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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsolider, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. FMsolider

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    After a very tramatic stay in the hospital - I went to a new doctor. He was just a Family Practice doc but, friends kept encouraging me to go. Wow he knew more about FMS than any stupid Rheumy I have seen. He put me on combo drug therapy. It is working well too! He explained that any NSAD's need to be taken whether I have pain or not first thing in the morning( roughly.) That it is a preventive for us - not really a pain killer. Then he put me on Elvil, Norflex and Darvocet. Told me how to take these drugs. He also said people on anti-depressants for Fibro only - need a very low dose because in high doses it will only treat the depression. Low doses only treating pain. What I loved most and almost cried when he said it was that if these drugs do not work for me after about 2 weeks or so , that it isn't my fault and we will try something else. Which leaves me wondering what combo's are you guys on?

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  3. 1sweetie

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    FYI: There is a petition to remove Darvocet from the market from Public Citizen. I can not remember the reason. Try to Google it and see if you can find how why.
    They are always about one year ahead of the FDA before a drug is removed.
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    Since Sept. 2005 I have been taking Elavil (75 mgs at 7:00 pm), Flexiril (one in a.m., one at 3 pm and one before bed), along with my synthroid, hurmira, protonix, and bp meds. I have been feeling so much better. About 3 months ago, my cognitive issues had gotten embarrassing especially at work - if I was the least bit tired, I said the wrong words, couldn't think of a word, and other symptoms which made me feel stupid.

    My Rheumy had me evaluated by his collegue who is a Physchologist and I spent about 2 hours with him going through cognitive testing. The outcome thankfully was the my memory, my logic, my thinking and just not being stupid were all ok. What I did need help with is something common in FMS - Distractions while thinking was my problem. He suggested Strattera and it has helped in normal days but I still have some trouble when I am exhausted.

    And recently I started on Darvon as needed because I have some break through pain. It helps but can't take it during the day. My Rheumy agrees on the AD's being prescribed in low dose like the Elavil. Good luck...Nancy
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    I am sorry you were in hospital, I did not know.

    Yes, the antidepressants, they get given in too high doses often. Heck ALL meds get this as docs, instead of really checking tend to just up the doses-like saying I got a tummy ache after eating 4 apples and someone saying eat another four...(LOL)

    Get well.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    When did the doc tell you to take your darvocet? I'm curious because I'm taking an anti-inflamatory drug called Relafen, and 3 darvocets. And every so often, a low dose of ssri.
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    but happy for you!! Can you please have him call my doc. and teach him some???

    Sorry, I have no helpful advice here, just happy for you! (And jealous,,,LOL!)
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    glad you found a dr. that can help you, i am currently taking ultracet, thats about it...motrin for headaches and such
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    I was on Paxil a few years ago for depression but I'm off that. It didn't help me with the pain. I was on the fentynal patch until about 1.5 weeks ago and took myself off that due to the skin rash. Right now I'm taking percoset 4x a day + zanaflex and valium for the muscle spasms as needed BUT I've been keeping up with my yoga classes and it has really been helping a lot. I'm also trying to kill off yeast in my body so I'm experiencing fatigue and headaches but I'm working with it. I've started taking 5-htp and this seems to help me raise my seratonin levels. I was stranded on the couch a few weeks ago and couldn't move because of my back and my dr basically said, sorry, you used up all your break thru meds, now there is nothing I can do until you next appt, go to the ER if you go thru withdrawals and I felt so dependent on him and abandoned so I decided to try to take control over whatever I can. I do notice the patch was really helpful in the mornings because now when I wake up every muscle HURTS like you know what. I'm upping some of my supplements too.
  10. FMsolider

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    I take the darvocet if I need around the afternoon. Not exceding 4 a day. He told me to take 2 at once.

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