i have neurological problems,could there be a link to fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nje, Jul 17, 2003.

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    i haven`t posted inabout a week or so,just getting over a flare,i seem to have more flares here lately. my question is,i had an mri last year in nov. my neuro said i had been having mini-strokes,also said i had peripherial neuropathy,or something to that effect,he also said i had encelapathy;thats probably spelled wrong,i don`t know what took me so long to wonder if there was a connection or not,but i forget just about everything now. i`d appreciate anyone who knows anything about this or knows someone else who knows anything. i really would like to talk to madwolf ,he seems to know his stuff,i guess its a he,don`t be offended if he`s a she. like i said,no memory,no attention to anything for long. i stay off balance,dizzy,and frankly if i was the other person looking at me,i`d say "she`s a drunk". i stay inside 24/7 when i`m this way.its humiliating. hope someone can help me? nje
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    I've just learned myself that FM can encompass some neurological problems, but so far I have not heard that mini-strokes are one of them. Can't say about the other ones = and it's encephalopathy. I do know that I stumble around alot and so did my mother, who had FM. In fact, I was so convinced I had MS instead that I went and had an MRI just to settle things.

    Do you have an FM doctor whom you could ask?

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    Have you been tested for Lyme disease?

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    I have also been getting dizzier.Sometimes I just can't think straight.I start doing something and totally forget what the hec I am doing.It is driving me crazy.I forget where I put things after it has only been a few hours since I put it there. I have alot of ear problems,so I've been told it could be that or the pinched nerve in my neck.I was told it could be stress too.But it happens when there is no stress.This is causing me strss,I definitely know that much.
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    I have CFS--for over 20 years--diagnosed finally 2 years ago. Can you believe how so many of us have been walking around for many years feeling awful and either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all??? For years I had dizziness, imbalance, difficulty walking, confusion. My doctor prescribed Strattera in April. Since then, my neurological symptoms have almost completely disappeared.
    Strattera balances the brain chemical norepinephrine.
    I hope this helps.
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    There is a lot of research on FMS that points to it as having a neurological basis, similar to ADHD, and it may actually be a anxiety disorder that causes sleep problems. This means that problems with the endocrine system, blood etc are actually symptoms, not causes. I'm being treated as such (ADD and anxiety) with ritalin and buspar. Not cured by a long shot but a lot more able to cope. Sleep patterns slowly gettung better.