I have new videos a pic of the new pup

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    Would you like to meet "Baby"? She is the other pup that was left with the momma dog who had 10 2-week old pups that disappered. Someone came to the house for one night and the mail lady said they moved in, they never moved their stuff out, just left the house as it was.

    So I laid back for a few days, then they were gone again, I heard he beat her up and she is in the hospital and he is in jail. After about 3 days, some one came over and filled up the feeder again and left a big bag of food on the porch.

    Sunday afternoon I went over to give them water as they did not have any and the pup followed me home and I let her stay. I wish I could keep her, see my profile for her pic. But I can not afford to feed another Dr, let alone the vet bills, meds, shots and all that goes along with properly take care of a dog.

    I know she will be bigger than MIssy, her feet are big and she has a lot of loose skin around her neck and head. She is smart and learns fast but she will go to the shelter tomorrow. I called AC and they were suppose to pick them up Fri but they got busy and said they would Sat and they didn't.

    So will try again tomorrow, the poor mama dog is full of milk and I know that can't be good for her. So wish me luck that these dogs can find a good home.

    It will be hard to let Baby go but I know my limits and 3 is too many for me physically and fiancially. If I tried to walk the 3 of them on the leash, I would end up getting dragged down the road a time or two, been there done that with Butter, the nieghbors dog I take care of.

    One squirell or bunny rabbit and I would hit the dust. I have loaded several videos the last few days and will try to in the coming days. I have them recorded just haven't uploaded them.

    I hope I don't bore you guys with my videos, I just like to share some of my life and hope to make a few of you smile or laugh a little bit. I hope you enjoy-Carla, Twylia, Missy and Baby
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    Loved the video. That's a great little dog and I'm praying she'll find a good home.

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    its so sad but I understand what you're saying, pets are expensive and you can't overstretch yourself.

    Surely someone will fall in love with her.

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    Oh Carla,
    She is a sweetheart and fits right in with Twy and Missy. It would be so hard to give her up but she will find a good home.

    Puppies are so much work and you're right she would definitely wear you out with that much energy.

    My neighbors got a puppy and they tried talking me into getting one of her sisters. Their is no way I would be able to give a puppy a proper home. They need so much attention. Plus the vet bills on a puppy are huge.

    Enjoy her for the time you have her and just remember she will go to a good family who can handle a high energy little pup.
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    She's adorable!,,,,,,God Bless you for Helping these Pups!,,,,,,,I bet she gets adopted right away! wouldn't it be fun to get to interview whoever adopts her!,,,,,,,,,She almost looks like she has some pitbull in her,,,,,,Sis
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    I talked to AC and they couldn't make it up here Sat so are coming today, but I think I will take Baby myself to them.

    I am afraid someone will be there and talk AC into letting them keep them. If I took her home, she would follow me back anyway.

    Thanks for your understanding and kind words. I wish I could afford to keep her but don't want to take away from my girls.

    Missy just came in from potty and she found something and rolled in it, ehewwwwwwwww and she had a bath last night and smells like something dead. That is why I can't add a 3 member to our pack!

    Thanks for looking and watch the other ones I posted, esp Missy Poops, she does this alot. She poops and runs at the same time. Carla
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    Thanks for making the right decision regarding keeping the puppy. Too many people just do the "ohhh, so cute" response to puppies (which is really hard NOT to do!) and don't consider the consequences of keeping another dog. You are doing the right thing for you and the dog.

    My Rey had his annual checkup last week. With refilling his ear and eye meds (he has allergies and this time of year is the worst!), his rabies shot and the check up it costs just over $113.

    As they say, there is no such thing as a FREE puppy!

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    Yes, I know you would love to be able to keep her but you can only do so much. You are already doing ALOT !!I am sure they will find her a good home. She seems like such a sweet puppy and got along well with "the girls".

    Yes, I saw that cute video yesterday. They were really having a ball, weren't they ??

    You are such a good mommy to those girls !! I know you would love to be able to keep BABY too but you are doing the right thing, I know. You have done all you can do.


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    OMG Carla, I smiled throughout the whole video. It was so cute how they were all playing together. I loved it. Looks like Missy (i think that was the one) didn't like when baby was pawing at her bottom at first. Then you told her to be easy and she was.

    They are so much fun to watch.

    thanks Carla

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    I am glad you enjoy my videos, I do it for me so I can remember the times I have had and share them with my grandson who lives in PA and you guys.

    Diane I have the Lemonade song stuck in my brain too :)

    Thanks all of you for understanding my situation, I did take Baby to the shelter today and it about broke my heart when they took her back.

    They will hold her for 7 days to see if any one claims her, which more than likely they won't. Then they will put her up for adoption. I do hope they find her a good home.

    It is hard knowing I can't keep her. Last night I took her along for our cart ride, she sat beside me while the girls ran and she was just cheicking everything out, like the horses, I guess she had never seen one before.

    As we were riding along I looked down to her and asked her if she was hainvg fun and she reached up and licked me like saying "Thanks this is great" it was so sweet.

    I do think the girls are glad she is gone, they were pretty good but Missy had a few issues with food and toys.So I know I did the right thing. I do miss her tho.

    Thanks again for watching my my girls and my life-Carla