I have had the worse Flare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dara, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Dara

    Dara New Member

    that I've ever had with FM. I have no idea what brought it on except the other night it did rain all night. But, I'm from the Pacific NW so that is not an unusual occurrence. Last night I actually thought about going to the emergency room for the first time. I had taken my maximum dose of Vicodin and couldn't take anymore. It started with waking up with a headache and the pain was in my neck, shoulders, ribcage,arms, hands, lower back and feet. I didn't bother to call the doctor because what more could he have done?? Anyway, just thought I'd share my whining with all of you.

  2. laurakay

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    I have pain in all of the areas you describe. Have you always had pain in your hands and feet? Those seem to be my big flare areas for some reason. Also, my sternum and upper back are bad along with the headaches I get. Have you tried anything else for the hand and foot pain that has been helpful?
  3. Dara

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    my "normal" daily pain is neck, shoulders, arms and hips. My "flare" pain is in my hands & feet and lower back.The only thing that really usually helps is the pain medication with Advil (taken at the same time), heat on my lower back and ice packs on my shoulders. The pain in my hands and feet I have found no solution for, I really just have to wait it out. I started out feeling OK today, but as the day progressed the lower back and feet started up again. I hate this dreaded disease, makes you feel so helpless at times.