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    I have been reading alot of your posts. I believe that I may have fm. I will try to tell you my history as briefly as possible.
    1987 - endometriosis
    1988 - baby
    88 - 91 2 endometriosis surgeries
    91 - baby
    99 - terrible shin pain - diagnosed with ganglion cyst - I got a cortisone shot
    2002 - endometriosis surgery and I had a tubal ligation
    2003 - terrible abdominal pain - went to ER - had a tubal pregnancy that had ruptured. Bleeding internally - emergency surgery.
    2003 - 1 month after tubal pregnancy - had a hysterectomy - they left one ovary.
    March - May 2006 - moderate calf pain in right leg and feet hurting alot and fatigued
    May 2006 - Stabbing pain in right leg - I couldn't walk for several days. I finally got into an orthapedic surgeon 2 weeks later. MRI - they thought that I had cancer and sent me to an oncologist. Biopsy - not cancer but he said that the cyst would have to come out because it had branches that had my nerve smashed flat - if it was not removed - I would have drop foot.
    August 1, 2006 - Cyst removed right under the front of my knee. After surgery - I could not stand anything touching my right calf for quite some time. Then the bottom of my right foot starting hurting so bad that I couldn't stand it. Then the left foot. At this point - every joint in my body hurts. I also have had for at least a year my toes twitch on my right foot at night and it drives me crazy and I don't sleep well. I am very tired all the time. They did a blood test for RA and said it was negative. I now have an appointment with a foot dr - Jan. 24th and a rheumy Feb. 21st. I don't know if I can wait that long. I thought maybe you all could give me some advice. I am very sad. I also have pain in the back of my thigh when sitting in a chair very long. Thank god my husband got me a laptop for Christmas!! I will be very glad to hear any of your comments. Sorry this is so long. Thanks!!!
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    Consider enzyme therapy. Systemic enzymes research by William Wong N.D. Dr. Wong has found that enzymes can do the following:
    Reduce inflammation
    Dissolve the isoprin coating on viruses
    Cleans the blood
    Dissolves fibrin blockages
    Dissolve scar tissue

    My mom's FM is helped by using 6 tabs/day. She uses Walmart's "Rexall" 200 tabs/$7. Virastop and vitalzym are popular too. ProHealth carries a good enzyme too.

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    Please talk to your doctor before taking anything...things that appear to be ok because they are non prescription can be very dangerous when you do not yet have a diagnosis. Did a doctor suggest you may have fibro? A few of the things u mentioned could indicate fibro...but others not. I would contact your doctor on Monday and see him about your thigh pain and other pain. I hope you feel better.
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    Why not visit a good rheumatologist? I know for many it seems to work well. I have one and he is a life-saver.

    Medition is also good. I bought a CD off of the net (as one of the girls pointed it out to me). It is so relxing.
    No words that you can hear over the music, etc.

    Mine is by Steve Halpern( I hope someone corrects the name, If forgot it.

    I hope you stay with the board. I would love to hear about the fibromyalgia and CFS. Practical tips have helped me.


    So do all of ul
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    Thanks for letting me know that you care. I do have an appt. with a rheumy, I was just very disappointed that I cannot get in until Feb. 21st. It has been going on too long. The dr that did my surgery just kept telling me that I was doing too much. Then he finally decided that maybe I need to see somebody else. Tuesday I am going back to work for 4 hours a day. I am a bookkeeper. I think that getting out will help me mentally. I have always worked and I get bored at home all the time. Thanks again!
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