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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sue50, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Sue50

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    My doctor finally sent me to an endocrine specialist and she has helped me more than anyone else. I don't quite know why I had to go to a specialist to find out my Vitamin D and B-12 were low but I'm glad I did, I'm taking supplements now and feeling better, I also learned my thyroid T3 is low, I know that is weird because my t4 is normal and t4 is what feeds the t3, my specialist was even confused for awhile but did research and found out that some people like me have a body that can't covert t4 to t3, so now I'm on thyroid med and that has helped also, she said that it is possible that 30 years of starvation dieting (less than 2000 calories a day) may have made my thyroid hormones a mess!! anyway, fm people be sure that your thryoid is checked by getting a tsh, t3 and t4, most dr's don't do the t3. This month the specialist is testing my adrenals. I'm excited about the progress I have made and now I'm going to physical therapy to try to get my spine working properly, it has been damaged from inactivity.
    Hope this info helps someone :)
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    I am so happy for you..thank goodness your doctor sent you to someone who is getting to the bottom of some answers for you. I hope you make progress each day:)

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    I think my thyroid is all whacked too from 37 years of insane dieting but my T-3 and T-4 and tsh are all normal, or so they say. ALL my bloodwork is normal, you would think I'm healthy! I'm still plowing through doctor's, maybe I'll track donw and endo to go to. Thanks for the info!

  4. charlenef

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    my dr just put me on 50,000ui 2x a week because i am low i havent eaten more than 2000cal in 15yrs id be 300lbs if i did i cant move as it is i dont need weight on top of it
  5. gapsych

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    Is it okay to take extra vitamin D if your count is normal? Mine is right in the middle.

    Just curious.

    Sue, I have often thought I need to see an endocrine specialist. It sounds like this doctor is great. Fortuantely my doctor does both the t3 and t4 as I was once had hyperthyoidism. The first one was the TSH, as a screening?

    My B12 level was also very low. For a while I had the weekly shots and it is now normal.

    THanks for the information.

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