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    "I remember me" by Kim Snyder

    I got a DVD version of it. I did not check for VCR ones. I got it from Ebay.....lots of them for sale there.

    It is cheaper on Ebay than other places I checked. I am paying $20.65 that is with the shipping costs. (It is $15.70 plus $4.96 shipping.)

    Always remember to check the sellers feed back where buyers rate them.

    I do not like using a credit card on Ebay so I am paying by personal check. That takes longer as I have to mail it out and it has to clear their bank first. I do not blame them on doing this!

    I would think that this would be a good thing to have your SO watch or anyone that just does not understand what we are going through.

    Blessings and Love......Susan[This Message was Edited on 05/08/2006]
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    That is funny.......I edited my posting. It was on "I remember me" by Kim Snyder.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Love and Blessings.......Susan
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    I hear it is a real tear jerker.....If I forget.....remind me.......as I do not remember much......probably will be a couple of weeks......check is out now for the mailman to take. Then when the seller gets it they usually wait 10 days before mailing it.


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