like I hvae been beaten to a pulp and left for dead.
    AS I said I am hopeing that this new results will assist me in my qualification for disability. i don't know if it will help me or not. I am hoping it will help me greatly. But as I am not a doctoror know all about the disability laws I am just a person who is in need of help right now.
    And I am so scared about all of this. When will the disability people answer me and proceed with my case. Just how long does it take to find out if one is dieabled?

    I know that I am disabled as I am unable to work at all because of the conditions that I have every day. Sorry this is so long.

    I jsut hope this report will help me to get some financal help. But who knows?
    HUGS to all.
    Must go to bed.
    Love ya,
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    I can certainly understand your feelings. End-stage anything would scare me.

    Soft hugs back at ya,

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