I have no idea whats wrong with me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by caramelbeauty81, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. caramelbeauty81

    caramelbeauty81 New Member

    I have had a headache everyday 24 hours a day for 8 years (im now 24). Im so use to it that I do function normally. I had sinus surgery at 17 because my sinuses were messed up(thinking due to a blow to a face on my cheekbone from a guy I was dating at the time) but the same headache all the time no one thinks its because of sinus disease. I also dont have nasal drip and all that other stuff. I got raynauds when I was 15(which is a disorder where my blood flow doesnt circulate in my fingers and toes in the cold and turn white and blue) and at 17 I started becoming allergic to aspirin (which I never was before). I stopped going to dr's because they really cant offer me anything. The surgery only caused complications. My white and red blood cell count is normal. I do not have an infection in my immune system. My mom though had Heart disease, Kidney disease, vitaligo, athritis, gout, thyroid disease and the list goes on! I have often wondered if I had an autoimmune disease but havent been diagnosed with any. The dr's ive been to have just blown me off. I also had a huge cyst on my breast last year that was infected which had green puss coming out! Its just weird I have all these little problems and have NEVER had the answer for it! I know I dont have cancer, HIV, diabetes. Im not sure why the pain never leaves. When I drink anything but water, the pain intensifies. Its moderate now (much worse when it first started) and I dont even tell anyone now because people dont believe I REALLY have pain in my head everyday. Its not really like a migraine though. Sometimes I have a migraine on top of it. Its more facial pain.
  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    for your pain. I have a headache to some degree everyday as well.
    Mine comes from my neck. My neck and shoulder muscles are hard as rocks, even with muscle relaxers.
    Have you ever had an MRI?
    You may have food allergies.
    You can be tested for that or just eliminate some sommon allergy foods and go from there.
    Wheat,soy,citrus,nuts,dairy,eggs,and even fish and chicken are common.
    Aspartame is really bad, that gives me migraines, as does caffiene.
    Maybe try a fast with mainly veggies, fruit (low sugar)and rice with some protein. Detoxing can cause headaches to so be warned.

    Do you know if you have FM or CFS?
    We tend to have alot of sensitivities.
    I am also allergic to perfumes, household cleaners, even loud noises, bright lights, even loking at the computer screen too long hurts my eyes and head. Claudia
  3. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I too have had face pain for about 15 years. The pain is always there but it intensifies at times. I also have multiple other headaches almost on a daily basis. AND I have also had surgery (to repair a deviated septum in hopes that it would take the pain away - didn't work).

    Is your face pain on both sides or just one? Does it radiate down your neck and jaw?

    What about the rest of your body - do you have other aches. The face pain was my first BAD symptom but I have about 37 others which followed. The only relief I've ever received was from a trigger point shot in my face. It had an amazing effect.

    Getting a doc to listen can be difficult. I'm still trying to figure that out. Try to make a clear list of all of you symptoms.

    I'm sorry for your pain. If I find any hope I'll post it here.

  4. caramelbeauty81

    caramelbeauty81 New Member

    Household cleaners is something else that I cant stand to be around and I can take perfume but in small amounts. I have had more than one MRI. Its really frustrating. I dont know if I have what you are referring to since I havent had a diagnoses. I havent found a dr. that takes me seriously or cares to do extensive tests. Theres so many autoimmune illnesses as well as others and everytime ive brought up something, dr's laugh and say im a healthy girl! No one else I know with sinus problems has had a headache 24 hours a day everyday. I had a doc think it couldve been due to the trauma from being punched so hard but yet it doesnt explain the fact that strong smells make me feel worse or even drinking a soda. It gets so hard because I usually will drink a soda a day knowing I will have worse pain and then take an allergy/sinus pill to relieve some of it. That is why ive just been praying for full physical healing. My brother does have CFS but I dont know if I have it. My facial pain is both sides and yes radiates down to my jaw. Every now and then its in the neck and shoulders but not most of the time.
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  5. Hope4Sofia

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    TMJ can cause great pain in your face and jaw as well as in the back of you head.

    An ENT can diagnose this. I have TMJ and swollen turbinates in my sinuses. I don't know what causes the turbinates to swell.

    There are things you can do to relieve TMJ pain. It might be worth looking into.

    I know this is incredibly frustrating. Unfortunately it has been difficult for all of us to find the answers we need. It is a constant struggle.

  6. NightAngel

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    Everyone gave some good possibilities. Here are some more ideas:

    Look at the ingredients on the packages of the things you eat. If you see MSG or Aspartame (Nutrasweet), those might be the reasons for your headaches.

    What do you normally eat everyday? List everything you eat, drink or chew and maybe we can help come up with more ideas for you. Do you smoke? Drink?
  7. caramelbeauty81

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    I dont smoke or drink. I already know Nutrasweet will cause me worse headaches. Thats the thing. Alot of things do make the pain worse like strong smells, soda, even orange juice! any drink with some kind of flavoring but no food has made the pain worse. But if I dont eat anything the whole day and just drink water, I will still have some pain! I always have pain to start with. The only thing that I do know for a fact is that my sinus cavaties are messed up. I know if I go to the E.R. right now and they do tests, they will say you have a sinus infection! Its kinda weird how you can have a sinus infection to last almost a decade so I dont even bother to bring it up to dr's now. IVe talked to other people with sinus problems though and they do not have the same symptoms I do so that is why it seems so confusing. I will look into TMJ. As far as my foods go, since ive lived alone (for almost 2 years). I thought I might have lupus or sclerodoma because I read that some people with Raynauds (which I was diagnosed with as a teen) develop a secondary disease like Lupus or Sclerodoma but when ive read other symptoms, it doesnt sound like me. At this point, I just want the symptoms to go away.

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