I have given up hope....

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    Tried umpteen billion things and blown tens of thousands of dollars and this lyme/fibromyalgia/burning pain/fatigue is not going away. I cannot handle the antibiotics as they cause herxes that require an exorcism. The last one hit Friday whereby I was blacking out. Just too scary. This thing due to horrible misdiagnosis over the years is probably in millions of my cells and the toxic load too much to handle. I have tried a zillion detoxes too, all with horrible herxes as well. I just don't see a way out. I have fought this for years and for what?
    Whomever created this miserable disease should rot in hell because I do believe it is biowarfare. I will pray for all. Very sad.
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    I remember being where you are, except I did make it through the worst of the ABX herx finally, after a couple of years of being almost completely bedridden, and on serious pain meds.

    What I'm doing now is Samento and Banderol drops. I'm doing OK on them, but others react strongly. The good thing about the herbs is they aren't as hard on the body as ABX, and a person can control how much to take to minimize the herx.

    I think it was an article on this site that I read about the difference between ABX and these herbs, or maybe the study just used Samento. The samento and banderol work even better together, but have to be taken at least 15 minutes apart. The ABX forces the spirokete into hiding out, and not in the form that is most damaging. The herbs actually kill all 3 forms, and disrupts the miasma that the bug hides in. So, that means there's a potential for a lot of herxing. Some take just a drop, and then wait for the herx to subside.

    But, it's exciting to know that there is something that will successfully kill off this terrible infection.

    I sure hope you find relief soon.
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    I noticed on Teabisqits post you mentioned the weather changes affect you (?) There was a man with "fibro" who moved to Guanojuato MX really because it was cheaper. However, since it is pretty arid there, and has only a 3 month rainy season, he has found his pain is greatly reduced and he was able to reduce his meds from I think about 7 to 3. He says he only suffers during the rainy season. That may be a bit drastic, but perhaps there are similar areas in the US however.

    Deep relaxation/trances (hypnosis helps but can be done in other meditative ways) can often help reduce the pain as well, but takes practice. Hang in there...

    I'm about to restart the MP once I'm back in MX (in a not-so-arid area, so I've never been able to test that out with my sinus headaches). Supposed to already be there, but one things after another has held us up... anyway, I'm still not packed and we're leaving Wed. I think I have PEM/ PRE-exertional malaise....

    take care,