I heard today that after a poll to bring back one person from the dead

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    Princess Diana won hands down. Next came Michael Jackson. And then Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.....oh yea......he's still alive. That was on a rock station! LOL!

    Anyway, Steven Allen and his wife Jayne Meadows used to have a program where they had guests come on.......these were famous dead people. Quite interesting.

    My question: Who would you like to bring back if you could and why?
  2. rockgor

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    I remember that program. Saw a few episodes 40 years ago or so. My memory is kinda vague, but
    I did think it was a refreshing change of pace. They guests included folks like Socrates, Cleopatra, Charles
    Darwin, Marie Antoinette, etc.

    Jayne Meadows played all the women. The show won numerous awards including a Peabody which is
    for quality rather than popularity. I always thought it should have won the Mr. Peabody Way Back
    Machine award since both involved pretend time travel.

    Speaking of Princess Di, one of the kids I went to High School with was in the paper shortly after her
    death. He had become a wealthy business man of some sort and bought a Rolls Royce that had been
    owned by the Royal Family. He kept it for about a year. After he had to pay a thousand dollars to
    replace a hub cap he decided it wasn't for him after all and sold it.

    Some months after Diana's death he got a phone call from England. Some fellow wanted to buy the
    car. Although he had not been owned by any particular member of the family, it had been assigned
    to Diana. Somebody was willing to pay big money to sit where she sat.

    As for me, If I could have a dinner guest, I would want somebody with a sense of humor. One of
    America or England's great humorists: Robert Benchley, James Thurber, Dorothy Parker,
    Noel Coward, P.G. Wodehouse, etc.

    You always have though provoking questions, SG.

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    I could list a bunch of outstanding celebs, politicians, etc., I would love to meet and talk with. But, I'd prefer to stick closer to home. I'd love to be able to talk with both my Grandmothers. I never, ever thought to ask them about their lives and what it was like when they were growing up, then getting married, and raising families.

    Look what's happened in our lifetimes! From going to barely being able to have a phone (if any) to watching TV on an iPad, cell, etc. Traveling by whatever means available to flying globally in only a few hours (not even mentioning space flights).

    I wish I knew more about them...
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    I've thought about who I would like to talk to.......so many people. I visited the John Adams home in Massachusetts years ago. The one they lived in when just newly married, I think it was in Quincy, Mass and then after they left the white house. For some reason the life of Abigail Adams made an impression on me. Her husband was away from the family so many years and she suffered so much alone. I think I would like to talk with her. I think I would also have loved to meet with Jacqueline Kennedy.

    And I wonder how much your old school friend sold the rolls for?