I have missed you all

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Hey there to all my friends.

    I sure have missed everyone.

    I really hope all is well.I plan on spending time on the computer today to check in on everyone and see how you all are doing.

    I am all wrapped up, well my wrists are right now.Pain!My head and neck still hurt awful.Bulging disks are killing me and PT is helping only slightly,I think.It could just be the hydrocodine masking the pain.

    I was told by my physical therapist that I should be taking the pain meds. more instead of hurting so much.So I have increased my intake almost to where the dr. perscribed me to be taking it.Every 4 hours is what I will be doing today for sure,I hurt everywhere.

    On the lighter side of things, I am loving this weather from indoors.LOL!

    No really I have been out some and even transpalnted some lilies.My flowers are just popping up.We have an archway at the front entrance to our house and it is covered with wisteria.There are soooo many blooms on it but not yet open.The vine travels down our fence we have around the house.It is a rustic fence my husband and I made....beautiful.

    The golden finches are all over the place and filling up the trees.We have even had a few purple finches,lots of chick a dees,cardinals and doves.

    I have to fill up the feeder all the time but that is ok,sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee,my dog on my lap and looking out over the yard and seeing these
    beautiful birds...it just makes me so happy and at peace.

    I am all about making the view outside a window as comforting as possible.It helps on those days I hurt so very bad and can't get out.I am even going to put planters on the inside of my house below the windows and fill them up with african violets.I love violets.

    I wish I could come out and make you all a little garden and bird sanctuary outside your windows.We all deserve the comforts of nauture especially when our bodies tries to keep us from being out and enjoying the outdoors.

    I am trying to get my daughter to make a new picture for my profile.I'll wait till the wisteria is in full bloom and I will stick my ugly mug in there beside the wisteria and have a picture taken.

    One day I am gonna learn how to post my own picutres.I think I would have alot of fun posting pictures.I have a pretty looney imagination.I'll keep us all laughing.

    Well gotta get daughter to work.I'll be back later this morning and read up on how everyone is doing.

    I sure have missed talking with everyone.

    Love you all,
  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I enjoyed reading about your backyard paradise- I think you have some great ideas for things to take your mind off of your pain. Stop and smell the roses!
    I also don't know how to post pictures, nor do I have a digital camera, so that's it for now...maybe someday.
    Take care and I hope your pain is much less today!! Terri
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Good to have you back. I am sorry you are still hurting as first it seemed not that bad. I guess it is getting worse before it gets better.

    When we build our catio(that keeps cats in and birdies out) we will do a bird sanctuary too, although we may have to fence that due to neighborhood roaming cats. MY dad has a low feeder and I keep telling him move it as all the cats where he lives just sit there waiting for the birds to come.
    Fortunately the squirrels come too and chase the cats!!!

    LOve Anne C

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