I just learned that I have to have a sleepapnea test, have anyof

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    Hi, everyone it has been awhile since I have been on here because there has just been so much going on.There is a lot of stress going on, my mother-in law passed away , then some things feel on me while I was in Wal Mart, back last year I had neck surgery in Jan. of last year.when the stack of children kids kitchens fell on me, my neck has really been giving me a lot of problem plus I fall a sleep driving, talking on the phone or can just is I set still very long, my blood tests have showed something the last two times, so now I go for one of these sleep tests, Have any of you had to have one?? if so has it helped you? Thank you & God Bless You,
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    Sorry you're having all these problems. Are you talking about a sleep study, or a sleep apnea test? There's a difference. My youngest daughter had sleep apnea when she was born. The test was done by placing electrodes in specific spots on her chest, which made a continuous 12 hour tape as she slept of her respirations, heart rate, etc. That will show if you are stopping breathing intermittently while you sleep. If you are, then you wake up when you breath again, so you aren't getting any quality sleep, which will affect you when you're "supposed" to be awake during the day.
    A sleep study is an entirely different thing, I believe, and there are some here who can answer questions about this for you.