I hereby declare the Porch Vol 160 is closed

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hey guys I thought I would go ahead get us started and give Joe a break I have replaced your blankies with those heated sleeping bag and some hot totties, maybe Darkwaters will bring what she was having.

    Gonna go before I get caught in the cross hairs-Carla
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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    For startin' the new Volume! Sounds like you've got a real
    good plan to get cozy and warm. My Daughter just called from
    Portland (the one here on the "left Coast" and She says it's
    real cold up there and windy as well! The Kitty doesn't even want to go out it's that cold! Smart Kitty. It's "cool" here
    today also, but not unbearable like other parts of the Country
    can get. We are truly fortunate weather wise. I don't miss those long, cold Winters in the Sierra but I do miss the peace
    and solitude of it all!

    I'll "talk" with you and our other Porchies in the Mornin', K?
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but the good news is we are 12-0, with a 24 game winning streak....bay area record...we go to finals next weekend...

    they are trying to win cody a bowl ring...

    well gonna try and figure out what to eat for a late dinner.

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Illustrating the computer's inventivness, it is now allowing me to open messages on the board w/ the exception of the previous porch thread.

    That's kinda weird, right? Locked out of a porch?

    Anyway, it is my duty as offical taster to sample Gordon's soup. Did ya notice we've had several recipes posted lately that sound absolutely da-voon?

    Talk wiff ya, or possibly atcha, anon.

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    tomato soup w/chedder cheese grilled sandwich w/mozzerella sticks...told him to drink some v8 juice for veggies.

    i had the split pea soup no sandwich...nibbled on the m.sticks..then a friend came over w/her new date...they left and i went to sleep...

    i was tired girl tonight...that cold made me want to hibernate in my bedroom under the covers..

    looks like our football team goes to the finals this friday night at 7 pm...so disappointed we don't get go the raider's stadium i think the 2a schools got cheaped...last year cody got play on that field it was something else...they had fireworks and called each player out on the field and could watch them on the big screens in the stadium....

    their are many on our team and the opposing team i feel that deserve that same experience as the other schools...

    but hopefully our boy(young men), will get selected to go to state finals in about 2 weeks....crossing my fingers and have prayers that our players stay healthy.

    we have a number of our best players out for the rest of the season.

    hope you are all staying warm..

  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just wanted you all to know I am feeling better today, I am sure the next month with be filled with highs and lows but I will still put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

    Yesterday I sent Larry King a video request. Mr P emailed me and said he and Randy Travis are going to be on Larry King Live. You can send requests for questions you want Larry to ask his guests, so I said I wanted him to talk about The Damon and Stella Foundation.

    I am not sure if it will air tonight or Mon. He just said he would be in LA from Sun-Tues for the show. I will let you guys know when, or you can go to CNN webiste and see the schedule. It needs to be updated so hopefully that will happen today.

    I did have a quiet day with the girls and got some rest, still not quiet there yet so more rest today as I have a busy week ahead of me.

    Jodie that is great that you are being a "cheerleader" for the team and staying involoved, I hope they get to go to state.

    Rock sorry your computer is still having a mind of it's own, I know it can be so frustrating.

    Mrdad did you have a good time at the Farmers Market- did you find any farmers daughters?

    To everyone else, esp the mid west, are safe and warm and have power. It is a real mess out there- take care-Carla
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Kinda' slept in later this mornin'. Gray and cool here today and no real reason to jump out of bed. When I turned the calendar over to the new month of Dec., I was greeted with a beautiful picture of a waterfall cascading into a river surrounded by a forest of snow laden trees. Although a most
    beautiful site, it only served to ad to my feeling of being
    COLD. Next year I'm thinking of getting a calendar with a setting South of the Equator so that the "Winter Months" have
    Summer themes. Warm sun and trees laden with bright green leaves instead of ice and snow! My snow scene, Carla, is of
    a waterfall in Jackson County, Kentucky! You and the "Girls"
    most likely know the very place! Didn't go to the Farmers Mkt.
    yesterday but it was very busy in town for some reason. A Town of 750,00 gets 8 million touristas a year. Have no idea why this City has financial problems especially wiff all the commercial high-rise buildings that should be generating lots of taxes?? Oh boy!

