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    Geez, after a very stressful week re school placements, meetings and getting bad result sonogram,(need biopsy) I had bought some software for Danny Jnr for helping him educationally as a graduation (from elementary school) gift. Got it from BigBox store(won't say name but guess) Half of it was missing. We are poor, have no money to replace this. Danny in car sobbing,(he is special needs) I go in to get money back, so we can go elsewhere for something.

    First off four separate people check my "story" keep checking the package. Then I am told once something is opened I cannot get refund. I try and explain it was faulty merchandise. I was accused of maybe pirating, got looks that suggested I was lying, and I was getting madder by the minute. I was taking valium which makes me get very angry next day too, did not help.

    Finally they agree they will swap it for something else,like huge favor (afater they checked others on shelf and found they were all defective) but I cannot get refund!!! So I am stuck having to buy whatever they have (which was a choice of two things neither of which was really suitable)or take a gift card, when there is not a thing I need or can afford. I had saved $30 for this one piece of educational software and really could not afford to go into another store leaving the $30 on a gift card(which I won't be able to use) I had to take something out to Danny.

    I was getting more and more angry and I finally lost it completely as there was nothing much educational yet rows and rows of killing and maiming "games" I just blew it and started being really mean about America and the big corps and encouraging kids to kill etc.

    There is no sign at all in those stores that warns you that no refunds are given, even if it is their fault! Once they get hold of your money, you are forced to leave it with them and buy something else. Exchanges only it seems.

    Why I was really upset too, was that a woman who I take her child in (he is bi polar) was in line near me, had just said hi, and did not ONE thing to help support me,even though I have stuck my neck out for her lots. Her DH works there, and the staff knew her, and I said, this woman will tell you how honest and decent I am, and she just ignored me!!! She is a woman who brags about speaking up and out too.

    Am I over-reacting or what? I was so furious I thought I would have a heart attack. Is this capitalism gone wrong or what? I feel awful getting snarly and mean with the staff but they were so "cloney", kept giving each other "the look" etc. it was untrue.HELP!

    Love, (Still madder n mad) Anne Cromwell(good name huh!)
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    Geez, I would have lost it even worse than you...the STRESS!! omg, what did you end up doing? If you got another item, can you exchange it at another of that big-box store, for a GOOD, complete set of the game you want?

    I'm so sorry you had a disappointed son; we always want to keep our promises to our kids, and when something gets in the way of mommy, watch out, right?

    Is there any phrase you can use with your son that can help him delay gratification, so he doesn't get too upset from the pain of disappointment?

    So sorry you are also dealing with uncertainty; when do you have to get a biopsy? For what? I'm going to check out your posts, I must have missed something, been very sick.

    Love ya, hang in there...

  3. Cromwell

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    Yes, this is how I felt, it clearly was a store fault. I would gladly have exchanged it for a correct box.

    Re biopsy: They have been following three nodules for a while- had one years ago, so I am hoping it is OK yet I have had really bad pain this time.Sorry you are still ill Find.

    I feel a bit better getting your support, but I really really lost it and started going on about all that was wrong with America(I am ashamed I did that) even though I do love this country, I was lashing out at the corporate greed that has taken over I guess, plus the fact not one person was willing not to toe the company line.

    I was mad at that "friend" for ignoring my plight too as I have been so very good to her and her son(he has slept here many nights so she gets relief from his mental illness)

    Re the sobbing child. Danny's autism: it is hard for him to understand exchanging a gift.

    Thanks, it helps to share. Love Anne Cromwell
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    I have been through the same thing.

    My husband and my daughter (who has Asperger's) took her computer to (unnamed Big Box store) for repairs. This was on Saturday morning. They were told it had a bad hard drive and they would need to leave it there.

    That afternoon I took both girls to the mall which is right next to (Big Box). On the way home #1 daughter inquired about her computer so I said let's stop and check on it.

    When we went to the service desk and gave her name, they said they had no record of any such computer being brought in. Even though it was that same morning.

    Of course the poor kid lost it. And then I lost it.

    They kept checking, and checking, and double checking, and nope, couldn't find it, had no record of it, are you sure it was this store and not another one, etc. etc. etc. to the point where I was ready to slam all of them against the wall.

