I have posted about My pain Doctor being accused with

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. rosemarie

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    Sexual assult. I have a bery sure feeling that he did not do this. I have been a patient for over 3 years adn he has noever ever touched me in any way that would make me feel uncomforatable.

    As I have thought about this over the weekend. My mom's doctor will give her a big hug every time he see's her at the end of the check up and it is just meant as a jesture of friendship and concern and love as a friend. And my mother is 78, yet when she was very ill my daughter went to speak with her doctor and he tried to comfort her by giving her a hug adn she was ready to charge him with assult because she does not like him and felt that it was not the right thing to do.
    She was and still is angry at him and will never go see him not even to take my mom . But it does not bother me. I see him as an old man but then he is.

    My pain doctor is only 45 and he is a good looking man. And we have discussed many times why you always have to have a nurse with you when your with a patient. The only times He has not had some one in there with me is when I am just getting my scripts refilled and he still leaves the door open.

    So my feeling is that he didn't do this but maybe a inocent hug to say that yes we finally got to the soursce of your pain. But i hvae not seen him touch a patient in that way. I do think it coudl be from having a patient sedated abit and the nurse checking her vital sign ,{ They have a machine that does the vitals and some time it does not work right} so I can see that the nurse would be there and the doctor was listening to her lungs to make sure the they were clear after the medicatation was given. OR checking her heart rate and misunderstanding it as she was still out of it. OR having the nurse doing the vitals and had hehlped her to dress and hda heard the doctor speaaak and thought that it was him helping her.

    My MOther worked for a gyn for 26 year adn there was a woman who had to have a D&C and was given demoral and versed and they did it and my mom was there getting her dressed and the lady was fighting with mom because she tought that they had not done the procudure yet. there could be many reasons for this and even that he did do it. But I don't get that feeling about him. I have been with doctors who gave me the creeps and he has never ever done anything to make me feel that way. So all I can do is support him and belive in him as he has never done a thing wrong to me.

    I pray that the charges are dropped and his name will be cleared, he is a good , honest man who in my eyes has been falsely accused with doing something that he would never do.
    thanks for letting me vent about this. Rosemarie
  2. jennypee

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    I agree-- the only people who know what went on are the people who were in the room.

    There is a book about a beloved and well respected doctor who violated his patients for years and years. It's called "Doc" by Jack Olsen. True story.
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    PLease don't get me wrong I don't feel like all doctors are good doctors and would not do things they should not.
    I have gone through the expereice of having a close perosn to me raped by a " FRIEND" And he was no friend and he was found guilty but he was guilty adn everyone knew it as he would not ever lok at the judge and when he did he cryed like a baby and his only feeling was he did not was to go to prision because he didn't want to be raped. The judge said then you should not have raped this sweet young girl as I know she din't want to have you rape her. He was given a sexual devencey test adn I really don't know what that includes but if it is what I think it is I would be careful to be truthfull before haveing it done. And he failed not once but twice and then he lied adn said that she wasnted him to do this to her. is was so upsetting to see him act like a child and when he felt no remorse for what he had done to her and put her though, HE didn't car about anything but him not goin to prison so HE would not get raped and he spent 6 months in teh county jail.

    So belive me that I know just how hard it is to re port this type of crime to the poilce as you think they won't belive me and I Hvae been abused and it was when i was 26 aand at that time sexual abouse was not thoguth of the same way No one would have belived me and I would have been the llaughing stock at school. the police would not hae done a thing to him as he was one of them . I do understand and if I truely belibved that my doctor had done this cr ime I would change doctors now but this man has helped me so much and has understood me when no one else wold ahve.And he cared aboutme and my treatment plans

    Doctors are not perfect and I know it but this doctor has hundreds of patients and has treated me for 3 years and has been as gentlemanly as he could , he never has said anything inapproite to me or done anything that was inapproite to me. HE is a good and understanding doctor who was with me with this person was raped and we talked about it andhe said to me that he could never do that to anyone not even touchsome on like a patient because it was horriable and worng and it would hurt the perosn for years to come and it made him ill to think that a doctor would do that to his patient who the paitent trusted.

    to have a doctor who you trust hurt you is wrong but in my heart of hearts I would think that in the t3 years that he has been here with his pratice and ten years inanother state and he came here to be colser to his wifes's family. IF this were true I would think that there woudl have been more than 2 women who would have
    reported it as a crime. And NO one has and it was over a year ago when they did report it and he has not been charged with this crime just wanted to be questionnned about this claim. I know what it feels liek to have some one who you trust hurt ou in that way and it leingers on tem for ever and i have never felt threatened by him in any way. And I feel sorry for the women who have claimed that this crime hapened becaues they have to prove that it really havppened beyond a shadow of a doubt. And since he always has a nures withhim during procedures I doubt highly that what they are saying is true. I pray that I am right and not just so trusting tha I would miss someting like this. I have been alone ina room with him and he has never touched me any where that was not approite.

    Yes this crime does hapend and some times it is true and I ampryaing that this is not true I doubt it highly but since i was not in that room I can't say for sure. But I have prayed about it and I get this calming feeling that he did n't do this horriable ting to the 2 women.I truse my doctor with my life and that shouldcount for smething. as he has never hurt me and as allwasy listend to me adn what i say. so I will keep praying for him and to have the truth come out. I firmly belive that he isinocent of the charges that weremade against him.
    Thank you for leting mme vent,Rosemarie
  4. orachel

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    ..be proactive. Call his office and ask who you can submit an affidavit to stating that he's never behaved inappropriately with you, and always used proper protocol, period.

    You're not stating that he ABSOLUTELY did not do it...you can never know for sure, and i'd never be able to completely "disregard" the testimony of a woman who said she'd been assaulted. However, you are basically stating that in your experience and in your heart, you don't believe him capable of such a thing.

    There are certainly women who "accuse" simply to get acclaim or money. But then again there are MILLIONS of women every year who never report sexual abuse or rape because they are frightened of not being believed. There have been many cases of doctors and dentists fondling or even raping patients under anestesia repeatedly. However, just because some docs are evil doesn't mean yours is.

    My point in writing this is to tell you that if you are so clearly concerned about him, and are praying so much for him to be cleared, remember the old adage...

    God helps those who help themselves.

    If you want him to be cleared, then write a letter on his behalf to assist in defens of his "character".

    Good for you for seeing an injustice and not sweeping it under the rug.

    Many hugs,
  5. Bambi

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    and that his last initial isn't G. If he's both things, run! Also "educated" in the Dominican Republic.
  6. jake123

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    to a professor I had in college. He was an education professor and was very supportive of me - I had a bad experience during my student teaching. He had never, ever done anything like that to any of my friends in my classes and we couldn't figure out who it was. If he had been a pervert I think I would have known because we had several long talks alone in his office but he was always very professional.
  7. ilovecats94

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    Hi Rosemarie,
    Your thinking is right on, I think. I've never had a doctor hug me though.
    My family doc is salt and pepper hair. I have no idea how old he is, probably around late 40's. He is fairly good looking, but that is not why I continue to see him. lol

    It could take a long time for this to go to trial and I think you are right about just acting normally around him and not bringing up the charges. It could be the women who made them didn't tell the truth and won't want to go to trial. One never knows...

    Hope you are feeling well, Rosemarie!

    BTW, I don't wear a bra, so if I had to take off my shirt to put one of those paper gown tops on, it would embarrass the doctor more than me. lol

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