I have the flu

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by j9miller, Dec 21, 2002.

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    Uugh!!! I have the flu. With fevers sometimes over 103 and all the horrible symptons that go along with it. I cannot take the nasal and chest congestion much longer. Any advice on how to get rid of this more quickly ...HELP!!

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    I would get myself quickly to the doctor and get an Anti-Biotic and a Decongestant. There are many viruses floating around out there now and you need to be under a doctor's care to determine which medication will help you.
    Last year I had the Flu and a very bad cough. They had to try a couple of different medications to cure it, because it was very persistant.....

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    Antibiotics should not be used for virus'. I would love more than anything for this to go away because it is making me so miserable. My youngest daughter had it first. I caught it 3 day later. My older daughter has the beginnings of it today and my husband seems to be starting the achey stage. What a fun Christmas this will be.
    My mom has a liver disease and cannot be around sick people so hopefully we will be close to recovering by Wednesday morning. My fever is starting to break but the congestion is oh so bad. Any advice apprecitaed.

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    Sorry Janine that you feel so bad. There are so many viruses going around. I had a stomach bug recently, it lasted about 5 days till I actually felt strong enough to go anywhere. I kept everyone away, except hubby of course, but he doesn't usually catch stomach viruses and he didn't catch this one.

    I heard on the news that this strain of flu hasn't been around for about 15 years and we are not immune to it, that is why North Texas is being hit really hard. Many of our school districts have closed due to the absentees, both students and teachers. Now, I have 3 grandchildren, a sister and brother-in-law all sick with this crap.

    My sister is on Tamaflu, prescribed by a doctor. I'm not sure if it is an antibiotic, but it is suppose to reduce the length of the flu. It has really spaced her out though, she said she could function better without it.

    I hope you recover before Christmas day. Try to let some fresh air in the house occasionally.

    Feel better soon,
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    For the nasal congestion, I would use Afrin nasal spray for 3 days, maybe 4. Especially at night before bed. And orally take OTC sudafed, and any allegra 60 mg if you have it since it is a rx. I have major sinus trouble and believe me this is tremendous help. The chest congestion is difficult. Any OTC like VICKS 44 with a decongestant in it would help. Drinking lots, extra vit C and zinc. Vaporizer with vicks in it too.

    I live in Arkansas and it has hit here too, hard. We came very close to shutting down all our schools before their actual Christmas break. One day over 300 out of high school. All 3 of my boys took it. I just pray me and my hubby don't get it this week. It left them with a horrible cough and nasal drainage still. It was called the "fever" flu here because of the high fever for a week.

    Take care, hope you feel better soon!.

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    The weird thing was I didnt carry a fever. I ate chicken noodle soup, vaporizer went in the bedroom at night and living room in the day, rubbed my chest down with vicks every night and drank fluids(lots of orange juice or oranges). Try not to push yourself, I know thats hard with the holidays coming up but plenty of rest.