i have lyme disease

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    hey guys i finally got my results back from the specialty lab in california and 2 years of suffering is finally over i was tested positive for the lyme dot blot assay which detects the antigen in the urine. I was put on a 5 pretreatment antibiotic protocol to make the test more sensitive and i can finally lay to rest all the worrying and suffering i have went through in the past 2 years. I hope everyone here finds out what is wrong with them and gets treatment good luck and god bless you guys!

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    Not the best news but at least now you can start to treat the lymes. You have a long hard road ahead but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Good Luck and keep us posted! Lynn
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    Make sure you see a llmd. (lyme literate medical doctor) My daughter was diagnosed last Fall after almost 2 years of being ill. She is being treated by a lyme specialist.

    Good luck!
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    do make sure you have a good "lyme-literate" doctor; it is rare that 4-6 weeks of abx take care of it if you have had it a long time, which is what it sounds like for you. Most doctors say it can take a year or more of treatment... and that you should take it for at least 2 months beyond where you feel "normal".

    My 18 yo son had 3 months of different combinations of abx plus flagyl each time to dissolve biofilm to see what reaction each type of abx caused; there was a fairly obvious difference with each month! But this gave the clinic the necessary info as to what the lyme bacteria spirochete was sensitive to - there are about 100 different variants in the USA according to researchers.

    You will probably quickly find the lyme dx is a controversial one unfortunately, just like chronic fatigue/fibro is.

    I hope you can find a good doctor near you that you can trust, it sounds like the one you tested thru knew what s/he was doing; and I am happy you got a diagnosis quickly!

    all the best,

    PS if you are unable to work due to treatment and subsequent physical and neurological herxes/effects, etc., you should have good grounds for disability (SSI probably in your case if you have no assets).
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    I am getting the results of a lyme test soon from Igenex. WEre you told that you now have lyme and not CFS or that Lyme is the cause of your CFS?? I heard lots of disparity on this issue.

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    You finally know what you have. Not that anyone would want to have Lyme Disease, but at least now, you can get the treatments you need to heal. Lyme is treatable but like with so many of our chronic infections, it takes time. Keep the faith and I hope you start feeling better soon. BTW, you may feel worse before you feel better. If the treatments make you feel worse, just hang in there and tell yourself that this means pathogens are being killed off.

    Keep us updated, please.

    Love, Mikie