I just recieved my SSD , this past week

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    I applied for SSD over a year ago and I had not heard from them since Jan of 07 when I had to get both knees x-rayed. So when I got the call on Feb.14th that I had qualified for SSD I was in a state of shock. I was told that my disability date was May of 06 so I would get a lump sum of $1,000 +. I was asked if I wanted it on direct deposit.

    I said yes as I did not want to have a large check sent threw the mail . But as the same time I was informed that It would take up to 2 weeks before I would get the money. So when I was checking my bank statement on line last night I saw that on the 16th the money had come threw and was there for me. Just 2 days after I had been told of my approval.

    Some one asked did I get it from having fibro. Well I have FIbro, CMP, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, radlupathy of the lumbar spine, DDD, Degenerive joint disease, osteo arthrits in my left wirst, osteoarthritis of both knees,Asthma, anixiety disorder, buldging discs of L4-L5** L5-S1. I think that it was a ibit of every thing I had wrong with me. Not just the fibro.

    I had asked my pain doctor that monday before I got the call if I enough points for disability . HE said that when you live in pain you always have some depression and it count's as 20 points, and with the fibro and asthma , and all the rest I had close to 3o points. That was what he thought as he knew what condition was worth more points and surpisingly it is depression that has the most points .

    It can be worth up to 25 % of total body disability, the others like the osteoarthitis was 5 % of total body Disability. So I am guessing that with each condtition that you have can get up so many over all total body disabilty points.

    So I don't know just what one thing it was the counted for so much of the total body disability points. You need to hvae 9% total body disability to get disability.

    I know that my case was full of lots of pain and waiting for this to happen. I had so many different problems that were causeing me more and more pain that I finlaly had enough points to qualify for SSD.
    I don't know if I am totally right about how manuy points you need to qualify for SSD. This was just me and my pain doctor talking about what he thought I had for my over all body pain. You may want to talk to your doctor and find out what amount of points you may have.

    Well I need to rest as I am so sick with this crud and hvae been wheezing all day long and my head is throbbing badly as well. YOu know that your sick when you breathe out you hear crackling,squaky noise's and when you put you hand on your chest you can feel the rattles that are there. So I may be going to the ER if this does not get bbetter soon. It is starting to worry me.

    I hope that I have answered some of the questoins what have been asked of me about my disablity.
    TAke care ,

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