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    I'm so excited. I candled my eggs in the incubator tonight. A few are looking really good. And, the best part...I saw one moving around. So neat! Now, I'm really hoping this one makes it.
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    the day that my hen's eggs hatch...if they hatch. I've had to take a couple of hers out..but some looked pretty solid the last I candled them..not handling now, just waiting!
    Incubator..well, let's just say, I've done some learning...I "may" have one, out of the three left in there, to hatch. Leaving the two others that are questionable just in case..they should hatch Wed. I am bound and determined do get this right! So, guess what I did? I ordered a better incubator. Mine now has no circulation. The one coming does..plus I have more eggs on the way..eggs should come Wed...can put in this incubator, do what I know better now, (I have a better thermomator and humidity reader) then put them in the new one once it has been at the right temp for a while. Plus, these eggs are coming from my own state, not from a couple over, in warmer weather there, cold here, longer handling by mail service....can you see now..alll those mistakes....
    Now that said...if my little girl out doors does not have any hatch within the next couple of days, I will go get her a couple of babys! They are here in the stores. She has been sitting for 5 weeks. I know she would be fine with the chicks..she's just a waitin for them now..so sad.
    There all the embarrassing things said and done. I guess we shall see by the next couple of days. I was hoping for at least two to hatch out, either hers our the incubator. Maybe...?
    Now you are wondering, why not just go buy the chicks in the first place? I got too excited about this working out. :p Plus, I won't have any problem selling them, especially when they hatch by the end of the month. And, if I don't want the ones that little blue is laying on, I can sell the--pullets-- I hope, no rooster..roosters..! People are looking for them right now. People buy chicks starting around now and through the summer in this area. I actually have a neighbor or two that may want some..if I can get some to hatch!
    Is this costing more than if I just buy a couple more, which is what I need to have? Yes, but I'm having some fun learning experience here. Have also learned about different types of chickens out there! My preference being the Australorp. That's what I'll mostly get in the eggs coming Wed. I have one, she's a great layer, nice size eggs.
    Hope all is well.
    I saw Soulight on here...how are you doing?? Good seeing you, and Springwater...and where is that Jam?? Rain, I know you will have some great suggestions here on how to hatch out some eggs...you would think it would be easy..easier I guess if I were getting them right from my own yard, but I don't have a rooster..too loud for around here. :( I love roosters)
    I've decided that this is rocket science. Boy, am I going to get smart! :))
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    I went out this morning to listen for sounds, none..she got off her eggs...so, I moved the food out of her area. She's been sitting for so long, I think she is tired, but I have her where she can't go anywhere, but to her eggs, and she does go quickly back to them when and if the other chickens come in.
    So, I just went back to check again..she got off, I had my trusty little flashlight, did probably a no no, but carefully picked them up to look. Didn't see anything, but when I put one down, it touched another egg, and all of a sudden I heard a peep! Yes! There was a crack starting. I got mama back on real quick. Could hear the little guy or gal just a peeping away..pipping? Anyway, I will be back out there tonight. And yes, we are going to put a light in her area because it is still too cold for them if they get away from her and can't find their way back. I'm glad you told me about waiting a few days. I've read that sometimes it can take a couple of days, but sometimes those are weak ones. I just hope she gets one. She deserves to be a mom after all this waiting and sitting. Sooo cute! Can't tell I'm excited can ya? :)
    Thanks for the info rain..
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    You just made a decision for me. When I went out and checked later..I could really hear the chick. Mama, got off the nest! It was in the high 40's today, but, still too cool. She wants to eat. Like I said, she has about had enough of this. I've gone in and have seen that the food was gone yesterday morning, so, that's when I took that away from her..she was getting off early in the morning when it was still in the 30's. So, when I saw her get off the eggs, when I knew one was hatching, I took the egg into the house to the incubator. Now I know why they say on the net..it's a good idea to have an incubator as a back up. I know I started out doing this for her, but she isn't staying on the eggs long enough now. So, I will watch her eggs, and bring in the ones that are starting to hatch. We...have...a...brand new baby! He/she..I like to call her a her, she....:) She hatched out completely around 7:30 p.m. She is so cute. When she hears my voice, she perks up and looks up now, where my voice is coming from...she wants a mama. I really don't want to bring the mama in. My hubby isn't too fond of that idea. Something I didn't tell you..I don't think...yesterday...we went ahead and bought two chicks. So, we have a nice warm place for these chicks as they hatch and have fluffed up in the bator. I will wait until tomorrow night to put her in with the other two. She looks to be black with some cream color in there. I'm hoping for an Australorp. That was one of the chickens that this place had..could be a mix. Whatever! I think if this is a girl..I'm keeping my first hatch. Scott and Austin have seen the other eggs in the bator move..tomorrow, they are supposed to hatch...just hoping, that the temp is ok for them while I have it lowered for her. Of course the humidity is up because of her hatching..shouldn't hurt the eggs. Well, then, here I go, hopefully more chicks tomorrow. I really don't think the mom will miss them at this point..at least she doesn't act like it. In fact, she flew out one day when I had the top off of the area she is in..it was like she was saying, I need out of here! This area will be a great place for the pullets when the time comes for them to be out, and the weather will be much nicer.
    Ok, you all....what do you think of this crazy old lady??? :p
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    Cynthia - i can imagine your excitement. You must feel proud of your little ones. Hope all goes well and they all hatch out fine.

