I hope that there are no more car accidents

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 27, 2006.

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    Today my middle daugter called from Ct. Where she is a nanny. She got in a car accident today and hurt her arm and albow. She as drivning the mini van of the employers and had the 2 year old girl in the van with her. The little one is just fine.

    My daughter on the other hand is really upset and worried at how much she will have to pay to get the can fixed. It may the whole deductable of $1000.00 or maybe less. She was in tears when she called me. She is not really hurt. HEr elbow hurts her but as she has no insurace and is driving on theirs. She does not feel like she can tell them that she needs to be checked out and then there insurance will have to pay for the check up and she feels that her empoyler will not be happy with her if she asks her.

    I am worried about her but there is nothing I can do about it so I guess that me and my worries will have to go to bed and get some sleep. Please will you pray that she is ok and is not really hurt.

    thanks for your time.
  2. 69mach1

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    ou daughter could file a worker's comp claim...

    she did this on the job...is her income taxable? that would be a dead give away their...

    well i think she just tell them but that is me...

    tell her to ice it down...and i hope she gest well soonn


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