I hurt more than normal , I don't know why but I feel so bad

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    I can't discribe just how deep this pian is going in to my body. The pain I feel in my back , thighs, hips and legs feel like it is comming from the bones not the muscels. IT is a deep , stabbing , burning intence pain that is hard to discribe to you.

    Just to move cause's me sharp deep to the bone aching pain that makes me feel sick. I don't ever remember feeling so bad. Except for when I shattered my wrist. The only thing i have done different it that when I was i that bathroom I got dizzy from the heat as my husband had just had a hot shower and I was doing my thing on the potty and all of a sudden I was faling to ward the bath tub and I reached out with my left hand {the one I shattered} and before I could hit the tub I stcuk my hand out and grabbed at the bath tub and caught myself.

    I do remember feeling a sharp pain in my wrist as it is the wrist that I shattered 2 years ago and it has been giving me some problems like MORE PAIN. I think that the getting dizzy and twisting to grab the bathtub could have pulled some muscles. How strange that I didn't remmember that before now? I don't know what is going on with muy brain and body. All I know that is I just hurt so deeply in my muscles that I can hardly walk and can't move very well. My left wrist is hurting all the time and is so tender to the touch. so I guess that it is a good thing tha I have a doctor 's appointment next week.

    I can't sit any more as this pain is going down my legs and hurts clear to the bone. and I have not taken my pain pills yet. So I am going to take them and go and lay down. AS I still don't feel so great. MY back hurts so much taht just siting causes me more pain than ever before.

    Sorry for being so silly adn forgetting things .


  2. carebelle

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    This is the pain I will get and it controls every inch of me.
    I take my Epsom salt baths and then collapse into my bed .This is a warning that I need to slow my thoughts, my activities and everything around me for a few Days.

    My body ,mind and spirit are crying out for rest and personal attention. I cant watch TV ,sometimes music helps but really the quite of the morning seems to be what will put me back together the fastest.

    I drink my Green teas and meditate. I'm in my own world trying to transfer my pain out away from me. Its like I feel poison inside me and I need washed inside and out.

    I hope you feel better. Have you ever done a detox and felt better after with some rest?

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