I have gotten worse...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by healthywannabe, May 28, 2003.

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    Hello all you wonderful supporters. I hope you are all having a good day! I have been getiing worse lately and i have NO idea why. I feel so tired,weak and above all that i have this horrible sick feeling, i have always had all of this but they have doubled. One thing that doesnt match up with cfs is at my worst i will go sooo pale right above my upper lip to my nose, Does anyone else have this?? what could that be from? I tell the doctors but they just go "really? thats wierd!" So anyway, I havent been able to get on here for a while but i forced myself up this morning! You are all my support group and you have helped me beyond words! I no longer feel completly alone in this battle of sickness and doctors and life. Thank you all so much! peace...Zoe
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    That you're feeling worse, It can't help much having a stupid (nicest word I could come up with) Doctor.I mean what type of diagnosis is that "oh that's weird" well of course you know it's weird , that's why you asked him ....sometimes I dispair of these so called Doctors !!
    I hope this flare passes quickly and you're feeling "better " soon.
    Take care ,
  3. AnnG

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    Just took time out to pray for you. Hope you feel His love and the love of all of us here surrounding you today!

    Love, Ann
  4. praisingHim

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    Sorry to hear that you are worse. I know what you mean about that horrible sick feeling. I sent you a post earlier about being tested for mycoplasma. Did you ever get tested? I had that horrible sick feeling really bad until I was tested positive for it, then put on antibiotics. It is much better now, but I still get that feeling if I am really tired. Hope you feel better soon.
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    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well lately. I'm wondering where you live. Has your weather been rainy? I live in Ohio & it has been so damp, rainy & cool here. I know when the barametric pressure goes down, I feel much worse. Usually low barametric pressure means rain. I have been feeling worse the past few days. I thought it was because I overdid it this past weekend, but I am wondering if it is due to the awful weather we're having.

    I was doing so well until the past few days. Am hoping the sun comes out & it warms up. Maybe it will help.

    Hope you find relief soon.

    Take care......Kathi

  6. skychomper

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    i remember reading on one site about adrenal problems in conjunction with cfs and they had all these face diagrams where people were in pale above the upper lip and several other places-it indicated adrenal problems- I can look for the site and you can email me if you want (in profile)- I just don't know it off hand- I have this paleness too, but its not too noticeable since Im pale all over in general.
    good luck. skychomper
  7. sujay

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    I probably sound like a broken record, but I would definitely check into the possibility of hypercoagulation. Yes, it could be an adrenal problem, but I think we might have lots of problems with hormones, and sleep and whatnot if our cells are not getting the nutrients they need because of problems with circulation. Look up hypercoagulation and check into the ISAC Panel and let me know what you think - or if you have any further questions. Hoping you feel better soon. Good luck.