I just got off the phone with Md can now pick up scripts

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    Just want to let you know that I can get my meds filled toady. I was to call my doctor last firday to get a new script for the next 30 days, but he was out of his office .

    It was upsetting to me that his phone message kept telling me that they should have been in that day and nothing was mentioned that he was out of the office. So I called the main clinic to see if they could help me find out what was going on.

    He was out of the office and would be back on Monday but I was told that if I needed my meds refilled to call my PPO as both doctors are in the same clinic.

    I did that on friday but I knew that it would ba a huge hassle for me. MY PPO's office said that the doctor would only write me the scripts for 10 days. That was not enough for a month.

    I have been a pain patient for long enough to know that you only get your scripts from one doctor. And one only. Also my insuracne company would have informed me it I had filled the 10 days worth of meds that I was refilling them too soon.

    I asked the nurse how the scripts would be written and when she told me I knew that both doctor and insurance company would think that I had been given enough meds for 30 days. So I would be up a creek. Needless to say I did not pick up the scripts and I called and told them that I would not be picking them up and to put that in my chart.

    So today when my rheumy called the first thing I was told was that I had picked up the scripts from my PPO. I told her that I didn't pick them up and that they had would have been for 10 days only.

    Leaving me short 20 days. She said that she would call them and verify my story and if she did not call me back I could come in a pick up the scripts. She has not called so I can go and pick them up when i get my MOm's car.

    I have wondered if the people that assume that it is so easy for me to get my MScointin and the rest of my meds really know just how hard it is to get them.

    Thankfully I can get my meds filled today. It is a relief to know that I did the right thing by not getting the scripts from my PPO. I wonder if people know just how hard it is for us to get our meds refilled.

    Yes I know that becuase of what I am taking that they can't be called in, I haev to contact or see the doctor every month and report how I am doing with the doseage I am on. IF I need some thing stronger or different then I must come in and see him.

    I remember the days when I was taking Tyelnoyl #3's for pain and when I would get a bad headache I could call my doctor and he would just phone the meds in to the pharmacy for me.

    But that does not happen now as I am on much stronger meds. I still remember the first time I saw a pain doctor and was shocked to read that I could only see one doctor , this doctor was the only one that could prescribe pain meds for me.

    I had to use one pharmacy and one only. I could get my scripts new scripts every 28 days , If how ever I needed to get some thing different I must see the doctor again.

    IF I asked to have my meds filled early very often I coudl and would be banned from seeing that doctor. I would recieve a letter stating why I was being dismissed from his care.

    Reading that and having to sign it was one of the most frightening things I have done. I knew that the meds I would be taking were really strong and that I had to take them just like they were prescribed. That was ok as I didn't want to take any more than I needed to take.

    I remember how nervous I was in seeing him for the first time, was I going to be treated like I had been treated by other doctors who didn't belive that I had any pain or a reason for this pain I had.

    Thankfully I have never had a problem with my pain doctors. I am very gratefull for the doctors who treat us for pain , who will understand that when I am in pain I tend to cry and that does not mean I need antidepressangs but to be treated for the pain and then see if I need some thing else.

    I have been blessed to have been albe to see some really great doctors who have the knowledge to treat pain even when they can't find a reason for it.

    Thanks for listening to me.
    I will be able to fill my scripts this afternoon.
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    So sorry to hear about all the hastle you have been getting over your meds. Are there any "safeguards" you could put in place in case this happens again?

    I do know you are right about the pain killers. They usually require a visit. My specialist lapsed on my pain meds a few years ago, didn't listen to my complaints about my pain, and I ended up in hospital. They gave me the care I needed and she really acted fast after she saw their report. I wonder if after awhile they just don't listen to us???

    I know the frustration. Hope things get better for you. Sorry to hear your pain meds have been increased over the years. I pray for healing for us all!

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