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    things about prozac for helping fibromyalgia symptoms. In my particular situation I guess I havn't been coping real well with the daily pains & cognitive symptoms of fibro, mps, osteoarthritis, just starting to get tested for ra also. Long story short, my pain management doctor who is also a psychiatrist suggested I try prozac. I told him I would consider it this time; he suggested it a year ago, and I declined the rx. It was early in my dx, and I was trying other meds, and supplements etc.. Sam-e wans't helping with the deep down isssues of despair. I guess I was in denial,and too thought all of my symptoms were due to having fibromyalgia. My depression is secondary from chronic pain etc. I'm wanting to try this med so I can keep caring for my two wonderful boys, and the best husband in the world. I tried everything else, and many of my meds, supplements help with flares etc. Now I know I have to treat the depression. Wish me luck with it. It's only been one day. The doctor said stay with it for at least six weeks to see if you are feeling better; at this point I know in my heart I have to give it a try. Just wanted to share my latest situation, and I just had to vent. Take good care, do something goood for your self!!! Kahty
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    This is just my humble opinion, but I disagree with treating secondary depression with antidepressants, especially if it is caused by pain. This is like covering a festering wound with a bandaid. It is better to treat the pain in order for the depression to heal.

    Many here have found that by treating the pain, they can then participate in exercises which stretch and flex the muscles to diminish pain. The Guai treatment has been very helpful for many of us in relieving pain. A good night's sleep provides human growth hormone and helps to heal damaged muscles. Many here have gotten relief from ZMA supplement to help with sleep and pain.

    Dr. Paul Cheney has an article on SSRI's and stimulants and how, over the long term, they can cause brain damage. I would suggest you also read his article on Klonopin first. It does an excellent job of explaining our little seizure state which keeps us from sleeping well, causes anxiety/panic attacks, and brings on sensory overload. The article on SSRI's will make more sense if you read the article on Klonopin first.

    Do a search on Dr. Paul Cheney and it will bring up his articles. Consider seeing a pain specialist before going down the Prozac path. My daughter was give Prozac years ago like it was candy. She has had tremors from it and cannot get off of it. I fear that she may have some permanent damage from the Prozac.

    If after doing this research, you feel the Prozac is the right thing for you, you will have, at least, made an informed decision.

    Love, Mikie
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    My humble opinion is that antidepressants are marvelous to treat SHORT term anxiety associated with FM/CFS. I truly believe depression in secondary in these DD's, as a result of the pain and lack of understanding by the medical community (for the most part). The great debate on FM/CFS is which came first, the chicken or the egg. I can honestly say that I have never been depressed prior to having all these terribly scary symptoms. I think treating the pain and ensuring patients have access to docs who will run a battery of tests to rule out other illnesses is the way to go. Without this, anxieties and stresses run high multiplying our pain & symptoms. I was on Prozac for two months, Paxil for one during which time I felt numb - emotionless, no sex drive, zombie. It got me through the anxiety and I am grateful for that, but I weaned myself off gradually as I did not want to live in the state I was in.
    I can tell you one thing for certain - it did not help me with the pain, although some do get relief.
    Food for thought..