    I don't have any specific plans for today. But sometimes those days are the best! Hope you all are having a good day
    and staying warm and comfortable as the Winter approaches.

    "Talk" to ya later, K?
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been 40 years since I experienced a Mid-west blizzard. Glad I'm not back there now.

    Jodie, how cold was it at the game in Novato? Back in Minnesota I played in the H. S. Band. Got pretty cold. Sometimes there was snow on the field.

    The brass players used to claim their lips froze to the mouthpieces, and the reed players said the cold split their reeds. (I think there was a little exaggeration going on.)

    Which potato hot dish did you make, Linda? The one w/ evaporated milk sounded delish.

    Gordon and I just got back from a farmers' market, MrD & Carla. There is a famous one right next to CBS studios in West Los Angeles. The fruits are polished and arranged like jewels. Very expensive. That's the place where the old man ran his car into a crowd some years ago and killed ten people.

    Never know when you are in peril. The answer, as far as I can see, seems to be, anytime you're alive.

    Anyway we went to a small market nearby. Bought some wonderful berries (straw and rasp) that actually had flavor. Took me back to my childhood. Stuff was same price or cheaper than the supermarket and, allegedly, organic.

    Gordon bought some orange honey from an old lady. She said it was especially good on the strawberries being sold at the next booth.

    Got to chatting. She used to work as a researcher at the U. of Arizona. We discussed the current bee crisis. Saw a documentary about it last month. If this keep on in a few decades there will be no bees to pollinate our fruits and veggies.

    Well, better quit before this machine crashes and all is lot.

    Okey dokey


    PS: I though of this while I was posting but nowadays remembering and forgetting are pretty much a simultaneous event. Linda, pls give me best wishes to Marta and Sophie.
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  9. gardengirl12

    gardengirl12 New Member

    Hi everyone i got back from s/c and iam not happy to say
    there is snow all over .I knew it was going to snow before they even said it on the weather report my fm is KILLING me.

    i had a great time i have two grandsons one 10 and one 6
    they are such a pleasure to be with .the day before i was
    leaving the 10yr old alex said nana can we just stay up all night so it will be like any day .and the little guy jack
    said i have a sad face and a tear rolled down his cheek.
    talk about ripping your heart out .

    But on a brighter note the weather was awsom sun everyday

    we went all over my son in law is the greatis guy .he
    cant do enough for me iam blessed to have him in our family

    carla i was sorry for your sad sittution but like you said
    you must go on because we let people get us down sometimes
    thank goodness you are so involved with your betuiful glass
    works .and all the other stuff you do .i wish i lived near you we would get along great

    well iam cooking up a pasta sauce and must go stir it .
    so best to all of you have a great day god bless

    hug,s linda garden

  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's great to see both Julie and Linda back on the Porch this
    Aft. Sounds as if your Dad is putting up a good fight and He
    is indeed so fortunate that He and your Mother have you there
    as a most valuable means of support and encouragement! Also,
    Julie, I glad to hear that the biopsy came out well for you.
    Try to rest as you can as I know that it must be very difficult for you to find the energy to come to the fore and
    contribute so much to the present need(s) of the family! Thanks for the update!

    Linda: Glad ya had such a good time in N.C.!! I'll bet it was very difficult to have to come home after having such a great time with Daughter and Family. I suppose things will be getting very busy for you at work with the Holidays ahead!
    It's great that you had the opportunity to relax before the
    "deluge"! Being that you two live so close, do you have any plans to meet Lincamp in the near future? Would be fun I
    should think!

    Rocky: Great that you and Gordon were able to go to the Farmer's Mkt. The "organic food" always looks so fresh and
    good but, it seems that no one want's to tell ya or seems to know what kind of "organs"
    in which they grow those edibles? Ya know that DDT is banned for use in the US but is still made here for use in other parts of the world! Wonder if those Winter veggie and
    fruits from So. Amer. or Mexico are devoid of those agents?
    I tend to doubt it.

    Weather is horrible back in the Mid-West, North East and
    North West! Hope you are all safe, warm and dry in those parts of the Country!

    "Talk" to ya tomorrow Kids, K?

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  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Julie and Linda G, I am so glad to see you two back.

