i have to show off!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by phenom, Jan 17, 2003.

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  1. phenom

    phenom New Member

    i'm in the best mood possible because i got a cleaner today! how can i afford it you ask? well i can't!! my sister won a competition and the prize was a 'domestic angel' for 6 months, and she has given it to me! my house is spotless, which it hasn't been in a long time because it hurts so much to clean! she came in and did the dishes, the vacuuming and mopping, cleaned the bathroom.... its heaven! so i just wanted to brag to you all and tell you to enter competitions for prizes like these - i know we all need them! have a good one, i know i will!

  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Would you like to invite us all over to really show off??

    Enjoy your clean home.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. lunabella

    lunabella New Member

    OK, we'll all try not to be too jealous! LOL! ;)

    what a GREAT gift & what a great sister you have to pass that on to you...! hope you enjoy... & maybe you can find a way to make cleaning easier once she's gone.. (or, keep getting these deals for life? oh well, doesn't hurt to dream!)

    amazing how having a clean environment can lift a woman's spirits.. :)

    take care,

  4. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    I agree you need to invite someone over to show off and celebrate! When my mom and I bought this house together we agreed we would hire a bi-weekly cleaning service. It has been a Godsend. Since we have had it from the beginning it has never been a struggle to get it cleaned up. Neither of us is physically able to do it.

  5. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    I really enjoyed reading this post. A cleaner!! What a wonderful gift!

  6. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    I am positively green with envy! You have NO idea how badly we need a housekeeping service. Gary & I both moonlighted by working at a friend's auction for about 4 years. Believe me, our house is FULL! Everything is so dusty that I can't even find the dust.
  7. hope4

    hope4 New Member

    I was just talking to my husband about getting someone to come in once a week and help out. We just can't afford it right now, but I need it badly. I'm almost too embarrased to have someone come in and see this mess.
    I'm so happy for you though; and how loving of your sister to give you the gift. Enjoy! Enjoy! I know you will.
  8. jami117

    jami117 New Member

    I hope you are able to totally enjoy the time of freedom from feeling badly about housework that you want to do, but just can't!! I'm sooooooooo happy for you! Jami

    PS Once again Fibro-fog causes me to send the wrong message. This is the wrong icon!! I meant for it to be the applauding icon but I clicked the wrong button. Good thing I didn't vote in Florida last election, I probably would have been confused by the ballot and voted for the wrong candidates!
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  9. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    what a wonderful gift! Your sister is so thoughtful! I am happy for you. My house is starting to go south on me and I am fighting it tooth and nail.

    Enjoy!! Have someone over and share that nice clean house!..Sherry
  10. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    and understanding of your sister. Very nice gesture. dolsgirl
  11. phenom

    phenom New Member

    next time you're in perth western australia that is! i don't know anyone with this DD that could stand a 24 hour flight though... guess i'll have to enjoy it by myself! thanks for all the replies.

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