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  1. Doznclan3

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    Any pranksters out there? Anyone plan on doing something..to someone..either in person or over the internet for April Fool's Day? I've already gotten a cute e-mail that I really didn't expect...what was to come. Pretty cute.
    I know I will think of something, for both my hubby and son. :)
  2. springwater

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    we used to play a lot in school, but not since. One student told the math teacher,
    it wasnt her period when she came huffing and puffing into the class. the teacher
    believed her because those days she was always gettng confused re her class
    timetables., and went back. She came back after consulting her timetable again
    in the staff room and everybody had a good laugh.

    God Bless
  3. windblade

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    Let us know what wicked things you come up with. :)
  4. Sweetpotatoe

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    But my daughter was born today 12 years ago! no one believed us, thought it was a prank.

    I remember when i was little, our neighbor put a carrot in my moms exhaust pipe, lol.

    I bet a few people had fun today.
  5. Doznclan3

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    I got a call today telling me that my son owes $3.00 for lunch. Well, when he got home, I told him that I got a call from the school, that put a look on his face right then and there..like what did I do? You have to know, he's such a good kid..really..anyway, I told him that they told me that he owed $15.00 for lunch, knowing full well, that he knew he owed money. He starts up right away, there's no way! How can that be? I know I owe something like 4 dollars, and they won't let you get that high. That must have been an April Fools joke..he thought it was them somehow? I just said, yeah, April Fools. He looks at me, oh you! I'm a meany. I had him for a split second though. :)))
    Sweetpotatoe..love it, a baby born and no one believes it..at least it's funny now. What, they had to hear the baby cry over the phone to believe?
    Spring...was it you that had the teacher one...? Man, she must have been beet red in the face, and not just from running.
    And I really would like to hear what Jam did today, don't ya'll? :p
    Love, Cynthia
  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    Taco Bell Buys Liberty Bell--April Fool!!!
    By: Larry Lipman | Source: AARP Bulletin Today | April 1, 2010

    At a time when stadiums, highways and cherished football bowl games were getting corporate sponsors, news that the Liberty Bell had been purchased by Taco Bell—and was being renamed the Taco Liberty Bell—rang true.

    April fool!

    Taco Bell’s April 1, 1996, prank caught the nation, and the National Park Service, off guard.

    It began that morning with full-page ads running in six of the country’s largest newspapers, including the New York Times, Washington Post and Philadelphia Inquirer. The ad claimed Taco Bell was buying the historic icon in “an effort to help the national debt,” and urged other corporations to purchase national treasures.

    A news release issued by Taco Bell showed its chief executive officer with an actor portraying Benjamin Franklin in front of a Liberty Bell replica. The release said the bell would continue to be available to the public, but it would spend half of its time in Philadelphia and the other half at company headquarters in Irvine, Texas.

    The phones started to ring at the National Park Service and at Taco Bell headquarters. Among the concerned callers were aides to two U.S. senators. In Philadelphia, the Park Service hastily called a news conference to declare that the bell had not been sold. “The Libery Bell is safe. It’s not for sale,” a spokeswoman said.

    By noon, Taco Bell issued another news release admitting the prank and pledging $50,000 for the Liberty Bell’s upkeep.

    At the White House, spokesman Mike McCurry got into the spirit of the hoax, telling reporters that Ford Motor Co. was purchasing the Lincoln Memorial, which would be renamed the Lincoln Mercury Memorial.

    Larry Lipman is a senior editor at the AARP Bulletin.

    FROM: http://bulletin.aarp.org/yourhealth/healthyliving/articles/taco_bell_buys_liberty_bell.html