I just slept 10 hours and feel like I haven't slept at all!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meowchowchow, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. meowchowchow

    meowchowchow New Member

    I'm so tired. My muscles feel like I just ran a marathon. I hate this. I've been in a flare for about 3 weeks after overdoing it and started to feel better and went on a walk with fiancee. Guess it was too soon because I feel awful.

    I get so sick of this and so depressed. I have too much to do to go on feeling like this.

    Guess I just wanted to vent.
  2. Hope521

    Hope521 New Member

    I have been in a bad flare for over a year, ever since I had my second daughter. No matter how long I sleep, I feel exhausted, too! Thought it was just me. I get really depressed, too. Talk about having too much going on to feel this awful...that is exactly how I feel too! I have two small daughters, most days I cannot even carry my one year old, and I lose patience so quickly with my 4 year old. It is so unfair for them to have a mom who feels like crawling under a rock on most days.
    What is going on in your life...planning a wedding? I saw you went on a walk with your fiancee...
  3. meowchowchow

    meowchowchow New Member

    Hope, thanks for responding! Yes, I'm planning a wedding. We're getting married in january. At the time of his proposal earlier this year, I was in a feeling pretty good spell. I started all this planning and now I'm regretting it and wishing we just would have planned something super small with immediate family and a few close friends.

    I'm also in nursing school. I start clinicals tomorrow and that means I REALLY don't have time to feel bad. I have to take care of other people who really feel bad. I think the stress of all my obligations is not helping me feel any better either.

    I can't imagine having 2 small children. I also worry about if I'll be able to deal with having children. Add that to my list of stressors. :)
  4. Aberlaine

    Aberlaine Member

    You certainly are under a lot of stress. Is there any way you can reduce it? Between planning a wedding and being a nursing student, you have so much "on your plate". Can anyone help you with your wedding? Take some of the burden off your shoulders?

    I know that I go into a bad flare if the stress in my life goes up. Since Katrina destroyed much of the south, I've been watching and found that I finally had to shut it out. The stress was killing me. Now it's Labor Day and we're having a picnic. So we've been cooking for the past three days. Again, too much stress.

    If the stress is unavoidable, deal with it, knowing that you're going to hurt and be exhausted well after the stress is gone. Then, be REAL good to yourself. Allow others to take care of you.

    Gentle hugs,
  5. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    Maybe sleeping meds would help? If you're not getting refreshing sleep, every day will feel like you're scaling a mountain.

    I have CFS... so perhaps it's a little bit different ... but I just saw a specialist who upped my sleeping medications ...and I feel a lot less spacey.. a lot more "normal."

  6. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    I can relate to what you are saying..but while i hate to push pharmaceuticals, I have found that taking sleeping meds has reduced the hours I sleep and enhanced my sense of well-being when I am awake.

    Are you taking anything to make sure you get refreshing sleep, or has it not made any difference to your condition?

  7. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    I'm curious. Have u had a sleep study? And if so, what did the results show?
  8. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    dont' wish to flog a dead horse, but did your sleep test show that you were getting alpha wave intrusion during yr sleep?

    I see that a lot of CFS folks have that problem, and it appears to respond to various combos of medication.

  9. wildwoodlane

    wildwoodlane Member

    I, too, have been in a flare for weeks -- in fact, it just goes on and on and on. Exhausted in the morning, achy legs, headache, unbelievable fatigue. I totally sympathize with you, but it helps to know I am not alone. What to do? I have no idea.

    Garland (wildwoodlane)

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