    Some of these kids who are supposedly so savvy with computers have very little brains when it comes to customer service and getting it right. And yes, as you mentioned Anne there was the ungodly sanctimonious "we are better than you and we know more about computers so you must be stupid" attitude. I am older and I don't know so much about computers although I am learning, and I am always made to feel stupid in the stores by these arrogant young people that are not helpful AT ALL, when they should be bending over backwards to help, after all they are running a business which is supported by the people buying merchandise from them (aka "the customer").

    Anyway, the computer was at last located, it had been placed in a back room with no identification so I made sure at least that was done before we left. No apology was offered.

    They did ultimately fix the computer, although in retrospect I probably should have taken it home with us right then and found someone else to work on it.

    I'm all for dealing with the little guy when it comes to that stuff. I think we get better service.

    As for your "friend", the next time she wants to have her son sleep over I would say you are busy and can't do it. I know it's hard when you want your kids to socialize as we do with ours, and they don't have many people, I had to cut a lot of toxic people off my list who would send their kids over to play with my daughter but were really using me for free day care. I finally put a stop to it.

    I wish you the best of luck on your biopsy and peaceful days ahead, I know what we go through is not easy.

  5. Fudge43

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    Ann .. I became a fired up *itch when I came in for a treadmill that was on sale and I had the rain check for .. there was only one left .. the jist of this story was a clerk promised it to a woman who called in and said she would be there at noon .. well the store policy is that you can't "HOLD" merchandise ..
    I was THERE .. then and now with my rain check ... and did the albeit polite fur fly .. I simply wasn't having it .. the treadmill was mine because I was THERE ( not on a phone asking to hold it ) .. the security guard came over after I repeatedly said does this store follow its own POLICY ?????
    He actually said to me "I guess you haven't been able to work out for a while?" ...
    Hubby was good .. he just got out of the way .. he knew I could handle it even with a loud demeaner when they scattered like ants ..
    I have to say ... I won .. and I felt GREAT about it .. so many times we are trampled on and we loose out ..

    I'm sorry your situation went so badly Ann .. that was not fair at all .. but dig in when you can .. and stand up when you can .. not to the point it makes you crazy or ill though ..
    It was one time in my life when I didn't waver one second and I will relish it for a long time !
    Joy : )

    The big box store was Canadian Tire .. the largest one in Canada . haha
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  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Anne, you did amazingly well in my opinion. What you experienced, my friend, is the dumbing down of America. There is no good reason for you to have to go through this, it's just the way things are going, unfortunately.

    Put it behind you now or as an old friend used to tell me "Rise above it, dear". It's not worth a flare and you did your best. I'm proud of you.

  7. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Does a local TV station help with problems that consumers have?
    Otherwise the newspaper. My DH and I are so fed up with the way customers are handled anymore. No respect and bad quality.

    All should be of the quality that we would be proud to sign our name to. Even the small things.

    Good Luck.......Susan
  8. angellwolffe

    angellwolffe New Member

    i work customer service in a small grocery store in a small unincorporated town. Just the other day i had this lady come in yelling and screaming that her frozen ice cream bars looked like they were melted and refrozen. She literally threw them across the counter at me. I was very polite and asked her to calm down and tell me the problem. she pulled one out and showed it to me. yep! it looked melted and refroze. I told her we had two options and before i told her the two options she started yelling about the manager and suing etc, yeah over ice cream bars. I'm like mam you can have new ones. and she just kept yelling at me. i had the stock boy bring her new ones and finally got it through to her that she could have them. Then all of a sudden she was nice as pie and kinda just skipped out of the store. My point? sometimes the customer service ppl are the way they are because the customers are the way they are. Sometimes there is a major lack of communication going on and ppl only hear what they want. Not in the least saying you were wrong. I would have gone off to and made a scene. i would also have asked for the manager or the highest boss i could get that was at the store. I hope things turned out well for you. You should also write to the company of the game and tell them about the game not all being there and write or call the district manager of the store chain and tell them how aweful you were treated and how you will never shop there again. This usually gets interesting results. Angel
  9. CockatooMom

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    There is NO reason they couldn't just exchange it for the same thing!!!

    It would be different if you were asking for someting else or your money back...but good grief!

