I have my psych appt. tomorrow....any pointers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lin21, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. lin21

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    Hi everyone,

    After being all nervous I got a letter from SSI on Friday telling me I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow. Nothing like giving you any notice.
    Thank the Lord my husband will be home to take me.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm a nervous wreck.

  2. lin21

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    I plan to be honest but I was just hoping I could get some pointers. I have never gone through anything like this before. I am in a flare now so this may be a good thing so they can see how bad off I am.

  3. shazz

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    I would go without taking pain meds for starters.
    Normal people don't take those every day.
    If you are in a flare, I am sure you will be at your worst.
    Be honest, don't get really dressed up to try and impress.
    I went for some memory testing and the doc told me ahead of time they would ask if I was "under the influence" of narcotics when I tested so I promised him I would not be.
    Dumbasses as SS, I hate to tell them but without taking my pain meds I did much worse because I couldn't concentrate on anything at all except for getting out of there and getting some pain control.
    I would not try and deceive the doctor, but I would make sure I wasn't at my best either. If you are like me you will be nervous tonight and sleep less than you usually do.
    You will be fine.


  4. joannie1

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    your mail box is saying it is full. You need to check it out with your provider or something. can't get through to you lady.
  5. Ahorsesoul

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    I know you will be up all night worried about this appointment tomorrow, tonight is a good night for it. I'd start an exercise program at least for today. I thought that was a good point about not taking your pain meds, but if they have the opposite effect on you take them,and follow you doctors instructions to the letter. If it says you can take two, do so. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Make an appointment to have your hair done the day after the appointment, you will need it then. Relax and just be honest, they are trained to spot any signs of lying. Read what texascountry did in her message dated 9/14/2003 titled "SS psy Dr. freaked-wouldn't see me-now what?" She gets a Gold STAR!
  6. Ritarose

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    Don't look nice, don't do the stiff upper lip with this situations. I did and the doctor said there was no indication I was in bad enough shape to warrent help, muchless SS.

    Next day I had job interview (in terrible pain) and unbenonced to me at the time, I wore my dress inside out! Needless to say I didn't get that job! Look as bad as you feel on a really bad day, display all the symtoms you can think of especially memory, consentration, verbal mess up are good. It is not deceptive if you truly do have this symtoms, just because you may not have them that day dose not mean they aren't a real problem most of the time! It took me another year to prove I was disabled!
  7. DarleneWSerrano

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    Good Luck.

    I am still in the filling out more and more forms. My attorney told me I had to complete the forms regard pain in my own words. Tried to explain how hard that was going to be. I ended up typing the answers. My attorney's para said that was a mistake that SS would indicate now that I am able to work if I can type. Yeah, from bed on a laptop. I can only imagine what is going to happen when I have to see SS doctors. People have no idea how hard life really is for us do they? Anyway, be honest and if you are in a flare, trust me, don't hold anything back.

  8. lin21

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    Hi ,
    I just want to thank all who have replied to my post.
    I had my appt. and luckily I was in a flare and could barely walk. My husband accompanied me in to see the Doctor.
    I think I did well and my husband said I did terrible on the little "memory" quiz he gave so hopeful I passed!!!
    It cracked me up though, here I was sitting in pain and all these people around me looked like really good actresses. One came in all dressed up , took off her nice shoes put them in a bag and put on crazy colored socks and bedroom slippers, messed up her hair and then she was ready to see the Dr.
    Another one had about 20 shopping bags that bounced off the walls as she got up to run into the Dr. Only in America!!!!
    It makes me so made mad, I worked all of my life and now I'm sick and need help and I have been waiting for almost a year now!!!!
    Thanks again,