I just started 30mg cymbalta, has anyone tried this????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spongebobmama, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. spongebobmama

    spongebobmama New Member

    I was put on Cymbalta 30mg,I am sure this has been talked about but I can't find any posts. I'm on Lexapro 20mg and a few other things. It is very subtle to nothing, at present. I am seeing a new MD. He specializes in Fibro. He saw me for about an hr and said I need help. I think he's going to change my drugs around. He gave me a cortisone shot in my neck.It really heped the achiness. I lost 5 pounds at first then I went back to gnawing hunger. It comes and goes.I really hate feeling hungry. It makes me eat really bad(tastes good at the time) things and I get horrible stomach issues and next day like a hangover. And the guilt,oh the guilt. I am also scheduled to see a PT for body work.I know this will help. Any thoughts on cymbalta?
  2. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I took it for several months right after it came out on the market. It didn't help my depression or fibro, but also didn't cause any bad side effects at all. Maybe I needed a higher dose, don't remember how much I was taking.
    I've tried almost all of the ADs...but I always end up back on Prozac, it's the only one that helps me. Sometimes I have to take a break from Prozac for a couple of months just to kind of restart my system so that it works better again.

    Hey, guilt is a bad thing, try not to do that to yourself! You're going thru a rough time it seems, take care of yourself:)
  3. earthdog2000

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    Dear Spongebobmama,

    I have been on Cymbalta for 2 years and it has helped a LOT with my fibro and fatigue issues! I started out at 20 mg. then 40 and ended up on 60 mg. and it is just the right dose for me. I don't remember having any side effects from it at all. I also take Abilify and gained 20 pounds in 6 months! Thankfully I lost the weight but only because I went through a really traumatic time for about 3 months. I have not gained the weight back but I still alternate between eating too much or not enough.

    I think that you will really like Cymbalta if you get on the right dose. Oh, it also helps me with my panic disorder too! As far as the overeating goes, don't beat yourself up! When you have a lot of DD's it is natural to do that esp. if you are depressed or stressed. I get cortisone shots in my shoulder every 3-4 months and wow do they help! I had rotator cuff repair work on my left shoulder about 7 years ago and it helped me some but not enough so the cortisone is a lifesaver! Did you have surgery in your neck or do you have herniated discs or anything? I have had 2 cervical discectomies due to herniated discs so I just wondered.

    When you go to PT ask if you can get massages too because they work soooooo good on fibro pain. I had a therapist after the last surgery who knew a lot about fibro who gave me a soft tissue massage once a week that really helped the trigger point pain from fibro. It was awesome! Luckily, my hubby is really good at massage and knows just where I need to be worked on. For me it's the neck and shoulder because even if you have surgery you can still have tension, pain, or knots there.

    Good luck with the Cymbalta and I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. Just remember if you are overeating that it may be a side effect and it will go away soon. I know just how you feel about the weight thing but since most of us with these diseases can't exercise much we can't help it much. I just started swimming every day about 2 weeks ago and have lost 3 pounds, yaaaaaah! I do light exercises and a few laps here and there and obviously it's helping. I can't wait to see my body look more toned up cause I feel so flabby,lol! We have an above the ground pool that is 15 ft. round, perfect for my kind of PT. If you like swimming maybe you could find a place to do some light exercising in the pool!

    Sorry to ramble on but this is the time of day when I feel most alert. About 3 hours after I get up,lol! Keep up with the cortisone shots and the Cymbalta if you can and keep us all posted. You seem like a very positive person so I think that you will feel much better soon esp. since you are being so proactive!

    Faith, Hope and Comfort, Julie
  4. spongebobmama

    spongebobmama New Member

    Thank you for the great messege and support. I do actually live on a small lake,so I have no excuse for exercise. I was out there the other day just floating and it felt like an out of body experience. This time of year in New England, the heat and humidity are killer. I will try to get my pt group to give me a massage. I was paying $60/hr for one. The gal was very good,but I can't afford that anymore. I got the cortisone shot just because I said that was where I hurt the most (at that moment) I do have arthritis up in the old neck anyway. I would love to get off of my Lorazepam,maybe the Cymbalta could help. I know how hard it is to get off that stuff.But that is a whole other subject for another day. Thanks again Sharyn
  5. earthdog2000

    earthdog2000 Member

    Hi again!