    Rainbow - you are a fountain of knowledge. Love it when you post. I feel comforted.

    Im missing windblade, and the others who are MIA for some time.

    God Bless
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    I decided last night that I was going to go check early in the morning to see if there were any more eggs. She has been real nervous, not wanting to stay on the eggs. There were two more starting to hatch, so I took them in...and one has already hatched. Last night the one that hatched looks like a frizz...a banty..spelling? One homely little thing. Strong though..already put it in with the others, it had fluffed up. And guess who's the boss, even with the others being bigger and older?? Stinker. This one that hatched today is a pretty buff color. Also looks to have some frizz in "her." :) She is a lot bigger. There is another egg that has been trying to hatch all day. Can hear it peeping in there, but no progress on the crack it started since this morning.
    Well, I decided to go back later and check the last two eggs. I took the top off of where she was staying. Man, she made out a squawk that I think the whole neighborhood heard, and was out of there. So, I took the other two...no signs of hatching as of yet.
    Mama hen? She did not go back into that coop for about two hrs. My hubby and I were just watching her out there having fun, being free. Later, he goes to get eggs that my gals have laid for the day, and there she was, sitting on them all..three. He took them, she came out, and stayed out for the rest of the day. I think she's coming out of her funk as I call it..broody. :)
    Nope, my babies, are going to stay indoors. We'll wait until the weather is better, and they are older. It rained today.
    Got myself some more eggs today..waiting for the better incubator, but may have to go ahead and clean up this other one by Fri. Don't want them sitting any longer than that. I think we are going to have quite a few chickens around here this summer..and I get the pick of the litter!
    Springwater, you are so right, Rainbow is so full of information/knowledge...and very happy to share when needed. And I'm thankful to her for the help!
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    Only three. The first one came out all full of herself when I put her in with the others that I bought...and no, mama hen has decided that being a mother wasn't all that it was cracked up to be...ha, pun intended...but for myself, I love motherhood. This first one looks to be a banty. Very small...black with beige on the head.
    Anyway, the first hatched in the evening, the next one the next day just before noon, so cute and one of those cute fluffy yellow ones, and one, I had to help out of the shell. Trust me, had to after she had tried all day long, just one tiny little spot barely poked through. It had already been trying while the mama hen was on the two I had left in for a while, then a good 12 hrs. after I brought it in. I got on the net, knew that I was going to see, don't help a chick out on most sites, but found one that walked you through it if it was the only thing left to do. This little chick was so tired, it wasn't even peeping much after a while, so I thought, better get some oxygen to it. Did as the site said, took my time breaking the shell away, gave it time to build up the lungs. When I had the shell down to the half way part, where you stop for the longest period of time to see if it can get out on it's own, I could see that she only had her head through the membrane. All she could do was lay there and breathe. I left her alone. We had some kids over..pretty soon one of my grandsons comes and says, Grandma, the chick it all the way out. We all went running, as they had been watching me take the shell a piece at a time while they had been there. I had already been doing this for a couple of hrs. That was Wed. She is doing great. If she is a she, she is mine! Her egg wasn't a blue one, closer to the light pink... but she is an Americana, like the one that I bought, and I have an older one from last year...she is so cute. I should put a picture of her up. It took her until last night to be really running around, and even eating and drinking. It doesn't take them long to find the food when they have others to show them how to eat and drink. I've found that putting them in with the others helped. While she was in the bator, she just wanted to lay there, but when I put her in with the others, she was so excited to have company. I've had neighbors over, kids over. No handling much yet, but have them in a big plastic bin/tub...clear, so we can see them. Fun stuff.
    Yep, mama hen is loving to be out and about now. I told my husband that she is probably thinking, tried that, didn't like it..not so sure I'll go broody again. We'll see. Hope she starts laying again soon. Not sure how long after they stop being broody that they start again.
    Well, enough on baby chicks hatching now. That was fun. Thanks for the comments and letting me talk away, it was fun for sure. Thanks for all the help and suggestions Rainbow!
    Love, Cynthia
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    I just love hearing the stories and they always brighten my day.

    Just an interesting story from a friend in Michigan. He lived on a farm with many farm cats. Apparently , a skunk was killed somehow on the farm and one of the farm cats nursed them and raised them !

    He showed me a picture of this light colored Ginger cat with 5 black and white kittens ( baby skunks are called kittens too , I think.) So , so precious !They didn't know how to spray , they just acted like cats. So, sometimes I think there are special animals that will be surrogate Mama's !

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    I wish I could send you this e-mail I got the other day..showing a whippet dog that became the surrogate mom of so many for a vet's office. Pretty cute.
    What in the world did they do with the skunks when they got older??
    I love animals!