I have to see the PA and not happy about it

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    When I went to the doctor's this month to see my pain doctor I have had to see his PA as my doctor is having some legal issures, So unless your a new patient or your having a procedure done you can see the doctor all other patients see his nurse or the PA.
    NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. But I have no choice as there are NO other pain doctors with in a 50 mile radius. And when you are on narcoitics you have to see the doctor every month.

    But this time I asked about the fibro and she shaid you don't have it and I told her that I did. But she could not find any enntry in my chart about my dx of fibro.

    I have pain in all of the tender points, I have ridges in my finger nails, I am fatiqued all the time , have sleep problems, achey, stiffness,fall alseep at the drop of the hat, my whole body hurts,I have a dry havcking couch taht never leaves me, and the list goes on but to this PA I don't have ANY symptomes of fibro. But I do of Chronic meyofacial Pain syndrome. So who knows what I have. I have been dxed with fibro by my GP and I guess that his myaligia was not what she wanted to read. But the GP thought that it would go over better for my insurance.

    I am haveing a tough time remembering all the symptoms of fibro and I can't find my book about it. But this pain doctor I see did agree with the Dx from the GP.
    I hate changing doctors and having to see other people who I really don't have the relationship with. But since the doctor is having some really bad legal problems I don't have a choice.

    And just that fact of his legal issues affect all of us patients. WE don't know if we are going to have a doctor if he loses this case, he has been charged with sexual assult . By two different women. I have been a patient for 4 years adn he has never touched me or even said any thing in approaite to me.

    HE is so understanding about pain and how each of us deal with it. I can't understand why some one would claim that he did any thing sexual with them. He always has 2 nurse's with him when he is doing procuderes and when he is filling scripts the nurse does all the vitals and he comes in a leaves the door open and the nurses's receptionsit's desk is right by the rooms that he uses for refilling scripts.

    I don't know all the details and I really don't want to but I have complete faith in him. That he is innocent. But today as we went to a hearing to schedule the pretrail the victiams advocate stopped and talked with me. We know each other from my daughters case and the issues from it.

    She asked me about how I felt and I said that he is not guillty in my eye's and It is so stressfull to have my doctor always going to court and she said well don't you think that a doctor could not touch one patients but get feely with a nother and I said no.

    AS she went on I said that this is hard because of he is the only doctor in this town, Then she looked at me adn boldly told me that I should find a pain dcotor who does not molest his patients. I was shocked by this, I am going to call the doctors office and tell them about this. AS is really upsetting to me.

    I am not saying that it is impossiable that he did some ting wrong as we all are human but he has hundreds of patients and has been in practice for 6 years and in all that time and all the patients he sees only 2 have claaimed he was inapproaite with them . So I am standing up for him and he does everything by the book.

    I don't know what to do all of this is just stressfull for me and I am struggling with it and then to hvae some one make such a negitive comment like she did was uncalled for by some one who should be professional.

    I wish this was all over with and my life would get back to normal and I could see my own doctor. But who knows when this will end or how it will end. IN all of the hearings the " Victims" have never ever been there for any one of them.

    That is theire choice I know as my daughter was a victim but she went to every hearing so that she could make sure that evrything she had said was being relayed to the court and her being there showed that she really believed that some thing had happend to her and it had and the dork went to jail for 6 months.

    At every hearing all the patients show up to show our support for our doctor but never once have the " victims showed up to anyone of the hearings and I don't think that they will show up to the pretrail either or the trial if they can get out of it.

    Sorry about all this reambleing on. And please don't get me wrong I know that there are doctors who do misbehave with patients but in all the years I have been with this doctor and have gotten to know him he has never been anything but professional with me and every patient I know.
    And I know alot of them as I have met them at the office and at these hearings.

    Yes I know that doctors screw up and some really deserve the problems they have . From my point of view this doctor is being set up and from what has been written in the paper about it he was as one girl was wearing a wire and the doctor asked her about it.

    And she told him out right that she knew that he was a abuser. So feeling like she did she still went to him? That does not make any sense to me. And he told her to see a shrink and that he would not treat her but he did give her some meds to last for a month to find a doctor.

