I have never asked for a certain medication

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    by name before from my doctor. How do I do this? Because of my foggy head, I could not exactly remember when my next appointment was. I thought it was a week ago and I felt like a complete idiot calling and telling them I forgot. They usually call the day before to confirm and I was not getting any calls, but I felt this inner dread that they changed their policy, I missed it and would end up with nothing but a bill. I broke down and called, found out it is next week.

    I feel like a big fool. The doctor sees me and asks how I am feeling and I always tell him how I am feeling right then and there. I always fail to mention things that I had dealt with over the last few months. Coming here I have learned that it is so important to write it all out in either a list or journal format. I am not good at doing this because I am too wordy (as if you had not noticed!) and I can not imagine that he is going to want to waste his time to read it all. I also feel as though there are areas that he will not treat or be able to treat and rightfully so, (ex. I have endometriosis and he is a neuro doc) and those problems will just fall by the wayside. Bottom line is I am afraid to tell him absolutely everything because I cannot stand the thought of anyone else thinking that I am a hypochondriac and it is all in my head. So far he has been wonderful and constructs his own lists of symptoms he has seen me for in the past which led him to confirming the fibromyalgia diagnosis. The last time I was at his office I was told by the physical therapist that the doctor had noted the MPS and Peripheral Neuropathy to my chart. I have had over the last two months terrible nerve pain in my neck, shoulders and down my right arm, in my lumbar spine and radiating down into both hips and my right leg to the knee. This is nothing new and I have been dealing with it off and on for well over a year now. I have been given anti-depressants to help with the pain and they have not. I have been given muscle relaxers to help with the pain and they have not helped. Last night out of complete desperation, I did take the muscle relaxers and a Lortab and a half. I am afraid of all of these medications for various and probably stupid reasons, but with this combination the relief I got was minimal and lasted for maybe three hours. I have read so much on this site as well as elsewhere about Neurontin and I want to ask my doctor about this as well as asking him for either a new muscle relaxer or something else. I am afraid I will be looked at as though I am just in there seeking the medication. These fears - are they silly? I cannot be the only one who has ever felt this way. If anyone were to look at my medication records, it is obvious that I am just out seeking medication for pleasure as I refill only every few months and learn to live with the pain. I should not have to just learn to live with the pain. Why do I feel this way? I am really hurting these past two months and I cry, it seems, endlessly. This doctor has been wonderful, but I am deathly afraid that if I open my mouth and ask for Neurontin by name, some horrible comment will be put on my chart and will follow me around for the rest of my life causing future treatments to cease and desist.

    How do docs, even the good docs, react when a patient asks for a medication by name? How do I get over this feeling without sounding like I am completely insane? Any tips?

    Thank you in advance for not only making it this far, but for any help you are able to offer.

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    After many years of being dismissed
    by doctors, it took me a long time to
    get used to the great one I have now.
    I was always afraid he was going to
    think I was lying or like you said, think I was "nuts". He has never been
    anything but supportive and kind and
    has assured me over and over that it
    is his job to keep me as pain free as
    possible. He says it would be unethical and plain cruel to drop a
    person or dismiss them for being in pain. Your doctor sounds like a reasonable person. Neurontin is not a
    major pain killer, not a scheduled drug that they are concerned about
    prescribing. Many of us take opiates
    and that's when you have to ask yourself if you doctor is willing to
    take the long ride with this DD with
    you or not. Mine is. It is very reasonable for you to want to try the
    first line of defense things like the
    Neurontin and hopefully it will help
    you. I tried it and many other things
    and none of them worked for me, but I
    am not YOU. We are all very different
    and fortuanetly we are helped by so
    many differing things. Take a good
    look around this site too and see if
    some of the other ideas will fit for
    you, like mild exercise, water therapy, relaxation tapes, a good diet, ask your doctor if there are any vitamins or supplements he/she
    might recommend. There are heat packs
    and ice packs, massage, accupuncture,
    chiropractic..soooo many things to
    try and you will find the best things
    for you, but only if you speak up and ask your doctor to help you find the
    answers. And one more thing, never
    forget, you pay him/her and they are
    working for you...you DESERVE the best they have to give and if you
    don't get it, find a doctor that will give it to you. It's your life and your pain and you deserve the best! Hugs, Bambi
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    Hi Amaryllis~~Bambi gave you great advice. Your physician can't help you UNLESS he knows everything that is going on with you. I am a therapist, and if a client comes to me on the day of their appointment feeling in good spirits and tells me they feel good today, but don't tell me they have felt depressed and suicidal the past six days--then how can I help them...provide them with the best possible service?

    I can't see any reason why your doctor wouldn't give you a trial of Neurotin. It is an anti-seizure med that often helps with FM, but is not a narcotic.

    I see my physician once a month for med refills, and I give him a brief, typed, "Self-Report" hitting the high points and major issues.

    I don't know what muscle relaxer you are on, but I take Soma, and it has helped me alot. I have FM/CFS, degenerative disc disease, nerve damage, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, asthma and allergies. Also, you have a right to be as pain free as possible, and your doctor sounds compassionate and understanding--if the Lortab isn't cutting it, I would tell him. Otherwise--how is he to know?

    And about your endometriosis--please tell him about it so he can make a referral for you. Endo can spread all over your internal organs and do alot of damage if left untreated. I let it go, and ended up having to have my insides lazored (burned) out in three separate, consecutive surgeries in order for them to get it all (because it was massive and had spread everywhee) before they could do the hysterectomy (which was also caused by the endo). And compared to the lazor surgeries--the hysto was a walk in the park. So, please,please--get a referral from your physician and get that taken care of.

    Most of us with FM have moderate to severe memory problems. I have to keep a small notebook with me all the time plus I carry a checkbook size calendar in my purse where I write down all my appointments, times, etc. so I can keep track of everything. I also work part-time, and if I didn't take notes and keep a list--I couldn't do my job. One day after work, I completely forgot what my 15 year old car looked like. I went totally blank. I just sat down on the steps and waited till it came to me.

    Talk with your doctor. He can't read your mind, and your self-report is all he has to go by. Since it sounds like you trust him--give him the benefit of the doubt and ask him for what you need or would like to try. That's what all of us do. Best Wishes to you, Carol...
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    Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I am going to take it and run (okay, well, drive)with it to the doctor next week and and present him with my questions and requests. I will let you know how it goes.

    Thank you again for taking the time to post to me and help me out.

    Be well ~ A