I have no energy and my house is a wreck...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dc1980, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. dc1980

    dc1980 New Member

    I have been disabled since June 05' and my house has suffered right along with me. I have no energy to do much of anything at all.....I look around my house and then go lay down. The task seems impossible. I keep thinking I will have a garage sale and bring in a little money in but then again I wish I could just start throwing things in a box and have someone take to the Goodwill.

    It is so depressing. Most days I would rather just stay in bed than try to tackle this mess. Most days my pain is so bad I can't get out of bed, then when I do feel a little better, the last thing I want to do is clean.

    Anyone been in this position? And if so what did you do about it? What are you doing about it? Any sugestions? I need help.

    Thanks all,
  2. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    My house is a disaster too. When I do have a good day, I have to use it for grocery shopping, the essentials.

    A woman is coming today, recommended by a neighbor. She's going to do 4 hours cleaning for $65. I'm hoping I can afford to have her come once a month. But if I can't, even having her come just once every couple of months will help.

    I know how you feel -

  3. Ohh do I hear you. I get up everyday and try but get nowhere fast. I can't afford someone to pay to do it. My husband helps, but men sweep once a wk around things,etc. So I hear you ( WE LOVE TENNESSEE , especially in Oct. in the MTs.
  4. lrning2cope

    lrning2cope New Member

    It is looking like a complete dump. I have energy to do maybe 1 small load of dishes and sometimes make my bed. The other things get taken care of on my good days , which are 1-2 a month.

    The thing is , right now , my college age daughter lives with me and I beg her to clean but she seems to have her own life . But i am the one who has to live in this mess all day while she goes out and does all her stuff.

    i wish i knew how to get her to help more. other than that , she is a great daughter . she does drive me around and help with shopping and carry things and does the laundry . I feel guilty when i do ask for more help , but i get so depressed with the dump that i have to live in day in and day out.

    A cleaning person is a great idea , but i would have to clean before they even came it is such a mess . i am embarressed.


  5. poets

    poets Member

    My house was driving me nuts. Things were fairly straight, but the dust was there, and the bathrooms needed cleaning, and I have hardwood floors that are a pain to get really clean. I kept looking at it, and it was really getting on my nerves. I made up my mind to clean it!

    My husband did the floors, but I scrubbed the bathrooms and did all the dusting and although I feel better about it now, boy did I pay for it. I was almost crawling by the time I got done.

    I feel like someone beat the living daylights out of me. I couldn't afford to get someone in to do it. Anyway, it's clean but not without paying a price. I'm in a terrible flare! It "fired up" my arthritis too. Seems like we're doomed no matter what we do or don't do.
  6. jewels920

    jewels920 New Member

    I can still work, but with FMS and chronic myofascial pain...it takes every ounce of energy I have to work a full week. I suspect I have CFS but in all honesty, I stopped going to the Dr. out of frustration and have only been diagnosed with the two.

    My first day off, I usually sleep through. Then, I have Sunday to catch up on things and get ready for another workweek!!

    Thankfully, my man understands and does most of the work.

    And if my low energy levels aren't enough, I find it hurts too much to bend from the waist. So if I can't stand up and clean it, it's not getting cleaned.

    It's so frustrating. So very, very frustrating. I've actually had crying spells because I can't do my share of the cleaning.

    But, at the end of the day, I can honestly say I tried my best at everything. I did what I could do with what I had. And I guess that all any of us can do.

    Many blessings to you.

  7. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    My daughter just told me about an organization that helps with house cleaning,grocery shopping,etc.It's called DOORS.If your on ssd there is no charge to you,and you can pick who you want to help you.I'm going to check into it.
    I live in Northern Illinois,I would hope there is something like this in every region.Hope this helps.Gentle hugs,Robin
  8. cct

    cct Member

    Hi dc,

    There was a time when I was a house cleaning, laundry washing, clothes ironing maniac!

    Not any more.

    My dirty CFS house drove me crazy for a long time. Then I stopped caring so much. I do what cleaning I can when I can. I sort out the junk and take it to Goodwill when I am able. While I am waiting for a good day to come around and give me the energy to tackle some of the dust, I just relax and live with the mess.

    I don't like the dusty dirty mess, but I cannot waste the energy on worring about something that I cannot do anything about. Making sure that I have a clean house is no longer a self inflicted priority.

    Eventually, a good day comes around and then I do what I can. I have found that doing a little bit of cleaning, then resting, then doing a little more cleaning, then resting, and so on, works the best for me on those good days when I can clean.

  9. dc1980

    dc1980 New Member

    It is so hard with this dd. I cried most the evening and decided I am going to just go with the flow of how I am feeling and take it day by day.

    I will be checking into someone who can help me.

    Thank you all for the feed back, I don't feel so alone. I know anyone who has this dd struggles just like I do. It just hit me really hard today.

    Bless you all,
  10. optimiss

    optimiss New Member

    I have OCD as well as FM & CFS so I tend to do things compulsively. As far as cleaning, I have little energy for that but my messy house drives me crazy! I've learned that if I can do one thing a day, like vacuum or dust or a load of laundry, etc. my house stays fairly organized and clean enough to quell my anxiety. My husband helps so much! He does 95% of the cooking, dishes, bed-making and taking out the trash. He never gripes if I can't do anything. He usually tells me to rest and let it go! I'm very grateful for the good days when I can do more!
  11. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I have a heck of a time tring to take cake of my four year old daughter and my 18 month old grand-daughter on top of tring to keep the house clean. Most days all I get done is taking care of them. My 18 year old daughter lives with me and is supposed to help, she does some, but not like she should. And she is about to have a baby herself in 4 weeks.
    I feel like I'm going crazy some days! the stress is intense!

  12. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    either , I take it one day at a time and try to do something small so that I am accomplishing something at home.
    But last week I was determined to steam clean my carpet ~ I'd wanted to do it for over 4 months........I only did the living room but boy did I pay for it for days.......wasn't worth it . :(
    My husband and kids help around the house but sometimes I want to do it my way..........:)

    You have some good suggestions from other posters. You are not alone ....... Gentle hugs, Susan

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