I Just Gotta Give God Glory

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    I suspect since ya'll are cooking and traveling there won't be many who read today, but I just gotta "shout it out"..God IS SO GOD!
    Michael works in a Walmart, and it's one of the busiest in the nation so we are told. If you have been to one lately, well then you can imagine the amount of people.
    I had asked him to bring home a few things we needed last night and after he clocked out we went and gathered them toghether. After standing in the loooog line, he realized his wallet was missing. Well, he and his buddies looked and looked and couldn't find it anywhere, and he stayed a little later hopeing someone would turn it in. I called and had his express check card cancled etc. When he came home he was somewhat upset but not bad, and he said, there is nothing there that can't be replaced.
    After he had called, I just prayed and asked the Lord to let it be found by someone who would turn it in.
    He was home maybe a half hour, and we got a call but I didnt make it to the phone in time. The caller left a message and said he'd found Michaels wallet, and apologized for having to look through it to find a number. He said he lived on the other side of town, but was coming to church on our side of town and would be there about 7:15. I wispered to Michael "tell him we will meet him there" and he did. After he had hung up I asked Michael, "do you feel like going to church tonight?" and he said " sounds good to me". So we rushed and got ready and on the way we stopped at the bank. We had a total of 40 dollars to our names but we pulled out twenty to give to this man.
    Neither Michael or I have found a church that we both really really like, and he works on Sundays, and we haven't been to church for at least a year, and we have never been to this one at all, and didn't know anything about it.
    We waited in the front of the church,there was not one person from the oldest to the teenagers that didn't stop and say God bless you, and introduce themselves.
    Well, it was about time for church to start, and Chuck Carter walked up, and said Michael? and handed Micheal his wallet. Micheal told him, " I don't want to offend you but I would like to give you a little something for returning my wallet if you don't mind". The man was hesitiant, but accepted in with a great deal of humblness. That's when I realized that this was Chareles Carter, a fellow that used to work at the same hospital as I did. He has always been one of those people that just makes you smile when you see him coming, always cheerful, polite, smiling and always working hard.
    I said Charles? and he looked at me like he was trying to figure in out, and I said it's Rachele from the hospital.
    WELL PRAISE GOD HE SAYS, and just starts to laughing like it was the best blessing he had had all day and gave me a big ole hug.
    Well, we went in and the preacher was preaching on being thankful in ALL things, and how anyone can thank God for a new car, a new house, or winning the lottery, but a mature Christian should praise God in All things, good or bad...cause ya know it could be worse.
    Come to find out, Charles has been really sick, and didn't think he was going to make it. But God restored him, and he's doing pretty good now. And he really needed the twenty bucks too!
    Michael want's to go back to this church and so do I.
    It's called God's House, and it is 90% Black, which doesn't matter to either of us, and which is one of the reasons everyone noticed us " we sort of "stood out in the crowd". Praise God, He is so Good! lol
    To repeat the pastor last night. For those of us who know God, we don't need a special day to be thankful, God's blessing are around us everyday. Many of the pilgrims had lost their wives, children, brothers , sisters etc. due to the hard winters and their travels, they almost had a day of mourning, but decided that they should be thankful, because some still had one child that lived, another had his wife, another his brother...as we look around us, even in our illnessess, we have much to be thankful for. Give Thanks to God in ALL things. Psalms 100


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    Dear Dear Takesha,
    What a beautiful experience to share with us on this Thanksgiving day 2003.

    Yes, we have much to be thankful for everyday.

    This morning I gazed out my window and seen this beautiful starlit sky and immediately thought of our Lord, our creator of Heaven and Earth and every living thing.

    I crabbed my coat and went outdoors to gaze at that wonderous sky filled with stars and thanked the Lord for his blessings.

    I thank God for people like you on this wonderful board.
    God Bless,Take care have a wonderful day.

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    I will let you know about the church, I have seen the pastor of TV, but they call him a "bishop" not a pastor. He preaches really good, and it's kind of pentacostal, if ya know what I mean.

    About Charles.

    The last time I saw him was about 4 years ago. I seem to remember his saying he was going back to school part time.
    He no longer works at the hospital but is working for the goverment now in a detention center he is a "Addiction Counselor". He himself use to be a herion addict, and used crack etc. That was before I knew him. He also got married about 4 years ago and is so happy. He really is a testimony to the Love and Power of our Lord. I am so thankful for meeting up with him again, and I can't wait to meet his wife.
    The pastor/bishop last night mentioned that he thought the men in the church could cook better than the women. I laughed and said that sounded like a challenge to me. After church was over, I told Charles that I'd have to taste it to believe it and he said he'd be calling to invite us over for some bbq ribs...yummy one of my favorites.
    We'll just see how things go. But last night was sure a blessing.
    Oh by the way, the doctor wrote a letter for me for my school finacial aid appeal, He says I have chronic fatigue syndrome and FMS. I personally think they are both the same thing.
    I also heard from Dr. Sherman, and Linda has gotton one of those High cancer ratings. We need to keep praying, I could be way off base, but I think it's not her time yet.

    Sunrise, I'm glad you were blessed by my post, I just had to share it, I am still sitting here laughing my "happy laugh" that I get when I see God doing " His thing".

    God gives us such wonderful visuals of his word.

    Hugs to you all
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    Takesha, such a wonderful story to share with us. I am so glad the wallet was found. Happy for you both that you got to visit and all in Church too! And then met up with a old friend too..

    Sounds like its one of them "God things" .. It was all orchestrated so beutifully!

    Love you!

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    Doesn't the Lord work in mysterious way. Certainly to find a church you are comfortable is a true blessing. Shout it out: PRAISE THE LORD , PRAISE THE lORD, PRAISE THE LORD.

    This is the most inspiring story I've heard in a quite a while. Just seems like the miracles on this worship board are happening more and more.

    Thats also why my church is growing so, When i , whos been going there 19yrs or a new person arrives there at church, evryone also gretes me and them the same. Everyone makes you feel right at home. Thats not always esay to do with a church, and I'm certainly over joyed you have found one.