I have not been here in a long time, need input, please

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  1. DeeMerrk

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    I am not new to the board, one of the old-timers, but have been having some really bad times for quite a while. I am feeling like dropping the ball, but thought maybe I might try Dr. Armand's protocol as a last ditch effort.

    I know Mikie is the one I should be asking, but since she is gone, I would like to know if any of you have been on guifenisan; If so, I would like to know of your experience.

    I went to the web site where I found listed addresses in three states where I could go to a doctor who practices this therory, as none are listed in NY besides the city. The other three states are where I have relatives and or friends where I could go to a doctor who knows and approves of this. My doctor, along with every other doctor in this area will not give cooperation with this.

    Thank you for any information you might have.

  2. lilchisler

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    I, too, am a very old timer of this board and have not been on in a very long time. My old user name was "stillable". I, too, would like more information on this treatment. I am concerned about how do people that are trying to work full time deal with the side effects of this treatment in the beginning? Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks..still able...but now a "lilchisler"
  3. Shirl

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    Just stopped to welcome you back to the board ladies, can't help with the Guai treatment though.

    If you like, just put Guaifenesin in the Search Messages and you can start reading the latest threads on it untill Mikie gets back, or one of the others replies to you.

    Again, a big welcome back to both of you!

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. jeanann

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    I am very fortunate. Everything I fwant to try my physicians are more than happy to aplige me.
    I went on the Gua protocol. I used the book written by Dr. Armand. I was mapped and became saylicitate free. I was rolfed during the process. i did this for about 3 months. The big problem with the protocol for me was staying salycitate free. That stuff is in EVERYTING!!!! This is a very challenging process.
    I am glad I did it, however, I do not do it any longer as I did not feel that much better. They say it takes quiet a long time to feel the effects, if you are gfoing to feel any effects.

    Thats what I know.
    Good Luck to you
  5. DeeMerrk

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    Please Bump~~~~~~~
  6. Jude

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    Hi Dee

    I knew that you hadn't been feeling well for a long time. I have been on the guaifenesin protocol for about 19 months now. It is overwhelming at first. I learned the protocol step by step and it is just my lifestyle now. I am not cured but I have gradually gotten better. The graph on the bar is going up and not down now. Guai is not a cure but a treatment for some of us and it is not a quick fix. If you have other health conditions that will also have to be factored into your expectations. I did the guai without the help of a doctor trained in the protocol. So it can be done. It took me a month to read the book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" by Dr. Paul St. Amand and understand what it said. I sometimes still refer back to it. I regret not starting guai sooner. I know a 70-year-old that started the protocol but the only other health condition that she had was hypothyroidism. I really hope you find some relief.

  7. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Wonderful to hear you are doing better, and so happy to see you post again too!

    Miss you around here lady..........

    Shalom, Shirl
  8. hope-floats

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    bumping for you. Best wishes!
  9. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    I have other things going on and feel it would not be for me. Mainly do to lyme and spinal some other things.

    I do know of straight fmers who have done the protocoal. Everyone either relapsed or only worked for short time. They said it was far from a cure. A couple felt it had some merit. Just not enough for the hassle. Iwas not there watching every move. So maybe it was not done all the way correctly. Ecen though they said they were very careful.
  10. baybe

    baybe New Member

    I have such a mixed bag of ailments I don't know what's going on, but I did the guai for about three months and just got naseaus. My doctor finally asked me to stop taking it. I called Dr. St. Armand's office and his assistant told me that the (memory fog)sal... were only a factor in certain people and were not as much of and issue as some people made them out to be and that there was only one offical website. So I am guessing his book must be pretty clear on that stuff.
    Another thing that freed me from the guilt of stopping was the fact ( and Yada, Yada, Yada have said this before) that Devin Starlynal is my local Support Group Leader and her fibro is as bad as mine, which is pretty bad. Hers didn'timprove and she is a personal friend of Dr. St. Armand, then what was the chance that I was going to do better, after taking it for 3 months with no improvement. I am all for trying this protocol, you may be a perfect subject for it, but if it doesn't work after a reasonable time I figure let yourself off the hook and figure you are just not a candidate for that particular protocol. I bow to Mikkie for the final call on this, but this is what I have experienced.
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  11. DeeMerrk

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    What wonderful help you have all been! I have the book and have been studying it, but alas, I don't take in things as easily as I used to, so it is slow going. I doubt I shall have much problem with the food, at least, as I am steering myself toward better eating anyway.

    I also have Devlyn's book, and in it she says "she would not be without her guia": maybe she has changed her mind.

    Jude, Jude, Jude, one of my all time favorite people, I knew you had thought about going on this protocol, I shall have to write to you.

    In any event, how bad could it be? Saturday,I was in such Fibro pain I held myself and cried like a baby.

    In going to the site, I found the map of the USA and there are three states I could go to for support: NJ.Utah and California. My daughter, from Ca. called yesterday and when I told her about it said she would be happy to have me come and help me with it. Dr. Amand is not far from her.

    Life, as it is now,is not worth living, and as one person said, (can't remember who) a 70 year old was trying it, so I guess that I, at 74 can give it a whirl.

    Thanks again, all you wonderful people.

    Love to you all: Dee
  12. DeeMerrk

    DeeMerrk New Member

    Just wanted another bump to see if there are others out there with input.

    Thanks: Dee
  13. kredca4

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    My Youngest sister is doing the Gaui thing, I think it's helping her, she dosen't complain much these day's.

    I have new PC Doc's and I was having a really rough time with them, untill one of them went to a Medical School Reunion. He talked to an old Classmate and Friend of his, who treats FMS and had written a book about it. Turned out to be Dr. Paul St.Armand, so now they Believe me, lol.

    I haven't had any trouble getting my Meds refilled and they are open to Discussions about different treatment's and what works for some dosen't mean it will help other's, but it's worth a try at time's.

    Hope this will be of help to you, I still think of you as a young 70, that's the age you were when you first came here, lol.