I have survived the weekend and the first H20 arobics class

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    I am alive. But a bit stiff. I just started a deep end water arobics class on Friday. I was not so smart , ias I followed the insturctor doing things as fsat as she was doing them and my knees don't bend like her's do, and it was painfull for me.

    I found that my body does not look so great in my suit. It is an emprire waist line and it is a halter with a long dress like skirt on it.The problmem was that my boob's were smaller than the fat roll below them. Yes it looked funny but no one could see it once I was in the pool.

    But the class was really good and I had some of the class mates telling me not to quit just because I was not keeping up like they were. DOn't quit after this first night I was told , it felt really nice to hear that as I don't know any one in the class and I am going by my self.
    My daugther sent me the money for this Hydro fit class in the deep end of the pool. I really have liked the class in the past. And it did make me feel better even though I didn't lose weight.

    So I will get ready for the class tonight and just not work out like I really know what I am doing. I talked to the instructor about my knee's and the fibro.She was really understanding about it and told me to not use the booties that are made of styroam as they put too much pressure on my bad knees' But I can use the rest of the equiptment there. She was so helpful and kind to me that I really felt welcome .

    Yes I did over do it and I have paid for it all weekend so tonight I will have to do things slower and not as hard as I was on FRiday. I thought that the class's were just 3 nights a week but they are 5 nights a week.

    Monday night 8:30-9:30 pm
    Tuesday thru fFriday 9:30- 10:30 pm
    That is the only draw back as it takes me and hour or so to get my body to relax to that I can go to sleep. And I come home and shower at home as I was so tired the first night that I felt that I had to get home now.

    I do want to look better and it is more than that I want to feel better. EVEn if I don't lose a pound I will be getting exercise that I really need. I will be moving around and that will help with how I feel. I don't think that it will be easy but it is some thing I need to do for ME. I am going alone to the class's but the ladies there made me feel so welcome and encouraged me to keep on comming even though I had a tough time that first night..
    I had planned on it as I had just paid for a pass for the month.

    The only draw back is the pool is outdoors and the biting bugs like me. And I wish that the class could be held in the early evening but as they have public swim they don't have this class till night time. They offer it in the wee hours of the mornings but I have a hard time getting up and getting there by 7am and then working out while I am still sleepy is not so good for me.

    So I will keep going at night and I had fun. And even though I was hurting some that first night I felt better. And I Know that it will help with my mobility too. I Hope that it will help with my stiff joints also.....And if I am lucky I will lose some wieght in the process.

    My back is aching so much now that I need to go to bed and it is late too.

    Thanks for listeneing to me jabber on and on. And I tend to reamble too.
    So thanks for putting up with me.
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    Hi Rosemarie,

    I'm SO PROUD of you for going to water class! Please don't give up! As long as you are moving and doing something during the class you will benefit from it.

    Speaking of whic, I need to geo get ready for my class!
    Have a great day!
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    Please bump this up thanks