I just had gallbladder surgery and wondered what some of the

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    cop;acatationsa are? I am still not feeling good but I was told than ws nromal. I was really DMPB and drank a diet coke adn oh did I paaaaaaay for it and wont do that one again. But how do I find out the things that are good or bed for this surgery and wahta are thecomplacatations that can come fro havnghtis surgery?

    i am one of those people who will ahve some thing go worng ig there is a channce adn i am sondering what the problems are that I need to wathch out for? MY blood pressure is lower than it was before the surgery and it is 99/78 and the nurse said that was a bit low but not too much and still in the nroml range. Wwhile I was in the hospital i had several time wehre I had a Low B/P 99/50 and then the thinxt time it woule be 116/80 Sp I need to knwo what is good and what is bad and what to do about it? Is it just me? that has strange reactionst o surgery? I am worried about it and that only stresses me more so I need some help about this is what is goo bed ofoinderffereent about the surgery? CAnsome one whelp me with this matter?

    I just want to be normal and not to have to worry aout having too low of a blood pressure or a to high of one? and I don't know why i was having the low one and not the higher ones? I just want t recover as qucikly as I can from the surgery and ot to have the comaplacatainnnns I have had before. I know I sound pernoind about thinkgs but I have had the extremes of everything that is goo or bed adn I jsut want to be mroml? wil you please help me find out what it nromal for gallbladder surgery and what the ecomplacatations are for it? How do I keep my BP up and not down inthe LOw 70/50 as that is too low? I jsut need some one to tell me if i am mormal in what i feel and am doing of and i worse. my surgern is really busty right now as his girls don'tmake scence to me in the question I aske the and i wawnt to know what can go whta wwwith this surgery? or am I just worring too mcuh like nromal/ IF there is any one who can help me i would be greatfull about any informatations you can get for me. 'sssorry for being a pain . Andasking more questions that nromal? I have beenone of thoses people who whill develp a hematomata after surgery adn I dn't want to go thrry that again. Pleansehelp me if you can I have tried to find out one the web and ask the right questions but I get so lost tht I can't find what it is that i was lookeing for? so if you can' Please if you can help me I would thank you for ever .
    Thanks for you help in the future, Hugs to all Rosemarie I am worried about thing that may go wong with me and cause me to have problems with the low b/p and it sscared me so much PLease I need some help!!!!
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    They did the surgery after I went to the ER, and they left a huge scar across my stomach.
    I have numbness still along the scar. I also had some diagraphm problems because they had to move it out of the way to get to the GB.
    That's what the Surgeon told me, when I asked him why I was having breathing problems, and also Spasam's there.

    That was in Sept., when Dec,. came along and our Church Choir was doing the Hallueigh Chourus (SP? SORRY).
    When we got ready for that High note, my diaphgraphm, went into spasams, I started laughing, because I was so embarrased. Thank goodness my Friend, who can hit Hi C was standing next to me, and even tho, she almost lost it, she managed to cover for us. ;o)

    You have to look back on these things and laugh, even tho at the time, I hurt a lot, but I was un-dx back then, 9-90.
    I still have problems because of the Scar tissue causing Trigger points in my adoman. That's what the Orthopedic Dr, told me when I mentioned some of the constant pain.

    You should be ok, if you have the New procuder, I have heard great things about this type of operation.

    We always hurt more than some Normal person would, we do take longer to heal, well Some of us do,
    I am one of thoes people too, who, if something can go wrong, it will.

    When they did my Oral Surgery, they said, that they had to remove a bone in the front of my gum's, on the lower teeth.
    They said , It shouldn't Be a Problem, Ha! I still can not wear my Lower dentures and I have a small pocket that formed in the lower part of my mouth, ( I can blow Bubbles now tho, lol). gotta laugh or I would cry.

    Journey on Rosemarie, and take one day at a time, rest as much as you can, be kind to yourself, No heavy lifting, well you have probably been told that huh?
    I'll keep your recovery in my Prayers.
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    Yes, I think it is normal to take awhile to recover. I know it took me awhile. I don't know about the blood pressure thing. I was told to look out for excess bleeding, and/or fever, and contact the doctor if these occurred.

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    Hi rose

    i have my gallbladder on in july this year.
    the new way on a out paitnet. Family thought i was going to have problems, but all went well and doing better and feeling fine.

    Now if every thing else would get better.