i have fms and have been diagnosed w/ bursitis and tendinitis need help!

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    i started having symptoms at the end of april in my right shoulder and diagnosed in mid may. my doctor siad to wait a month for therapy. now im wondering why. i lost my job in mid may so stress made it worse and i couldn't afford all of the therapy. the therapists were not trained in working with people with fms and i think they did me more harm then good.now both arms are totally disabled and very painful.

    has anyone been diagnosed with all three and can you tell me what you did to get better? i have been doing the stretching exercises the therapists recommended at home. at first they seemed to help but now they are not.

    i have scheduled an appt. with my regular dr. but cant get in until Monday.

  2. AnneTheresa

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    Ellen, I'm sorry you've taken a turn for the worse and I hope you're doctor's appointment on Monday is helpful. Although I've not had all three conditions concurrently, I know for certain that FMS can complicate and exacerbate the symptoms of other conditions. I hope you see some improvement soon, God bless, Theresa
  3. Sorry to hear that. I have fibro and have bursitis in hips and it is painful. Occasionally I get injections and it helps, at night it is terrible trying to sleep. I was also diagnosed with tendinitis in my wrist. Good luck to you.
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    Hey Ellen,
    I had/have all three... but only a bit of bursitis left in hips . I had it very badly in the front part of my shoulder - something was swollen the size of a small grape. After a long time it gradually went away. I was advised to do lots of stretching for problems with my back muscles and this may have helped the bursitis. I think you can get them drained but I wasnt taking any risks with my shoulder as i play guitar and at the time had greater problems (2 torn rotator cuff muscles). Draining risks infection.

    In case you havent heard, with FM you can also get "trigger point injuries" in muscles which are at least as painful than bursitis - so its also possible you may have this. You get hard bumps in your muscles with this.

    Basically you have to rest the area and do stretching and dont oner-use that area. I had to stop playing guitar for 2 years due to the muscle tears which wasnt at all easy but was worth it as it all healed strongly eventually.

    Tendonitis is an ever present threat if I overdue any one activity.

    Good luck with it !

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    Ellen, over my 30+ years of dealing with all of the above, realized that anything diagnosed with "itis" on the end is "inflammation". So I've stopped chasing each one as something "different"; just in another place.

    e.g. so I treat them all in similar ways; depending on where they are. For my ankles, arms, wrists & knees, I use magnetic sleeves, massage; sometimes Arnica Gel and transdermal magnesium.

    My hips & shoulders appeared 6 months ago while under a great deal of stress & had to slow my body down. Magnesium works well in those areas, along w/massage.

    The more I use them, the worse I get. Years ago I was told to do physical exercise, and stretches, etc. No-no for me. But I am in my late 60's, and having Lupus, CFS, Fibro, etc. has taken its tole on the ole bod. Years ago I was very athletic, so am sure I'm paying for that as well.

    So all depends on your age, lifestyle and "experimenting" on your own. Rough road!! Just be careful of "invasive" procedures rrecommended. Traditional Docs love that; it's what they're taught to do. Finding an integrative one is the best if you can find a good one.

    Healing light************caroleye
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    Sorry you're having so many problems. I also have FM and bursitis and the only thing that has truly helped me were cortisone injections into the bursa (sp?) itself. I have this done when all else has failed me, creams, meds, exercise etc.

    I had one in my hip a couple of weeks ago and I'm sorry to say I didn't get as much relief as I'd hoped for BUT there is marked improvement over what it was. I guess there's no magic bullet out there for any of us.

    I've been nervous about the injections but my dr. told me the cortisone does not moves thru my body, it pools in the injection site only.

    Hope you find relief.