    Well I stop for now,
    I hope that I have not offened any one. By my comments.
  2. tlayne

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    This is a hard one. What an awful thing to be accused of if you are innocent. But at the same time what an awful thing to do if you are not innocent.

    If someone is victimized and people do not believe them, I feel that they are victimized again. Please keep an open mind.

    What a tough situation that you are in. This added stress is surely taking a toll on your body. I hope that everything gets resolved quickly for all those involved. Hugs, Tam
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    please do not think that all PA's are like this woman. my mother is a PA and she is one of the most caring medical people that i have ever known or met. she's had some trouble at different dr.s offices because she spends time with her patients and tries to find the root of their problems and fix them for good not just treat symptoms so they keep coming back and see how many patients she can treat in an hour. she asks about families and listens to struggles. she gives out med smaples as much as possible (when needed) because she knows after dealing with me that meds are insane amounts of $$$$. basically, my mom is like an old timey small town dr.
    also, it was an incredible woman PA who started putting two and two together with my symptoms.
    so , please don't judge all PA's because of one ignorant one, who by the way had no right to say what she did to you. very unprofessional.
  4. Strawberry94

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    We're innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country, at least in theory that is how it works.

    I sincerely hope for your sake that your doctor truly is innocent and that you can continue to see him for your medical care. How awful for you to be stuck in the middle of this.

    How terrible that people in a position like doctor abuse that trust. It is possible that he shows a very different side to different people in his life.

    You are correct that the victim's advocate should have kept a more professional demeanor. What a nasty experience for you to have to go through when you have nothing really do it with the whole mess except to give your opinion.

  5. gladone

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    I'm sorry you are having such a tough time right now.

    As far as the PA thing goes, I love my Doc's PA. As a matter of fact she is the only one I ever see anymore for appt's. You just happend to see one who is not good at her job (or was having a really bad day..which is no reason to treat you that way).

    Maybe there is more than one PA working for your Doc. Ask if you can see someone else for your own sake. Just know that PA's have just as much training as Doctors and are meant to have a closer working relationship with patients. Give it another try (with someone new).

    Best of luck,
  6. jakeg

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    I disagree with what you have said.

    We're innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country, at least in theory that is how it works.

    Sorry to say this but this is true your are guilty until you prove your innocence. That is the reality of our justice system. Just ask anybody that has been wrongly accused of anything.

    This happened to me already (not what this charge is) and it cost me thousands of dollars to prove my innocence which you never get back. Once its known that you were accused of something it never ever leaves you not to mention all the money it costs you.

    Most of the time you have no recourse at all. The police will deny any wrong doing so no recourse there and trying to sue the alleged accuser usually is worthless because they have no money.

    This is something you carry for the rest of your life and hope everybody forgets about it.


    So sorry that this has happened to you and hope that all turns out well for you and your doc.

    I just needed to vent this morning as it's a pretty bad start of a day for me.

    Take Care

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    I am so sorry you have been accused of something that you were not guilty of. How awful. I can not imagen anything worse, because like you said, we are guilty until proven innocent.

    I try my hardest not ot judge others. I often think about Jesus & how he was persecuted, beat, and hung on the cross for my sins. Himself being pure of any sins.

    This is the reason why I try not to judge either the accused or the accusor. Only God knows the truth & hopefully justice prevails. I do know tho without a doubt, that forgiveness is offered for both because of the price that Jesus paid!!!!!!! Hugs, Tam
  8. Strawberry94

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    "strawberry94 05/11/06 04:12 AM

    I disagree with what you have said.

    We're innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country, at least in theory that is how it works.

    Sorry to say this but this is true your are guilty until you prove your innocence. That is the reality of our justice system. Just ask anybody that has been wrongly accused of anything."

    If you'll notice I did say "in theory that is how it works." I was saying in regards to the way that people want to judge people in the media or popular opinion before all the facts are in.

    I am sorry that you were accused of something you did not do. I am sorry you had to have this in your life.

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