    Julie- how are you holding up? I am sorry your dad is having so many complications. I hope they get cleared up soon. It's amazing how someone can get infections from a supposed sterile environment isnt it.

    I am very happy to hear your biopsy was fine, you deserved some good news.

    I thought of you the other day, I visited with my boss and her new baby, she is so tiny and precious. They are just amazing and you can just stare at her all day. I hope you get some rest before you go to Belize, at least you have a long flight :)

    Linda G- glad you had a good time on NC with your grndkids and thank you for your words regarding mine. My daughter really is a lovely woman but does not handle conflict or confrontation very well, got that from her dad, so she retreats and hides to avoid the issues. My GK's are very good kids and smart but are not given the attention they need because my daughter is so in love and committed to her new husband. So the kids pay the price and I have to keep my thoughts myself or risk not talking to them at all.

    Maybe one day when I get to visit them we could meet then, how far from Lancaster are you? I bet we would have a grand time.

    Lincamp I hope you are not sitting in the dark all hundled under blankets. I saw the weather channel and it is not pretty. So I hope you are fine.

    MRdad- glad the kiddies made it home safely and the bay is returning back to normal and no more oil slicked animals are. I hope it warms up for you out there, I know if it is below 75 hyperthremia is a hazard :)

    Rock did ya get those critters out of your computer. You haven't said if you were able to play bridge yet. How are the other critters that come and go?

    Jodie congrats on the win and hope you guys get to go to state, that sucked they didn't get to play in the Raiders stadium.

    I have to go into to town this evening to make a presentation to another art club for the foundation. So far I have 16 commitments of art. They are to bring them to me at our First Fri at the gallery. Then the following week I will drive to the Red River gorge, about 4 hours, to meet Mr P to give him the art then come back home. I have always want to go there so that will be cool.

    He and Randy Travis are in LA doing Larry King but I don't know when it will air. CNN needs to update their schedule. I'll let you know when I hear something.

    Hello to Joan, Lacey, Darkwaters, Granni, Marta are you out there with Sweetie and anyone else peepin in- hope all are safe,warm and dry-Carla
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time asit is almost time for dinner and then I Have to go Chorale practice. Had a nice and busy wekend in the BIG D for the KC Midyear meeting. Got home yesterday on our 46th anniversadry,. Both to tired to do anything except try to get things sort of back in order.

    I went to Jury Duty today and actually opened my moth this time and told them about my problems. So, I was not tken for the jury. They had enough people anyway. I just can't sit to long and also seems like i have to go to the potty alot with my b/p meds. Not good for Jury Duty !

    Came home toeay and took some Christmas things down from the eves in the garage so I can put them out a little at a time. We had already put up the tree with no oraments yet. The table loth is on the table to. So I can do a bit at a time as well as work on theose cards. There are so many for me to do my Christmas Letter.

    No time for individual HI's today, sorry.

    God bless you al and Jody glad the boys woin their game - again !! Good luck !!

    Hope all stays well ! Hope to have some time to write a real post to you all.

    God bless you all. Out tonight (chorale) and tomorrow night (the club party here in our subdivision). Wed is choir. When will I get my cards done ----UUUGGHHH??!!!

    Hugs to ALL,

  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    No. I don't know ifin' the Boys are back yet. I believe Dad has to be back at work here tomorrow. He is the "nuts and bolts" of that business as He does the ordering as well as
    scheduling of employees. But the weather in oHIo is very intrepid from what I understand. I do hope they were able to get a flight out and back into SFO! Weather is horrible up North in Washington and Oregon and that may also interrupt some flights. I have an appt. wiff my (N.P.) tonight at 7:30 and I will wait 'til tomorrow and call them after they had
    time for "re-entry". Do hope you and my other Friends in the
    Northeast and mid-West are keeping safe, dry and warm!

