I just staarted my filing for disability

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    I have had my first interview over the phone , that was really fun. Some of the questions that I was asked didn't sem to have anything to do with my being disabled. Like have I been charged with a feloney? I quess if you have and youtr disabled you are out of luck to qualiify for the disability.
    We spent about 1 and 1/2 hours talking him asking me questions and my answering them, I have plenty of points ao I qualifiy that way but know i have to fill out all the papers to get permission for the SS to get all my medical records.
    I have seen a couple of MD's that are retired now so what am I to do about them? I saw my gyn who was the one who found out that I had the degenerative disc diease and bulding discs. But he has just retired with in the past year . So I don't know if they have a way to get the medical records for me, And I am not so sure I want them to get those records. This doctor was one who delieved my girls and I have known him quite well as my MOm worked for the other doctor in the office.

    And my doctor and the doctor that my mom worked for thought I was a drug seeker because of all the pain I had and theydid not know why I was in pain so becuase I was asking for T3's for pain and doing it at least once a month ,I was a drug seeker. And my obgyn had given me demoral shots over the years long ago as I was having cramps for hell, and I had so many female problems that I had to have a hyesterectomy in 1990. And then just about 3 years ago I had to have my bladder pulled back up and just fix the things that had fallen down and could not get back up , I developed a hematoma right after I had the surgery and it was so painfull that I was in tears most of the time. I had to have a MRI to find out why I was still in so much pain two months after the surgery and it was found that this hematoma was under the muscle so they could not go in and asperaite it .

    My doctor was too worried that I would get an infection from them trying toget the old blood from the hematoma. So I had weekly sonagrams to find out if it was shrinking and it was but I can still feel it when I have had to have the yealrly exams.

    SO what do I do about the doctors who have treated me who have retired? Do I need to call the SS and ask them?

    IT is a different process that I thought it would be. I was told that it would be at least 5 months before I would know if I have been accepted for the disability.
    So I will get busy and fill out the papers with the Doctors names and address's and send them back to them. I am going to call my doctors too .

    So that they will be prepareed for this news and will be able to write a letter to ggo with the medical records staying what the excat problems were adn what they ahave done so far for the problems besodes my being on pain meds and sleep aids.

    It has changed since my sister appilied for SSI as she had to have a letter written by her doctor stating what her condition was and how it was effecting her life and he went in to extreme details about her condititon. So I don't know if my doctors have to do that too. I am really wondering what they will be asked about me and I want them to really go in to the detail of the reasons for my filing for disability. I am suffering from degenerative disc diease, spinal stenosis, Fibromyaligia, Chronic meyofacial Pain syndrome, osteoarthritis in my wirst and back and knees, I want my ortho doctor to write out how really extreamly bad I shattered my left wrist. I want the people to know and to understand that I can't do any jobs with teh problems with this wrist as I have shattered it and it has a titium plate and 6 screws in the wrist, it is already deterating with arthitis in it too.

    MY back is bad and there is no way that surgery will correct the problems I haev in it so I am wondering what they want to know about me and how they decied if the problems I have are enough to qualitify for the disablilty. I am a bit worried about all of this . It is so uncomfortable to be put under the glass like this and to have your medical records taken apart and looked at and they may mot be interpered like they should be.

    I had filed for worker comp and the doctor who looked at me. Wrote a 50 page syestory on me and ahe had the starngest things that he thought were wrong with me most ly that I was a drug seeker. But he put down on the report that on Jan, 26th 1982 I was in the hospital for breakthrough pain and asking for n arcoitcs drugs. I was there it is my daughters birthday. I had her on the 26th of Jan 1982 and she weighed 6lbs 5 oz. And I had a bit of hemmorageing with her too but my giveing birth to her was not mentioned in the report ever.

    So I am a bit courious about what they really want to know and if they will be real with the report and not twisted and made up and he took things from one problem and making it in to something that I really didn't have so i am wondering how the doctors will find out that I am really disabled and that they will not make up things to suit them selves.

    I have so many questions that I need to have some answer fors. So I will either have to wait and see of call and ask about the proceess that they go through.

    Thanks for listening to me. and pray for me that I will qualiifiy for this as I really do need that help.
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    My advice...get a lawyer. I was approved for SS in about 5 months after retaining an attorney.

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