I Have Joint Pain now too Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrohugslife, Dec 25, 2006.

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    I have not posted awhile as I have been going through so much hell.

    My fibro pain has been out of this world and the meds rarely help and I don't have or can't afford the doctor help that I need. My fatigue has been really bad too.

    I wish I could resume my workouts but I am having such a hard time doing so.

    I have noticed that I have developed some serious joint pain all over my body but a lot on my upper body like my arms and neck. and stuff. This has been going since around October or so. The chilly weather has not helped me at all.

    Any help on what I could try? I plan on going to the pain clinic next month to see if they can help and provide some meds for that too.

    I am suppose to go to a Christmas dinner later and honestly I don't think I can do it. I hurt too much to try to dress myself, and make it downstairs successfully.

    So any pointers would be great.

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  2. fibrohugslife

    fibrohugslife New Member

  3. joyfully

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    I know that you can't afford it, but you really need to see a rheumatologist.

    Personally, I would spend my $ on a rheumatologist before a pain clinc where they just treat the symptoms. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you need to deal with the inflammation, stiff joint, and joint damage. When the inflammation gets under control with medication, your pain level will decrease.

    You may also need to be tested for Lymes. They would do the standard tests for arthritis/inflammation first.

    Are you more stiff in the morning than later in the day? Does sitting in a hot tub of water help to ease the stiffness? Does cold wind hurt your joints? Do you hurt worse when the weather turns cold or rainy?

    Obviously, I can't say for sure that you now have arthritis, but your short description sounds suspiciously like arthritis. Only blood work can tell you for sure.

    Try an OTC like Aleve or asprin. See if it helps at all.
  4. fibrohugslife

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    Hi thanks everyone,

    I should post this in my profile as I feel like I repeat the same info over and over again on here as many do not know all that I am going through.

    Anyway here it goes:

    Pain clinic is free! It takes three months or more to see the GP doc the county assigned me. Rheumy is not FREE which is why I have a hard time attaining a rheumy all these years LOL. For me to suggest to see one would cause me to lose my county hospital coverage (they will cancel your coverage if you ask for things).

    So yeah been thinking about getting a Lyme Test but can't afford it. Until I can get approved for disability, everything is on hold.

    With no more money coming in for over 7 months since State Disability ran out, well I can't be spending money I don't have. If hopefully you know what I mean?

    I missed the Christmas dinner, the pain was just too unbearable and I could not get myself into the shower, and then even imagine dressing myself. My family came home early so as that I wouldn't be alone for Christmas night. Very grateful ya know. Today or tomorrow I will call and reschedule my pain clinic appointment and that does not take so long. They will most likely re-do my blood tests again.

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    It's not cheap, but sam-e has really helped with joint pain for me. If I stop taking it, my knees start feeling fragile and achy again.

    It also helps normalize my mood. If I stop taking sam-e for even 2-3 days, I can tell the difference.
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    I do sympathise; joint pains have always been part of my fibromyalgia. Chilly damp weather makes the pain unbearable. Hope that pain clinic will help you when your appointment finally arrives.

    Does heat help you? Can you wrap a microwavable heat pad round your neck? Does soaking in an epsom salts bath help? Does wearing a light scarf (e.g. chiffon) indoors help?

    Gentle stretching exercises may be beneficial, & hydrotherapy is wonderful if you have access to somewhere that understands you don't need a 'work out'.

    Let us know what the pain clinic recommend. Mine only suggested increasing my amitriptylene (sp?) which didn't help at all, just turned me into a zombie.


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