    "Talk" to ya awl later, K?
  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but here it goes....car went into repair shop today..hopefully they w/have it ready this friday....

    thanks linda, granni, rock, and linda about the game congrats...temp rock i can not remember, but there was no snow. so i am grateful for that.

    team plays friday at 7 pm at santa rosa high school...it had to be in a non territory team area on both sides. if we win that game then we have to do the waiting game of overnight selection by the state committee team...we shall see what our future brings...

    i have been slowly been dating the architect...he made the comment to me when i walked into his house that i could texted or call him anytime i wanted and i am always invited over to his place anytime....

    i just told him i know he is busy w/work and school...he said that is no problem i could always call him...

    see i have been letting him do the calling....

    well he made the comment yesterday, "jodie, i can not ever see us not being together forever, but then again everything comes to an end at one point in life." i said that is true things always come to an end at sometime. the i love you's have not come out...he would have to say it first to me...old fashion i guess. but this has been a very slow thing for us...and he told me at the beginning that he has not been in a relationship for a 1 and 1/2...and he needed to work on a few things, and stay focuesed school to finish it in a year instead of 2...

    smart man...he even used an expression or word to me i did not know or have heard before...i did not want to sound like an idiot....he said, "he was as tired as a sim." what is that...other than being really tired...

    he has lived in australia, ireland, and europe growing up...

    he knows about my fibromyalgia, and said that was too bad...that is painful...he is anti med person....he doesn't like to hang out in bars...cause he had bartened before and it just isn't his thing...i said i understood...i just go out every now and then to get a break from school...i have not told him that i dropped classes this sememster cause i did not want to get into details of why w/him...

    i guess he enjoys going to nice clubs in san francisco...but really likes to stay home and relax...he is down in mr.dad's area for work most days...plus school...

    well i do love his intelligent and his kind heart...has always been a gentlemen to me and anyone around him..

    lydia hope your father gets better and time quickly heals your family.

    i w/write more later i forgot what i wanted to say to you all...brain fog..

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    mr.dad you need to get a sports illustrated beekeenee calendar every year for the sun themes...plus the girls are easy on the eyes...

    that is what cody gets every year...

    i made bbq ribs and sweet potatoes, baked them...no sugar..great for diabetics..

    my headache is gone and feel a bit more energized...

    my local friend cab driver called and told me he bought cody and i a xmas gift...now what do i get him...he is 58 years old.. and not married...maybe the calender mr.dad needs?

  16. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I don't even know where to start but last night the art club gave me get support and applause after my speech. One member is the President of the Tri State Art Assoc and wants to address her group of 125 artists to get them involved too,

    It has been amazing the response this has received. I got a email from Mr P this morning that they are filming today with Larry King and will call me later and let me know more.

    I now know more than ever, this is my purpose and will give it all I have.

    I went to Value City after my meeting and bought myself some spiffing black leather ankle boots and a cozy pair of Totes boots. I have not bought new shoes since 2001, except tennies. I can't go with a high heel because of the toe but found a chunky short heel that works great. I am so glad I had the surgery, it was worth it.

    MRdad- I thought I read the boys were back home, must have been a dream. I do not know where Jackson Co is, but Ky is full of beautiful places. Reminds me I need 2 new calendars, one for the purse and one for the pics :) I agree with Jodie maybe you should get the SI calendar

    Linda did DD get home ok, that was a horrible story about the teen. Haley failed her first driving test.. in the first 5 minutes. They make you parallel park first, if you hit a cone, that's it. So she will try again in a few weeks

    I started this over an hour ago, then my daughter called and we had a good conversation, so that was good. So now I forgot who else wrote and I need to get busy, I have some emails to get out and some house things that have been left undone.

    Hello to Rock, Jodie, Granni glad you had a good trip, and anyone else I have forgotten- hope everyone is safe, warm and dry-Carla

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Have been waiting for the gasman. This time he showed up. A very cheerful young man who promptly lit the heater. Had to come back because he forgot something.

    So now will not freeze during the winter. Got an e mail from my brother the cop in MN y-day. Snow, wind, sleet, cold and more snow.

    Tomorrow the cops are going out shooting after dark. This is part of their training. It won't be too late tho, as it gets dark there at about 4:30 pm. So my brother says he is getting out the long johns.

    My theory is that since they have no crime to fight, they are going out in hazardous weather. This way they can't be accused of being wimps.

    Yes, Carla, still have the critters (viruses) in the computer. Guess I have some in me too as my ear as been aching for two days. Congratulations on your ovation at the art club.

