I jthink i could tell you where each tender point is

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    I just ache all over. I hurt from my bis to my toes and the inside of my elbows hurt to touch, the back of each knee hurt , the back of my head on both sides hurt , my shoulder has spots that are hurting me.

    YEs I feel rotten, How it bites to feel like this. I have the worst head ache and my back is hurting and I am so weak and tired. I ache so much that I just want to sit and cry. I am so sick and tird of acheing like this and having days where my pain meds just don't do any thing.There are not many days that they don't help but this past week they seem to not do any thing.

    MY dork of a husband has and still is sick, wed, thur, he was throwing up and had diaeriha and today he still has direaha too. The bad thing is He is Type 2 dibetic and his Doctor is hout of town and he will not see anyone but his own doctor. And i am so worried that some thing horriable will happen to him that I don't sleep at night as i listen for each breath he takes and each movenemt he takes. I worry about him and i have begged him to go to the ER adn he will NOT GO NO WAY BUG OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE>! that is the responce I get when I asked him to go. I know that when his sugars are low he is cranky and he just started to eat last night so I am sure that they are really LOW and that he is deyhreated too.

    But even though I have been in the medical profession for most of my life I don't know a thing about his case. And he is right he will not let be go to the doctor with him or if he went to the ER I would get told my him to wait out side as it makes him uncomforaable with me in there and He is worried about the things i may say. What I might say that would be making him be embrassed I have no clue.

    But he is slowly getting better and is drinking better and more too.
    So as I sit here worried about him which does me no good it is only maing my throat hurt and sore. And my head aches too. It is very annoying too.
    I don't mean to whine aobut me when it is my hubby that is so ill but just by him not letting me help him and get him some help is makeing me sick too. Over the years I have noticed that when my husband gets sick and will not see a doctor I will also get sick too. I get a sore throat adn headache I feel so rotten and tired and achely all over.

    EAch breath I take make my chest hurts and I ache so much. I hate this and I just want to feel better so that i can help him .But I don't know what to do or how to do this. I am so worried and the more I worry the sicker i feel.

    Waht is going on with me and why is it that when he gets sick I get sick to and i get worse and worse and my pain is so bad that i want to scream.

    Sorry for being a baby aboaut this. I know that my husband is sicker of us but What is going on with me.Why don I have to get sick when he does? Why do i have to feel so crapy and achey. I don't know what is going on and why I am the one who is hurting like heck.
    I wrote about this several days ago. And was asked to make sure that I take care of my self and to call 911 if my husband got worse. It would do me little good to call them if he is at all coherent as he would decline to go and there is no way that they can force him to go if he says no. I Know this because my mom was ill and out of it when we called 911 and by the time they got here she was coherent and would not go with them and they could not talk her in to going with them.Where she got worse later that night he has not and he is eating and drinking but I don't feel it is enough but he will try to get in to the doctor today later on.

    But his illness is puttingm ,y body understress and I have the worse head ache and sore throat . I ache all over and feel like I am starting to flare again and it is getting so bad. That i could screamm . I don't know what to do about all this and I don't understand why when he gets sick I do too and I get thing sore throat and headache .
    so what do I do know? I am worried. And I don't feel good at all.

    sorry for all the complainging i am doing

    So me and my acey brealy head are going to go to bed.
    Sighned STill whinning.
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    sorry your husband is poorly. he is a womble for not getting help but at least now he is getting some fluids inside him. just think little and often i guess when it comes to food.

    just take a deep breath - there is nothing you can do if he is refusing treatment and its not helping that you are being made unwell with all the worry. i know its hard but try to relax. a hot cup of tea and a puzzle book? or you can come and do some course work with me lol :D

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