I just had the strangest phone call

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 28, 2006.

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    AS I was posting my phone rang , I answered it and this woman asked me if I wanted answer some questions and to paripaite in a program.

    I asked what it was about and she said that the first question would answer my question.
    She asked me if I had any family who worked in the banking business, credict card, finainal , and other proffessions that dealt with money.
    I said no but that it really did not concern her and when she asked what it was that my family did I told her that it didn't concern her .

    She asked if I worked or was my husband the only provider and again I said It is not you concern .She dropped that line and went on to say that if I went along with this program that I would need to send her all of the credit card requets I get and my husband gets for a year.

    I asked her to repeat that and she did. I was to send her all the requests that the credit card companies send to you and you husband for 12 months and I said NO! I don't want to have anything to do with this, and I hung up on her and didn't let her explanin anymore.

    I am not explaining this well as it was not a program but a {OH heck I hate this fog I cann't remember the words I want to tell you.}She wanted me to answer a questionire and to help her with some research And as I said NO> and hung up on her.

    This really bothered me as if I had sent her all the credit card applications that I and my husband get in a 12 month time frame I could have been in some deep sh*( and could have had someone take my identiy.

    I have heard about calls like this and others that ask for your SS# and she didn't ask that which is good as I don't give it out to any one. I have heard about a scam that is on the net and not to read the e-mails that seem to be from friends and they are really not friends and they will get your info from your comupoter and the e-mail. I think that is right.?

    But I knew that I needed to tell her no and not to listen to her anymore. IT really gave me the creeps.

    So don't do this stuff. Don't send anyone your credit appiclations that you get. YOU can get in some deep trouble with people takeing your info. SCary isn't it.
    I hope that i am making some scense as I am upset right now. This only happens to me when I am home alone.

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    Oh no!! Well, there is definitely no reason for someone to call you out of the blue and begin asking financial questions. Definitely a scam!! If she was really doing research, she wouldn't just call people randomly, whom she doesn't even know! You did the right thing.

    I've posted to you before. I read your bio. I love decorative painting also. I did it much more before I became so tired. I love to help my friends decorate their homes. I have helped friends design and decorate their babies' rooms. I love faux finish painting. I have done ragrolling, color washing, sponge, the venetian look, etc. My kid's rooms were so fun to do, my little girl has a "fairy theme" so I glued wands to her wall and painted sparkling trails of fairy dust coming out of them. I did interior design for about 7 years. Now it is just a hobby. Hope you are having a great day! Kim
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  3. rockgor

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    Sounds like a scam to me. I never answer the phone because almost all the calls are telemarketers or wrong numbers.

    Can you put pictures on your profile? Be nice to see some of your painting. I first heard of tole painting in a crossword puzzle.

    Hope you are feeling a little better.

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