    And that "so-called friend" would be a thing of the past too! It's a shame because of the children, but you don't deserve that!

    Best wishes...
  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I am sorry the customer treated you that way. They should have known you would handle it. Most small stores are great.

    By comparison we just bought a dehumidifier from a small hardware store that was not working, immediately and with lots of apologies, the manager gave us our money back. He asked could we wait till the end of the day so there would be enough in the cash box. Old fashioned business. He said they would get the money back from distributers no problem.

    The problem was that the two other games on the shelf were exactly the same, missing discs and wrong discs.

    I would never be rude normally, but after 25 mins of trying to get some sense from seeming automatons, I just about lost it. The lack of morality in ruthlessly ripping off an autistic child for heavens sakes.

    These big corporations have no care at all for the customer, they accept absolutely no responsibility. Ohio State have recently sued this company for its practices. The web is full of complaints called .(Big Box name).....sucks.

    I did just call Complaints and put in one. I will let it rest now, but I will NEVER shop in big box stores again. I try not to, as I like to support small businesses, not that we buy much ever. As if I would try and cheat them for $30.!!!

    Putting this one to bed, but you are all right, that mom is off my list for sure now, I would never have behaved that way.

    Love Anne C

  11. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I am so sorry that you had such a horrible time in that store. For the life of me, I still haven't been able to figure out WHAT store you are talking about!!!! LOL

    Maybe it's because it's 2 am now and I'm about to fall asleep!

    I agree that large corporations are in a sad shape in this country--it's all greed--everyone is out for the money and to heck with the little guy.

    I would also call, write, or email, the mfg. of the game as well as the store chain to inform them of what has happened.

    I hope your son is happy with what you had to end up getting him.

    Also, I'm sad to hear that you need a biopsy.

    You need some sunshine in your life and a bunch of smiles!

    Big hugs & Love,
  12. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well it was the worse buy for me. (that was hint)

    My issue is that for many people, being given a store gift card in exchange for merchandise you wanted is wrong, as it assumes that a) you have the money to go elsewhere and purchase what you want there and b) require some other item from their store to use the gift card on.

    It keeps the money in their store no matter what. If they sell faulty or defective goods, and all of them are that way, meaning they are unable to exchange, then you should get your money back.

    Search their name on web and there are lots of similar complaints where people have been shafted.

    We rarely use these corporate stores, prefering to shop locally owned, but I will never shop at them again. We have discovered that locally owned will often give discounts, free delivery and year long warranties for free. With the Big Box you are on your own unless you purchase expensive insurance from them and minimum delivery is about $30.

    Re Biopsy. I am hopeful it may just be overreaction of radiologist as the copy went to my thyroid doctor and my family doctor and internist. My internist never contacted me. Neither did the thyroid doctor. It was the family doctor who called for the biopsy. The thyroid doc's receptionist said my doctor has read the report and filed it, which makes me think he was not overly concerned and willing to wait till he sees me.

    My main concern is that the neck pain I have had has been centered around the thyroid and been most unusual and I have a swollen lymph gland there. yet, I have had that a long time and was told it was due to Hashimotos.

    You are all so caring. Thanks. It means such a lot.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    WHY don't you name the store? I would think you would want to spread the infamous name far and wide. Are we talking about BEST BUY?

    (I bought one item there. It was fine for a year or so and then it quit working.)

    I've been wondering for some time. Are you a descendant (or married to a descendant) of Oliver Cromwell, the Lord Protector?

    For those who have not reviewed their History of England recently, in the 17th century Cromwell ruled England for several years following the trial and execution of King Charles. This was a very important event. It was the first time a king was ever executed.

    And it was in the following century that the English colonies in America established the first democracy.
  14. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    Poor Anne!

    You are the sweetest person - and the worst part is that managers ALWAYS have the discretion to refund or not refund money.

    They are lying to you if they say they can't. Software rules are pretty strict though, no matter where you go.

    (I've got two PC gaming addicts at home - I've purchased at every store you can think of, big and little and most have similar rules about this) BUT since it was proven that all the games were defective, they should have given you a full cash refund.

    Try calling the software company direct and see if they will mail you the missing disks. I bet they will.

