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    Today I have desided to find a way to FEEL BETTER!!!!

    I have been home-locked up from the world-never wanting to do anything because I fear about my health and that I might end up feeling like crud if I go-Missing out on a lot of stuff cuz of it.

    I know everyone here is sick and tired of being sick and tired...but I think I have reached my limits!!!

    Tonight and tomorrow I am going to do ALOT of research to find out best way to GET BETTER. WHO'S WITH ME????????? LOL

    I am only 35 years old and feel like an eldery person!

    I GOT to get a job (appling for chamber of commerce job tomorrow) and be able to KEEP IT!

    I truely believe there MUST be a link to Fibromyalgia and IBS...and tomorrow...I shall find out...

    Please pray for me!

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  2. jaltair

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    If you read my profile, you will see that I've had FMS for quite a while now, and also IBS. I'm 59 now. A couple of years ago, I posted something similar to what you just posted and began my search. I'll continue to do research and let you know what I come up with. Here is just a synopsis of what I've found:

    I have researched into what may be causes for FMS and one thing that stands out is that no one knows for sure what the cause is. FMS (and CFS/CE) could be related to a number of factors (that’s why it is a syndrome). Due to my particular situation / symptomogly I researched and have most interest in the following possible links to the disease:

    1. Viral causes as well as bacterial – I did have several systemic infections, one of which I’m sure caused my heart murmur. I’ve also had mononucleosis, Valley Fever, and have episodes where titers rise.

    2. Genetic tendencies – My mother has had most of all the symptoms that I’ve experienced, and also went through testing with a rheumatologist and an allergy specialist, to look at various factors. She has also had breast cancer, albeit later in life; however, she is now 81 and despite all of her health problems, is in very good health, and that is encouraging. She’s even told me that “it gets better as you get older . . wait until you hit about 70 or 75.”

    In addition, I found that women with fibromyalgia, both were significantly more likely to have an HLA molecule called DR-53 (HLA-DR53). What was interesting is back when the breast implants were thought to be causing FMS, the study that proved what I just stated noted that it wasn’t that the breast implants caused FMS, but that those with FMS had the HLS-DR53 which caused the reaction to the breast implant. The molecule was present in 68 percent of symptomatic breast implant patients and 65 percent of fibromyalgia patients, compared with 35 percent of the asymptomatic implant patients (hmmm).

    3. Lack of or malfunction of the gallbladder – I looked at the possible link to lack of gallbladder function when I learned that the absence of or malfunction of the gallbladder might affect the area where bile exists and where the neurotoxin then “links” to the bile (Sphincter of Oddi). “If there is a problem with the neurotoxin not linking to the bile, that may cause hypercoagulation, which seems to have a link to FMS and CFS” (Allergy Research Group newsletter, "Focus", dated August 2002). I do not have a gallbladder.

    4. Connections with IBS and elevated levels of cholesterol – I have IBS and have, in the past, been treated for IBS with Cholesteryramine (which is used to bind the bile and the neurotoxin). Cholesteryramine is also cholesterol lowering, because Cholesteryramine is a cholesterol-lowering drug, and because I have high levels of cholesterol, and because I have IBS . . I’ve researched any possible connections between IBS, elevated levels of cholesterol, and FMS. Still there, no findings, but interesting.

    5. Pineal glad dysfunction / Melatonin connection – I’ve studied the possible melatonin connection, and found that patients with fibromyalgia syndrome have a lower melatonin secretion during the hours of darkness than healthy subjects (30.?%), and that the lower level may contribute to impaired sleep at night, fatigue during the day, and changed pain perception. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, and has the capacity to also break down in to serotonin.

    Will continue to look for links, etc. / only by finding "causes" are we able to find ways to get better.

    I will keep you in my prayers. Know you aren't alone in your thoughts!

  3. lenaw70

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    WOW...thats SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO interesting!!!!!!

    A lot of that hit REAL close to home for me.

    WOW, WOW, WOW!

    I am having galbladder problems and my natropath doctor says she wants to treat it, NOT take it out. She ways telling me simular things to what you were saying! AGAIN...WOW!

    The biggest medical issue I have had (and the longest) has been digestive (IBS, hiatal hernia etc...). My doctor thinks I am basically mal nurished due to poor absorbtion of foods.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks to everyone for the prayers!

  4. LBH895

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    I have read several articles that have stated that FM and IBS are very common. Why? Dont know. But I have a daughter with IBS. Stay away from birth control as it aggrivates it. I wish you well on your search.
  5. LBH895

    LBH895 New Member

    Last week my new rheumatologist said that one of the causes of Fm is stress. Could be stress from another disease you might have. Stress in your life also. I also had Mono 3 yrs ago. My daughter that has IBS real bad had her gallbladder out at 16. That is when she developed the IBS. I also suspect that she is developing FM. She has so many of the symptoms.
  6. lenaw70

    lenaw70 New Member

    I do know that stress causes flair ups!

    I still just dont know, but I think I could have Lupus.

    All I know is, I cant take it anymore!


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