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    FM awareness is reaching out to others to educate them about this illness and the impact it makes on millions of peoples lives. Fibromyalgia is a rather introverted illness. People who suffer with this illness talk to others who have it; they confide in close friends and family. They are not always willing to share with outsiders their symptoms or the impact fibromyalgia has made on their lives. Sadly, these people are made to feel that if they really wanted to get better, they would, or, because they can’t prove they are sick, they must have a psychiatric illness. Every other major health condition has healthy volunteers carrying signs, holding fund raisers, and offering assistance to sick people. Not so with FM! It is up to people who are ill to supply their own advocacy. They must try to drum up money, even when they no longer can work, to pay for postage and printing, to advertise their support group meetings. If a rally is called for, only sick people and their families and friends show up – where is everyone else? Once again, awareness about an illness encourages people to offer physical, financial and advocacy support.



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    This is sad but true.

    Our local support group struggles because its members are so tired and in so much pain that things don't get done and meetings are often poorly attended for the same reasons.

    More people are afflicted by CFS/FM than AIDS but we don't get the publicity that AIDS does. We need a few high profile people standing up for us. But that subject has been discussed to death here and there seems to be no one willing to do it.

    If high profile people who have been afflicted would come out and say so I am sure that things would change! But then their careers would be affected.. so they keep quiet.


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