i hope i don't sound selfish

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by irishprincess, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. irishprincess

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    Please if y'all would. please pray that i get up the attitude and umpf to quit smoking. i really want to but i am weak and unfortuanately i do enjoy it. i have quit in the past went on patches but something always comes crashing down where i breakdown and start again. i know god wants me to stop and i know i should stop but i just can't bring myself to get psyched to stop.I can't go cold turkey i have heard it can be painful and i am already suffering from fibromyalgia and in enough chronic pain.
    so please i ask of y'all please say a prayer for me tonight.
    thanks Irish
  2. Asatrump

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    Don't ever be apologetic about asking for prayer, that is the purpose of this board. I shall ask that you be given special strength to over come. My son in law quit smoking so many times, but yesterday, April 5 he celebrated 5 years of being smoke free. What shocked me was he said he probably also saved 5 to 6 thousans dollars.

    Prayers and a hug from a 1/4 Irishwoman.
  3. fivesue

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    Quitting smoking is a hard thing...I did it 30 years ago...best thing I ever did, but it is hard. I will pray that you can do this.

    Thank you for including us in your plans...support is always helpful when undertaking a hard thing.

    Praying for you and your ability to quit....!

  4. 143alan

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    Hi irishprincess!
    I will certainly pray for you to quit smoking. I know how hard it is also. I quit a little over 2 years ago. Sometimes I still can't believe I actually did it. I pray for everyone I read on this board that are trying to quit because I know the struggle and that you've probably tried and failed several times as I did.

    If you can keep in your mind that everyday that passes without a cigarette is going to make you so much healthier than the day before. You can see noticeable changes pretty quickly when you quit. I also had to put aside the idea that I would probably gain weight and as I was told the extra weight is a lot less deadly than the cigarettes.

    Good job for taking the first step to even think about quitting. Stay in prayer and God's word and I will for you also.
    Take Care