I have recieved more of my medical history

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    I haev a question to ask, I have just got some more of my med history which has other condidtions in it that my pain doctor does not have.

    He wrote me a letter for disablilty and I would like the rest of the condiditons included with this letter.

    He wrote that I haev been Diagnosed with FACet Syndrome, Sciatica, Lumbar/Thoraci Radiclitis, Myofascitis, spinal stenosis, ASthma and coccydina.
    I have a MRI that states that I show signs of degeneraaative disc disease and 2 bulding disc. L4-L5** L5-S1. And in his records there is a comment about my being in a flare from the fibro. But it was not mentioned in this letter. I also have the surgical report from when I shattered my left wrist and just how bad it was. So do I need to have him rewrite this letter asap and have it changed so that I can get it in now?

    I am confused about this and I jsut don't know what to do about this. So if you can help me I would really thank you so much.
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    I think you would need to. The more documentation the better, particularly in a letter that is summing up your condition.

    and here's a bump up to the top! for others' opinions!


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