    Now as for thyroid biopsy, unfortunately the nature of the procedure itself (having a big needle stuck in your neck) is very anxiety provoking.

    The two things I would recommend doing prior are:

    1) get an anti-anxiety medication (valium or similar) to help and take a pre-emptive painkiller.

    2) make them give you a novacaine shot BEFORE the biopsy

    My endocrinologists gave me some B.S. about how a novacaine shot would be worse than the biopsy itself - in this respect - they LIED. Maybe it wouldn't hurt as much in a non-FM patient, but for me, it HURT.

    I have had moles removed from my neck that necessitated novoacaine shots - they're not that bad.

    During the biopsy procedure - one doc is working the ultrasound, the other is going in with the needles. In the case of my cysts, they were in there for a good minute or so trying to get "good cellular material" - meanwhile you aren't supposed to speak and you are supposed to "breathe normally" - yeah right!

    I had a hell of a sore throat after and went right into a flare.

    My nodules came up "inconclusive" - so they are continuing to follow me by size.

    I was very thorough questioning them about what if the nodules WERE cancer, if they didn't get enough cells, etc. and they told me that the first characteristic to change in abnormal nodules is size and that thyroid cancer is a slow growing cancer.

    I have 7 - 8 nodules, mostly in right lobe of thyroid. All are smaller than 1 cm except for the one that they biopsied which was just over 1cm which is the "biopsy threshold".

    The other thing is that if they are painful, they are most likely NOT cancer.

    I'll keep you in my prayers!

    Madame Curie

  15. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Yes it was Best Buy we also had the problem with.

    There is also another big retailer we have had nothing but trouble with. years ago when we first got married bought all our appliances from them. had nothing but trouble. They took our TV set for repairs. they had it 6 months. We made 57 calls to customer service (kept a log of them). we finally went and physically got our TV and took it to a local guy and it was fixed in 3 days.

    We never use that store any more. we buy all our appliances from a small local store (stove, refridge, dishwasher etc), they sell and service them, most of the time they come the same day. and they are always nice. It is a business the father started, now the three sons run it, and he must have taught them well. you don't find customer service like that in this day and age.

  16. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    if you are talking abou a store that starts with wal they have given me $ back can't think of other store could bi i live in mass

  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Yes Libra and rockgar you are right. It was not Walmart to last poster.

    You know we bought all our appliances, when we bought this house that had none, from a small locally owned business. We had to get stove, fridge dw washer and dryer. They were all good brands and we saved nearly a thousand dollars,over all the big stores bargain prices, plus they delivered and installed for free(except dw install). The door fell off the oven and they sent two guys round to repair it and charged it through to Maytag. Also everything they sell came with a one year warranty that THEY take care of. They also waited five weeks till we got a bank loan, that was interest free, to buy. They also run their own repair shop.

    Plus I have to add, there was NO sales patter-it was all very knowledgeable, they could tell us the real facts.

    Love Anne Cromwell

  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I also deleted my reply to this. I had no idea that anyone was being inappropriate, being an alien myself,(my card is called a legal alien registration card btw by the USA Immigration Services) but apologies if it offended anyone.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  19. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    .... there were no dead bodies, then you were showing way more control than I would have or could have.

    At this point I would sit down and write a letter and send one to the manager of that store, send one to the district manager, and then do a little research and send one to "headquarters". I know it may seem like a pain at first, but it is very rewarding to get it off your chest.

    Not only that, by doing so SOMETIMES they will send you a reward check or gift certificate or something.

    Believe it or not, I've never had patience in my life, I just find that I have to handle it differently now or I will be very, very, sick.

    Good luck.
  20. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    Hard, I know, when you feel so poorly...but why don't you look up 'customer rights' on the NET and see if there is a number that you can ring to get this sorted out? Obviously it was faulty stock and in that case it is the shop's legal obligation to refund, esp in the case where the shop cannot provide a 'like for like' replacement(as long as you provide proof of purchase)...as poorly as you feel, look into this...this store should not be getting away with this....get informed...know your rights! Do you have something called 'Citizens' Advice'? We have this in the UK and it is a free service for people with problems which would include what you decribe...
    Poor kid! Wouldn't you think that the store would give you a break?! Greed!!
    HTH, Shelbo :)

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