    Tell Haley not to drive too fast. After all, she's not a comet.

    My wife had a Comet. Think it was made by Mercury. After some years the letters on the front fell off. Eventually she was reduced to driving an "OM".

    MrDad, organice produce is not grown in organs. There are strict laws about using the label "organic". First of all, the land must lie fallow for 3 years.

    Then, whatever you are planting must be sown in the dark of night while listening to organ music. The small reed organ known as a "harmonium" is perfect for this purpose.

    Like your idea of summer scenes for winter weather.

    Linda, I didn't know that about local food and allergies. Can't do it here tho unless one only shops at farmers' markets. Everything in the supermarket is from S. America, Mexico, Tiwan, etc.

    Guess I'd better quit before I lose this. Otherwise I'd stay and rattle on somemore.

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks for that great idea about the 2008 calendar Jodie! I'll have ta ask Santa. I'm sure they must be ALL Summer beach scenes and I wouldn't need those heavy old 'noculars around my
    neck all day. Sounds like your new friend is a neighbor of mine. I could even know Him!

    Carla-CK: Congrats on the overwhelming support from the Art
    Community for your present project. Sounds very promising doesn't it? Gonna find out today if the 'Lil Guys are home from oHIo yet. Sent Mama an email but haven't rec. a reply.
    Gonna have brunch wiff my Son about noon today so it should start out to be a good day.

    Linda: I see it is very cold bac in Buffalo today! Stay under that s-electric blanket ifin' ya can! I'm sure also glad that the "gas man" finally got to Rock's house and to lite that pilot. Ya know how many people freeze to death in Orange Co. Ca. each Winter? Me neither. But I'm much relieved! Gotta keep that house warm for when Gordon's Mama
    comes over to exchange niceties!

    "Talk" to ya awl later, K?
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It got pretty slow on the Board today. Maybe it's the weather?
    Anywho, hope all are safe, warm and dry. We even got a bit of rain here in SF today and they are predictin' some heavier stuff on Thurs. But we need it! Emailed my Daughter in Portland to make sure all was well with She and the Kitty!
    Lots of water, as ya know, in Washington and Oregon! TOO MUCH!
    They are thankfully just fine and busy working on school work.

    Don't know ifin' my "'Lil Guys" are back from oHIo yet, but have a call into Dad's answering machine! Had brunch with
    my Son, and when we walked into the restaurant, a former girlfriend of His was sitting there. No problem as She still
    plays music in one of the groups He is in. She is very nice and it was a pleasant surprise to see Her there. ( Haven't met the NEW GF yet, but She is from Kentucky so most likely knows Carla-CK and the Puppies! I'll have to ask when the time presents itself, "K" Carla? We are ALL so proud of your most recent accomplishment!

    Well, gonna call it a day, me thinks. Hope ya awl sleep tight and "don't let those bedbugs bite"!


  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm just having my first Kup of Koffee and you "Guys" on the
    Eastern part of the Country are thinking about Lunch already!
    We've come a long way since Bell and Watson, haven't we? Com-
    munication is so apart of our everyday lives.

    Lincamp: Did the "Old Folks" make it back yet from Florida? I
    know your Bro. was to drive them back up for the holidays. Glad that they are able to be with the Family. Sorry to hear about Hubby's shoulder injury. How long need He be off of work?

    "Posta rain pretty well tomorrow so me thinks I'll get out and
    do some errands today. Bank, groceries, pickup my subscription from Walgreen's etc. The "Kids" have me
    supplied with rain coat and 'brella from last Xmas,
    but told my Son yesterday that I still feel they are too new
    to take out in the bad weather only to get them all wet.
    Snow 4 the Skiers in the Sierra (about a foot) they say.
    Those skier buffets in the Casinos on the Nev. side of Lake
    Tahoe are gonna be busy. It's an attempt to get them in to gamble, but I'm afraid it is a foolish one. Those skiers
    spend all there $$$ on the slopes and try to get all the
    "free" grub they can find. Ya don't hear them say as they throw thro those die, "7 come 11 baby needs a new pair of ski's"! Anyway, I think by now that the Donner Party is safely down off the slopes!

    Enuff non-sense huh?
    P.S. What's for lunch?