I have Lyme disease

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by ajp, May 10, 2006.

  1. ajp

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    I saw the Lyme doctor yesterday and he said no questions...I have Lyme.

    I posted on the fibro board too, but thanks to all who have written about Lyme, because I really never would have considered it before. I thought ok, fibro...but then the more I read about Lyme, the more I began to think I had it. It just made sense to me.

    I start my antibiotics next week, very slowly and will work up to taking two antibiotics for at least a year. Since my Lyme is now considered chronic, I may always have the arthritis that I have now. But I can get better.....
    I feel vindicated I think. I am not crazy or faking it or imagining it...it is real.

    Again thanks to all of you.


  2. jarjar

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    I am so glad you guys took the effort to find out what has kept you so ill for so long.

    We all need to remind the people on the FM and CFS board when possible to go get tested by Igenex by a LLMD.

    Everytime I go to the site I see people write about Lyme symptoms. They really need to be encouraged to not to just settle for a CFS or FM daignosis. As very few will ever get well taking pills to try to mask the symptoms.

    Everyone in my Docs office that comes in with a FM diagnosis test positive for Lyme with Igenex. The second most misdiagnosed illness is CFS.

    I just wish someone had encouraged me years ago to test for Lyme.

    Also if you haven't had a chance to go to lymenet they have a wealth of info for newbie patients.

  3. Countrymom

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    I am glad you have found the culprit. I would never have known about lyme if it wasn't for this board but some people seem rather hostile towards it.(lyme that is)

    I am happy you are starting treatment and go look at lymenet, too much info over there!!