I just want to go to bed asap.

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    I finally fellalseep in the recliner and woke up at 2:30 am and wanted to jsut go to bed as I as chillllled. I went into the bedroom only to find that my DH had ripped off all teh sheets, bedding, quilts blankets ect. half of it was on the bedroom floor.

    I tried to put the sheets back on teh bed wiht teh quillt and comfotor but that woke up my hubby , who was nost thrilled aobut it. How and why he does this is a mystery to me. This happens at least 3-4 times a week. So before I can go to bed and sleep in my bed for a few hours in the early morning I have to remake my bed from the sheets up.

    He went back to sleep with in minutes of going back to bed but me not so lucky. My bady is aching really bad from bending over the bed to put the sheet back on. The quilt is a heavy one as is the comfortor, by the time I had those on the bed I was wi de awake and hurting badly.

    The really depressing thing is that when he wakes up at 5:20 am to take a shower i will once again have to remake the bed from start to finish. Then it is harder fro me to relax and letmy meds work so i can sl eep finally. I started to flare yesterday dduring a winter storm warning, we didn't get much snow but the temps changed and the wind blew and we have been havng a cold rain all night.

    I hate this nightly routine of him ripping the bedding off the king sized bed. It happens even if I amin bed with him , he will get cold after sticking his feet out of the end of the bedding , then tear off the sheets and then the blankets. Usually I can deal with it.Yes it is harder to relax again and sleep but tonight it is worse due to me flaring.

    WE have had a storm raging all night long, high winds, rain and snow, this does not mix with my fibro, it only makes me ahce more nad have far more pain. I feel like I have been knocked around and beaten up , I feel each tightened up musclethat burns due to beign twisted up into knots. I can't sleep on the couch as it is a small love seat and i don't fit on it so I am up a creek with out a paddle, 'thqt is why I doze off in teh recoliner and sleep there. I just wanted to go to bed , get warmed up and sleep but that is not going to happen due to the stiff muuscles i have in my back that are tied in knots.
    HOw I long to sleepand feel no pain,Well I can't write any more I keep hearing tiny beeps.
    Goodmorning, or is it goodnight>

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