    You're very welcome! I am always happy to reply and hope that I can offer support to all. I have recieved so much support on this board and at times it feels like a lifesavor! Wow! You are so lucky to live by a lake and I am soooo jealous,lol! I know what you're saying about having no excuse to exercise but the longer we put it off the harder it gets. Luckily, this is the hottest month here that I really need to get cooled off so it's much easier to get myself into the pool. We also have Lake Tahoe about 40 minutes from where we live and are in fact going up there next week. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the USA and I love staying up there in the homey cabins right by the lake!

    Hopefully you can get massage in PT. One time I went to a new place for PT I told them that massage was the only thing that helped me and actually got a massage every other time I went! So sorry to hear that you have arthritis! I know how painful that can be watching my mom go through it and hers has gotten worse with age. Not saying that you're old,lol! I am not a youngster and am 53! I take Clonazepam which I think is almost the same thing as Lorazepam and can't sleep without it so I know what you mean about getting off of it. I have actually gone down on it some but very slowly.

    I look forward to hearing from you again. BTW, I was just recently dx'd with Bipolar II so it's been kind of a rollarcoaster getting on the right meds. Any advice?

    Take care of you, Julie
  6. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    From my experience, Cymbalta was a nightmare (literally) for me. I didn't suffer with depression too much, but my doctor felt that I HAD to have it because, after all, if I had fibro, I MUST be depressed. My family was going through a rough time, and this was the new "wonder drug". I noticed I felt different right away. He added the now defunct Vioxx and Oxycodone to the mix, and then Avandia and Lunesta. Not only was I not in pain, I wasn't even in life anymore. I cried and cried, I screamed at my family. I had seizures and incredible back pain. I was always sick. This went on for about two years. No matter what was wrong with me, my doctor blamed it on my fibro. What was REALLY happening was that the Cymbalta and Oxycodone were destroying my liver and spleen. I moved to Alaska, where a really good gastroenterologist did a biopsy, an upper endoscopy, and a colonoscopy. With his help, I went cold turkey off of ALL pain meds, anti-depressants and everything else that was so toxic to me. I almost died, and my platelet count is a miserable 52 (normal is 150-500).

    I control my diabetes with diet alone, and I DO take Diovan for HBP and I cannot sleep without Ambien. Everything else is a supplement, and I have found the most helpful remedies to be Ayurvedic. To my doctor's chagrin I take only 75mg of Lyrica per day. She wants me to go higher, but I won't. I DO have a weird neuropathy issue that Lyrica seems to help, in that I cannot stay warm without it. I have coats, jackets, sweatshirts, hunting socks, fur boots and gloves (in Alaska, the synthetic fibers just don't work. Fur works in -50 degree weather).

    Cymbalta caused me major damage to internal organs and gave me irreversible health issues. Again that is just me. But if I could go back, I would fling those pills so far into the Atlantic, they would never be found. I hope everything is going good for you and you have lots of sunshine today!

    Soft hugs,
  7. GeminiMoon

    GeminiMoon Member

    I have been taking 30 mg daily for about 2 years. It took me a little while to get used to it as it made me hyper, but now I have leveled off and it actually helps me a lot, especially with my energy levels. I still have some pain spots and aches, but still feel fairly functional as long as I am very careful with sleep, vitamins and pacing my daily tasks.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  8. VickiJR

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    I also on cymbalta 60 mg daily for depression though it seems to leave me in a neutral zone (not happy, not sad) and am still moderately depressed~~I am also going thru menopause and have FM, RLS, Sleep Apnea and need a total hip replacement. I am in pain 24/7 so very stressful which of course makes it all worse, the Cymbalta does not seem to help with pain at all~I am going to try to get tested for myofasial pain syndrome and think I may have CFS too~~so tired of being tired and in pain~~I did post an article called "Information your Rheumatologist and Primary Care Physician" read it and it may give you some information that will be helpful

    good luck to you

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