I have more good news!!!!

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    God has answered our prayers !!!!! God has sent an us the money to pay our debts and get a church facility . I don't know who the people are the gave but it is a huge blessing . We've been meeting in a friends home(church member)for the past few weeks and it's been cozy and fun but we needed a church building .
    Our church has been hit hard in the past 8 months and we've almost all our member. We still have around 20 or so people left but I hear that more people are waiting to come a visit soon as were in our new place. =) Now we just need prayer for jobs. And my husband is going to be our new co. worship leader . Our old worship leader left last week so my hubs and his buddy got bump up to leadership position . Hubs is a pretty nervous about this as he's real new to playing the guitar and hasn't learned yet to sing and play at the same time. But he won't be alone on the stage we have singers too. If my throat gets better I'll be volunteering to sing. I used to be on worship teams in the past and really miss singing. But I've got sjogrens syndrome,and benign nudules in my throat ( I think from the RA),copd. Anyways I sound pretty gruff right now.
    So things are looking up . Just need for my husband to find work . Oh and there is something else . My youngest daughter (shes 18) has been going to Rave's in her underwear! That is she is only wear her dainties. I'm very upset and worried that she get hurt . She is smoking ,drinking and I believe doing drugs. She won't talk to me and she lives with her grandparents . I don't believe that they are wear of what shes doing. But I'm sure that they know that shes drinking and smoking. Her grandparent are sweet to take her in knowing that shes up to no good . They just want to make sure that she is off the streets.
    So if you all could keep her in your prayers that would be nice. I know that she is going to one of these Raves this Friday and it's making me sick with worry .
    I google a website that she is on and the pictures of theses "parties" just make me sick. I've been praying that God will send someone that can help her and guide her back to Him.

    Well got to go for know .I'm looking through the job ad's for my husband . Love you all so much !

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    I 'll pray for your daughter