I have Lyme..thank you to this board

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    Hi All,

    Saw a Lyme doctor yesterday and he said no question..I have Lyme.

    Thank you to this board, because I joined last summer after being diagnosed with fibro. And thanks to this board and people who posted about Lyme. I researched it for months and finally made an appointment to see a doctor who specializes in Lyme. I really never would have considered it before, but thanks to all who posted symptoms about Lyme.
    It really got me thinking and I am so glad that I finally have a diagnosis.

    Please everyone if you have been sick a long time and have weird symptoms that can't be easily explained...check into Lyme disease.

    I will be starting a year on antibiotics and it will be a long hard year, but I will get well again. My Lyme is now considered chronic and I will probably always have some of the arthritis that I have now. I wish I really had considered Lyme before. We have to be our own best advocate.


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    I also have Lyme. At least we can look forward to some kind of "cure". Although we must realize that some of the symptoms may never go away.
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    That you finally have an answer as to what's caused your symptoms. Although, I'm sorry you were diagnosed with Lyme. The good news is, once you are treated with antibiotics, the infection will go away. However, depending on how long you've had Lyme for, you may have residual symptoms that may not go away. Also, if you live in an area where Lyme's disease is prevalent, make sure to be cautious of new symptoms that may suggest re-infection. Again, I'm glad to hear that you have an answer to your problems!

    Gentle healing hugs,
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    Hi Twinofdar,

    I contacted my state Lyme board and they gave me doctors names who diagnosis and treat Lyme.

    I was so scared yesterday to go, having a major panic attack I think. But he was so nice and actually has a wife that had Lyme. So he was very knowledgeable and also wants my husband to come to all appointments, says my treatment will be a team effort.

    So for the first time in years, I am hopeful that I will get better.

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    Isn't that great. Good idea contacting the Lyme state board for references.

    All that anxiety and in the end you find someone to help you! Good for you. And if his wife had lyme then he totally understands your case.

    I also have lyme, and have been on antibiotics since last summer, only really serious full dose since Feb. I just couldn't tolerate the first antibiotic combination. Better now. Now if the pain who subside I'd be happy.

    Also my appetite is back! I swear I never ate for years. Just picking at food.

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    Those patients who have had long-term Lyme disease can suffer major disability. Patients that have any stage of Lyme disease should consider aggressive nutritional support. Since there are patients who have asymptomatic Lyme disease (suffer with Lyme disease but are not aware of it), the state of one's immune system plays an important role in the course of this illness. Aggressive nutritional supplementation gives the patient the best chance to optimize their own, natural immune system. If the Lyme disease has progressed to involve the nervous system, grape seed extract becomes a very important optimizer. You need to give this nutritional program at least a 6 to 9 month trial. This is the minimal length of time needed to improve your immune system.

    This foundational regime provides all the necessary micronutrients to the cell at ideal levels (not RDA levels) for significant health benefits as documented in the medical literature. When the cell is given maximum support, it can then determine what it does and does not need. Over a six-month period each cell is able to not only overcome nutritional deficiencies but also to optimize ALL the nutrients, which are needed to combat oxidative stress.

    The synergistic affect of providing all the nutrients needed by one’s body at the most advantageous levels results in optimizing and rebuilding the body’s natural immune system, antioxidant, and repair systems back to their fullest fighting potential against disease.


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    For all those that want to try to get to the root of thier FM or CFS please seek out a Lyme Doctor to rule it out. One can search for lymenet and post in the section Seeking a Dr. and you will get help finding a Dr. close to you.
    I wasted way too many years settling for a CFS diagnosis only to find out Lyme had disabled me.

  8. victoria

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    as a reminder to others to consider Lyme...


    ANNXYZ New Member

    illness I was shocked to find ( through an Igenex test)
    that my CFIDS/FM is actually lyme.

    I wish every person who posts here would get an Igenex test , to at least rule out the possibility of lyme .

    I wish you well in your lyme treatment . Like jarjar , I wasted many years NOT having the right diagnosis . The supplements I spent a fortune on would never kill the bacteria that was making me so sick .

    For those who want more info on lyme , go to Ilads , the lyme disease association site . Much of what we have believed about lyme is erroneous .
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    I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis and are starting a protocol for it. May I ask what antibiotic you'll be taking? I hope you take a lot of acidophilus to keep the loss of your healthy bacteria in check.

    How did your doctor determine you have Lyme? Did you do blood tests, or did he make his diagnosis based on your symptoms?

    My doctor had me do a Lyme test through Igenex Lab, but it came back "indeterminate," so he still thinks I just have CFS.


  12. ajp

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    I just noticed your reply. I am mostly on the Lyme board here, but do still check in here.

    I was diagnosed clinically. My LLMD feels the tests are very inaccurate. I started on Ceftin in May,500 mg,worked up to 1000 mg and then tried to add Biaxin, but had a severe reaction and had to stop all the abx.

    I am back on the Ceftin and doing well. Actually had a few good days this week, very rare for me. My LLMD feels that I probably had Lyme since the late 80's, when I was diagnosed with CFS. It was pretty much dormant thru my 30's, but now in my 40's I have progressively been getting sicker every year.

    Don't give up just because of a negative test. I totally had all the symptoms of Lyme, including cognitive problems, vision ( seeing stars or sparkles) and what they now consider Lyme arthritis.

    I really feel like now I am finally on the road to recovery,... yes, the abxs are hard,.... I take lots of probiotics and have been watching my diet very carefully, lots of fruits and veggies, no sugar at all.

    Take care.